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GILLIAMs of Loudoun County
Updated January 6, 2021

Loudoun County was named for John Campbell, fourth earl of Loudoun, who was commander of British forces in North America during the early portion of the French and Indian War and governor of Virginia from 1756 to 1759. It was formed from Fairfax County in 1757. Its area is 512 square miles, and the county seat is Leesburg.


Cameron Parish, 1757
Shelburne Parish, 1769

Thomas Gilham married Mary Triplett the daughter of Abel Triplett and is said to have settled in
Belmont County, OH.

Parish Records
Goose Creek Baptist Church:
We the subscribers, do promise & oblige ourselves our heirs Exrs. Admrs. &c To pay or cause to be paid unto the persons appointed for sd. Purpose the several sums annexed to our names, Half to be paid in advance if required & the remainder when the work is done. It being for the purpose of Build a new Meeting house either of stone or brick 44 feet long & 32 feet wide in the clear. For the use of the Baptist Society composing Goose Creek Church, their neighbours & friends & whoever may be disposed to heart the Gospel preached. The aforesaid Meeting House to be erected on the north side of the Turnpike Road: a few rods below Logan’s Shop.
Witness our hands, or names by our order. April A. D. 1805
Sig: John Gilliam and Thomas Gilliam

Personal Property Taxes
1794B Second Battalion
Gilham, John residing with Ward, Thomas

1795B Second Battalion
Gilham, John residing with Ward, Thos. and Gilham, Thos.

1800C Third District
Gillum, Thomas

1801C Third District
Gillum, Thomas and Gillum, John

1802C Third District
Gillum, Thomas and Gillum, John

1803C Third District
Gillum, Thomas and Gillum, John

1804C Third District
Gillam, John and Patterson, Joshua

1805C Third District
Gillam, John

1806C Third District
Gillam, John and Hague, Jno.

1807C Third District
Gillham, John

1809C Third District
Gillam, John

1810C Third District
Gillam, John

1811C Third District
Gillam, John

1812C Third District
Gilham, John

1813C Third District
Gillam, John

1814C Third District
Gilham, Jno.

1815A Third District
Gilham, John

1816A Third District
Gilham, John

1817A Third District
Gilham, John

1818B Third District
Gilham, John

1819C Third District
Gilham, John

1820C Third District
Gilham, John

1821B Second District
Gilham, John and Patterson, Saml.

1822A Second District
Gilham, John

1823A Second District
Gilham, John

1824B Second District
Gillham, John

1825A Second District
Gilham, John