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Updated March 18, 2020

Appomattox County was named for the Appomattox River, which rises in the county. The name was borne earlier by an Indian tribe living near the mouth of the river. The county was formed from parts of Buckingham, Prince Edward, Charlotte and Campbell Counties in 1845, and another part of Campbell was added in 1858. Its area is 345 square miles, and the county seat is Appomattox. Appomattox is one of the Commonwealth's Burned Records Counties. Its county court records were destroyed by fire in 1892.

Appomattox was established after the disestablishment.

The GILLIAMs of Appomattox County are the descendants of James GILLIAM, Jr., and Martha Mathews, his wife.

Richard Hobson Gilliam Family Bible
Record from Family Bible of Richard H. Gilliam

Richard H. Gilliam and Sarah Pankey were married June 10, 1857

Richard H. Gilliam was born Oct 2, 1831
Sarah A. Pankey was born April 22, 1838

John D. Womack and Sarah J. Gilliam were married Sept 29, 1858
d. May 24, 1870

John J. Lacklin and Frances M. Gilliam were married Dec 20th 1810 [sic, 1860]
d. June 25 1862

John M. Gilliam and Mary J. Whitehead were married April 3, 1861

Martha R. Gilliam was born May 2, 1858

Fannie E. Gilliam was born Aug 22 1860
died March 1931

Lelia M Gilliam and Laura E. Gilliam were born Nov 6, 1863
Laura died Dec 31, 1949

Mag A. Davis died Oct 23, 1867

Family Record of Deaths
William Pankey died April 9, 1839
Hobson Gilliam, July 27, 1844
Toby Davis, died Oct 17, 1855
Peter B. Davis, died Oct 22, 1856
Robert Davis, died Feb 1, 1861
Sarah C. Davis, died Feb 2 1860
Frances Gilliam Lackland died June 25, 1862
William S. Davis, died June 1862
Edward J. Gilliam, died Jan 31st 1868
Sarah G. Womack, died, May 24th 1870

Ned Gilliam was born in 1810
John Gilliam was born in 1832
Kittie was born in Mary 1836
Harriet was born Feb 27th 1839
Jane was born in July 1846
Thomas was born Feb 10, 1855
Caroline was born March 15, 1857
George Washington was born Aug 10, 1858
Clementine Johns was born Dec 26 1858
Frances was born Oct 22, 1860
Mary Swann was born March 10, 1861
Milly was born Oct 22, 1863
[It appears that Ned, John, Kittie, etc., are slaves. Richard Hobson Gilliam is the son of Hobson Gilliam and Martha Jane Gilliam. Hobson and Martha Jane are first cousins. Hobson was the son of Isham Richardson Gilliam and Martha Jane Gilliam was the daughter of John Richardson Gilliam and Judith. Richard Hobson Gilliam married Sarah Adelaide Pankey the daughter of William Pankey and Sarah Elizabeth Moseley]

Virginia Historical Society, Bible Records, 1810-1870, Mss 6:4 G4143:1

Dickerson-Foster Bible
Fletcher E. GILLIAM
died Feb 24th 1923
[Fletcher was the wife of James Henry GILLIAM. According to the 1900 Census she was born in June of 1850].
Dickerson-Foster family Bible record, 1834-1955. 5 leaves. [The record is a typed transcript. Area covered is Appomattox, Virginia. Other surnames mentioned: Cumby, GILLIAM, Smith and Waide.] Library of Virginia

Gills family Bible record, 1854-1948.
Gills family Bible record, 1854-1948. 11 leaves. Includes Bible record (10 leaves) and obituaries (1 leaf). Area covered is Appomattox County, Virginia. Other surnames mentioned: Atkins, Conner, Copenhaver, Corme(?), Frazier, GILLIAM, Johndroe, Nowlin, O'Brien, Peppleman, Pittman, Torrence, Tweedy, Weaver and Wood. Library of Virginia

GILLIAM Cemetery
Southsider, Volume 16, Number 3, 1997

Walker Cemetery

1850 Appomattox County Census
Household 682
Charles H GILLIAM, age 26
Justina GILLIAM, age 22
[née Justina Webb]
Carah H GILLIAM, age 0

Household 317
Clayton GILLIAM, age 37
Frances GILLIAM, age 34
[née Frances Elizabeth Dupuy]
Henry A GILLIAM, age 1

Household 357
Spencer GILLIAM, age 45
Mary E GILLIAM, age 38
[née Mary Elizabeth Dupuy]
Virginia F GILLIAM, age 9
Sarah E GILLIAM, age 7
Henry E GILLIAM, age 5
Columbia A GILLIAM, age 3
Mary L GILLIAM, age 1

Household 756
John GILLIAM, age 81
[John Richardson GILLIAM]
Judith R GILLIAM, age 76 [née Judith Robertson]
Martha J GILLIAM, age 37
[Martha Jane, widow of Hobson GILLIAM]
Sarah J GILLIAM , age 16
Frances M GILLIAM, age 11
Edward J GILLIAM, age 8
William Epperson, age 23, Laborer

Household 567
James M GILLIAM, age 45
[James Mathews GILLIAM]
Saluda A GILLIAM, age 30
[née Saluda Ann Brightwell]
Ellar J GILLIAM, age 7
Elizabeth A GILLIAM, age 5
James H GILLIAM, age 2

Household 684
Martha GILLIAM, age 69
Emma M GILLIAM, age 4

Household 758
James M D GILLIAM, age 30
Sarah GILLIAM, age 22
[née Sarah Mathews Watson]
Richard H GILLIAM, age 18
[Richard Hobson GILLIAM, son of Hobson GILLIAM and Martha Jane GILLIAM]
John A GILLIAM, age 5
Georgia A GILLIAM, age 3
Judith F GILLIAM, age 2

Household 720
Mary GILLIAM, age 30
Lucinda GILLIAM, age 17
Thomas H GILLIAM, age 19
Harriett GILLIAM, age 14
Maranda B GILLIAM, age 13

1860 Census
Household 65
Walker's Church Post Office
Mrs. Susan Hill, age 80
Mrs. Mary A GILLIAM, age 50

Household 100
Appomattox Courthouse Post Office
James M GILLIAM, age 54
[James Mathews GILLIAM]
Susan B GILLIAM, age 50
Eller J GILLIAM, age 18
Elizabeth A GILLIAM, age 15
James H GILLIAM, age 12
Udora C. GILLIAM, age 9
Joseph B. GILLIAM, age 6

Pamplin Post Office
Benj R Moseley, age 39
Emmaline Moseley, age 30
William H Moseley, age 13
Lou Allice GILLIAM, age 3

Pamplin Post Office
Charles H GILLIAM, age 37
Martha J GILLIAM, age 26 [
née Martha Jane Hurt]
Emma M GILLIAM, age 14
Cora H GILLIAM, age 10
Bettie T GILLIAM, age 8
John J GILLIAM, age 6
Bruce GILLIAM, age 4

Spencer GILLIAM, age 54
Mary E GILLIAM, age 48
[née Mary Elizabeth Dupuy]
Sarah E GILLIAM, age 17
Elizabeth D. Rowton, age 17
Henry E GILLIAM, age 14
Columbia A GILLIAM, age 12
Mary L GILLIAM, age 10

Appomattox Courthouse Post Office
Tho A. GILLIAM, age 24
Susan R GILLIAM, age 24
Isham P GILLIAM, age 20

Mrs. Martha GILLIAM, age 79

John W GILLIAM, age 28
Margaret J GILLIAM, age 30
Lillius H GILLIAM, age 1

Martha J GILLIAM, age 45 [nee Martha Jane GILLIAM wife of Hobson GILLIAM]
John M GILLIAM, age 23, born NC
Frances M GILLIAM, age 20, born NC
Edward J GILLIAM, age 17, born NC

Richard H GILLIAM, age 28
Sarah A GILLIAM, age 22 [nee Sarah Adelaide Pankey]
Martha R GILLIAM, age 2

1870 Census
Pamplin Post Office
Chas H GILLIAM, age 46
Martha J GILLIAM, age 26 [
née Martha Jane Hurt]
Emma M GILLIAM, age 14
Cora H GILLIAM, age 10
Bettie T GILLIAM, age 8
John J GILLIAM, age 6
Bruce GILLIAM, age 4

Chataigne's Virginia Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1888-1889
H. E. GILLIAM, Clover Hill district

Principle Farmers:
Hixburg: W. D. Hix, J. H. Marshall, Sr., J. H. Marshall, Jr., P. H. GILLIAM, Wm. L. Ford, S. D. Sears, H. R. Harvey, F. W. Harvey, W. I. Watkins, W. S. Ligon & son.
Pamplin City: John K. Hannah, Geo. F. Farrar, Jno. W. Harwood, Wm. S. Ligon, John R. Franklin, P. P. Pankey, James H. GILLIAM, W. H. Rice, W. M. Hannah, Jos. GILLIAM, J. M. Dillon, Wm. M. Marshall, E. H. Grigg, C. S. Morton, John O. Elam.
Chataigne's Virginia Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1888-1889


The Gilliam Irving Farm

Images of the Gilliam Irving Farm

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