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GILLIAMs of Louisa County
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Louisa County was named for Louisa, a daughter of George II. It was formed from
Hanover County in 1742. As originally created, the western section of Louisa County included the northern third of modern-day Albemarle County. In 1762, this region was cut from Louisa County and added to Albemarle County. Prior to 1762, the Louisa County line extended from about where the Fluvanna-Louisa line intersects the eastern boundary of Albemarle in the northwesterly direction, across the point where Ivy Creek enters the Rivanna River, to the crest of the Blue Ridge just south of Brown's Cove. (Before 1742 this area had been the westernmost part of Hanover County.) The county seat is Louisa.

Fredericksville Parish, 1742
Saint Martin's Parish, 1742
Trinity Parish, 1761

It appears that the GILLIAMs of St. Martin's Parish, Hanover, (William, Sr., William, John, and Peter) settled in Louisa. In 1791 they are listed as the executors of William, Sr. This line of GILLIAMs is found in Louisa until the 1880s and possibly later.

Another GILLIAM line that makes its way into Louisa is that of the GILLIAMs Powhatan. Martha, the daughter of John GILLIAM of "Maiden's Adventure," married William Overton in 1837. They reside at "Prospect Hill." Their daughter, Polly, marries John, a grandson of John of "Maiden's Adventure." This couple resides in Powhatan, until grandson John's death in 1901 after which, Polly returns to Louisa.

There were earlier GILLIAM residents of Louisa. Epaphroditus GILLIAM, planter of St. Martin's Parish, Louisa, purchased land on Lickinghole Creek in 1749. It is believed that this Epaphroditus is not the Epaphroditus of Saint Peter's Parish, New Kent, born about 1707. Though it is possible chronologically, the Epaphroditus of New Kent appears to have been a tailor, for he is paid by the Vestry for making bed clothes, etc., whereas this Epaphroditus is identified as a planter.

It seems likely that this Epaphroditus is a nephew of Epaphroditus, the tailor, and a grandson of Richard of New Kent. The 1749 Indenture was witnessed by Jacob Oglesby which suggests a connection to the GILLIAMs who married the Baileys of Albemarle. Jacob Oglesby married Ann Bailey and their son, Pleasant Bailey Oglesby married in 1787 in Albemarle Elizabeth GILLIAM, daughter of a John GILLIAM.

This Epaphroditus after a brief stay in Goochland, sells the above tract in 1752, returns to Louisa for on 19 Jun 1754 he witnessed a deed between William McCormick of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County and David Shelton. An Epaphroditus GILLIAM is later found on the Head Branches of the Willis with David McCormick in 1767 and later in Buckingham.

Surely, this Epaphroditus is related to the James that appears in the Louisa tithes of the 1770s. This James is residing in St. Martin's and is the overseer for William Shelton, undoubtedly related to the David Shelton above.
[This line associated with the Shelton's should not be confused with the GILLIAM line of Prince George who married into the Skelton line. For more information, see GILLIAM, Richard D. "Skelton and Shelton Two Distinct Virginia Families." William and Mary Quarterly.]

One other GILLIAM, makes an appearance. A Frederick GILLIAM in 1758 witnesses a deed between Richard Estis and John Rice Junr. of Halifax and Louisa counties and Anthony Thomson of Louisa County. This Frederick appears to be an uncle of Frederick GILLUM, the son of John GILLIAM of Albemarle and Elizabeth, his wife. Frederick was born 30 April 1783. Charles Wesley GILLUM, the son of this Frederick GILLUM marries on 16 Oct 1832 in Albemarle, Mary Jane Estes, the daughter of Coleman Estes.

Other early GILLIAMs include Charles, William, John and Mrs. Mary GILLIAM. Each conducted business at the General Store in Frederick Hall in 1758. It is believed that Mary is the Mary GILLIAM of Hanover mentioned in the Will of Robert Jennings.

Murray family Bible record, 1822-1865.
2 leaves.
Notes and Summaries:
Area covered is Louisa County, Virginia. Bible printed in 1854. Other surnames mentioned: Brooks, Buchanan, Cline, Cook, GILLIAM, Jennings, McIntosh, Smith, and Snead.
Library of Virginia. Murray Family Bible Records, 1822-1865.

St. John's Cemetery
William Overton, CSA
his wife
Nancy Branch Giles

Martha Catherine GILLIAM Overton

William Giles Overton

Frances Giles Overton
Harris, Anne Lewis. "St. John's Church Cemetery." Louisa County Historical Magazine, Volume 7, Number 2, Winter 1975.

No longer exists for Louisa. The 1810 Tax lists show GILLIAMs.




GILLIAM, Susanna

GILLIAM, Jaquelin D., age 46, farmer
GILLIAM, Anastasia, age 5

GILLIAM, Ira S., age 57, farmer
GILLIAM, Louisa, age 54
GILLIAM, James, age 38, farmer

GILLIAM, Jacklon D., age 56, farmer
GILLIAM, Louisa, age 62, domestic

GILLIAM, Ira S., age 66, farmer

GILLIEUM, Jackqueline, age 66, farmer
GILLIEUM, Mary A., age 30, keeping house
Jackson, Nelson, age 9, Domestic Servant (Black)
Jackson, Victoria, age 16, Domestic Servant (Black)

GILLIEUM, Fannie, age 75, (Black), living in household of James W. Wright

GILLIAM, Coleman, age 50, Farmer (Black)
GILLIAM, Elizabeth, age 45, Keeping House (Black)

GILLIEUM, Hulda, age 45, Keeping House, (Black)
GILLIEUM, Amanda, age 11, At Home (Black)
GILLIEUM, Alexander, age 7, (Black)

GILLIEUM, Moses, age 25, Farm Labor, (Black)
GILLIEUM, Hardenia, age 25, (Black)
GILLIEUM, James L., age 4, (Black)
GILLIEUM, Jane, age 1, (Black)

Overton, William, age 80
GILLIAM, Pollie O., age 76

Plaintiffs: Elisha Smith, etc
Defendants: Barnett Smith, etc
Surnames: Carpenter, GILLIAM, Kennedy, and Smith
Library of Virginia. Chancery Suits.

Plaintiffs: James Cole Dickinson
Defendants: Elizabeth GILLIAM, William GILLIAM. etc
Surnames mentioned: Andrews, Barclay, Boxley, Dickinson, GILLIAM, GILLUM, Graves, Holladay, Hunter, Kimbrough, Nucholls, Nuckolls, Oliver, Wills, and Winn
Case: 1831-018
[James Cole Dickinson's step-sister, Elizabeth Martin Barclay, married William GILLIAM]
Library of Virginia. Chancery Suits.

Plaintiffs: Samuel F Adie & Co
Defendants: Exrs Of Nathan Smith Etc
Surnames: Adie, Arnett, GILLIAM, Goss, Hatch, Hughes, Samuel F Adie & Co, and Smith
[Nathan Smith's daughter, Susannah, married James GILLIAM]
Library of Virginia. Chancery Suits.

Court Orders
May 10, 1791
John, Peter and Wm. GILLIAM, exors. of Wm. GILLIAM, decd., pltffs. vs. Thomas Smith, acting exor. of Francis Smith, decd., which sd. Francis was joint obligor of John and Francis Smith. In debt. Pltff. to recover agst. deft. £5 10s., being the debt. Also costs. To be levied out of goods and chattles of sd. Francis in the hands of sd. Executor if so much be hath, if not, then out of goods, etc., of sd. Thomas . This judgment (except costs), however, is to be discharged by payment of £2 15s. with interest at 5% per annum from 1st of Dec., 1775 till pd.
Louisa County, VA, Order Book, 1790-1793, p 263.
Valentine Papers, Volume 2, page 468.
[This seems to imply that William GILLIAM, Sr., was deceased by 1 Dec 1775.]

3 Aug 1749
Epaphroditus GILLIAM of Parish of St. Martin's, Louisa Co., VA purchases from Jeremiah Parker Rich for £23, 50 acres on branches of Lickinghole Creek in Goochland County, VA.
The deed shows that Epaphroditus GILLIAM was a planter and that Rich was a blacksmith.
[This deed was witnessed by Jacob Oglesby, the father of the Pleasants-Bailey Oglesby who married Elizabeth GILLIAM. This tract was sold three years later by Epaphroditus on 16 Jun 1752 for £30 to John Mackquarry. Epaphroditus at time of sale refers to himself as of St. James, Northam, Goochland.]
Goochland County, VA, Deed Book ___, page ____.

19 Jun 1754
Grantor: William McCormick, Grantee: David Shelton
Epaphroditus GILLIAM witness to deed 19 Jun 1754 William McCormick of Fredericksville Par., Louisa Co. to David Shelton of same . . . 150 acres . . . David Shelton's corner on the south side of the south Anna River; granted to Peter King by patent 27 Sep 1729.
Louisa County, VA, Book B, Page 6

19 Jun 1754
Grantor: Epaphroditus GILLIAM, Grantee: William McCormick
Epaphroditus GILLIAM witness to deed 19 Jun 1754 William McCormick of Fredericksville Par., Louisa Co. to David Shelton of same . . . 50 acres . . . David Shelton's corner on the south side of the south Anna River; granted to Peter King by patent 27 Sep 1729.
William McCormick
Rebecca McCormick
Witness Jno. Norris, Wm. Rutherford, Epaphroditius [sic] GILLIAM
Louisa County, VA, Book B, Page 6

25 Apr 1758
David Watts of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa county, Planter, for natural love and affection to my son-in-law Thomas Terry of same Parish and County, 200 acres in Parish aforesaid containing the plantation whereon he now lives and joining Martin Key and Charles GILLAM and Gedion [sic] Carr
David Watts
25 Apr 1758 acknowledged by David Watts
Louisa County, VA, Book D, page 259

18 Oct 1758
Grantor: Richard Estis and John Rice Junr., Grantee: Anthony Thomson
Frederick GILLUM witness to deed 18 Oct 1758 Richard Estis and John Rice Junr. of Halifax and Louisa counties to Anthony Thomson of Louisa Co . . .
Louisa County, VA, Book D, Page 24-25

18 Oct 1758
Richard Estis and John Rice Junr of Halifax and Louisa Counties to Anthony Thomson of Louisa Co £20 curr money 200 acres . . . Captain Clarks corner . . . north side of the road in Richard Estis line . . . David Thomsons corner . . . Thomsons and Clarks corner.
Richard Estis
John Rice Junr
Wit: Waddy Thomson, Mosses Estis, Frederick GILLUM
22 Oct 1759 proved by the oaths of the witnesses
Louisa County, VA, Book D, Page 24-25

10 Oct 1774
Grantor: Charles Smith and Dorothea, Grantee: Robert Garland
William GILLUM, William Thomson and William Ragland witnesses to deed 10 Oct 1774 Charles Smith and Dorothea his wife of Trinity Par., Louisa to Robert Garland of St. Martins Par.
Louisa County, VA, Book E, Page 16

10 Oct 1774
Charles Smith & Dorothea his wife of Trinity Parish, Louisa County, Gent., to Robt. Garland Of St. Martin’s Parish, Louisa County, £85, 50 acres in St. Martins Parish on the north side of Little River bounded by Robert Goodwin & Syrus Davis & by the Little River to the south.
Witness: William GILLUM, William Thomson, William Ragland
10 Oct 1774 acknowledged by Charles Smith and Dorothea his wife
Louisa County, VA, Deed Books E, page 16-17

15 Aug 1800
Grantor: George Philips and Anna his wife, Grantee: Ann Mills formerly Anna Philips,
George Philips and Anna his wife of Caroline and William Philips and Anna his wife of Hanover to Ann Mills formerly Anna Philips of Louisa £150 for tract on Rock Creek cont. 166 1/2 acres purchased by John Philips Senr. of John Smith and Betty his wife 9 Aug 1784 also by deed 8 Oct 1770 from David Smith and Sarah his wife adjoining David Smith Sr. dec'd. . Wit. Dabney Trice, William GILLIAM and James Poindexter.
Louisa County, VA, Book J, Page 191

27 Dec 1802
Grantor: William GILLIAM and Elizabeth his wife, Grantee: William Cooke
William GILLIAM and Elizabeth his wife of Hanover Co. to William Cooke of Louisa for £280 tract in Louisa being part of a larger tract of George Barclay which William GILLIAM got as distributee in right of his wife one of the children of sd. George Barclay, 187 acres adj. Dr. John Wells, Reverend James Dickason dec'd., said Cook, Toler, John S. Boxley.
Louisa County, VA, Book J, Page 492

29 Mar 1803
Grantor: James Dickenson and Mary Roscow his wife, John Spiller Boxley and Mary Willis his wife, William GILLIAM and Elizabeth Martin his wife, Grantee: James C. Dickenson
James Dickenson and Mary Roscow his wife, John Spiller Boxley and Mary Willis his wife, William GILLIAM and Elizabeth Martin his wife all of Louisa to James C. Dickenson of same tract of land of George Barclay, dec'd. being lot #1 given to George Boxley and Catharine Cole his wife. Wit. Fredk. Harris and Eli Alexander, R. Sandidge.
Louisa County, VA, Book J, Page 591

11 Jan 1813
Grantor: William Fleeman and Elizabeth is wife, David Grins, Grantee: Nicholas Whitlock
William Fleeman and Elizabeth is wife, David Grinstead and Nancy his wife, Claibourn Walton and Milly his wife, Thomas Whitlock and Molly his wife, William Walton and Patsy his wife, Edward S. Warren and Elizabeth his wife, James Roberts and Rhoda his wife, Thomas E. Warren legatees of Bartholomew Warren, dec'd. to Nicholas Whitlock for $632 for tract on Christopher Run Creek containing 72 acres adj. James GILLUMs, Hugh Goodwin, John Gunter.
Wit. James GILLUM, Jasper Grinsted, Dudley Ware.
Louisa County, VA, Book M, Page 146

12 Feb 1821
Grantor: John Shepperson and Polly his wife, Nancy Shepperson, Grantee: John Gunter
John Shepperson and Polly his wife, Nancy Shepperson widow and relict of Nathan Shepperson, Fanny Shepperson, Louisa Shepperson, Patsey Shepperson, John and Nathan Shepperson which said Fanny Shepperson, Louisa Shepperson, Patsey Shepperson, John and Nathan Shepperson are children and heirs and representatives of said Nathan Shepperson Dec'd of Louisa to John Gunter of same; $227 tract in Louisa adjoining Mrs. Trice, Christopher Run, James GILLUM containing 54 1/4 acres. John Shepperson and Polly his wife warrant their fee simple estate in land and Nancy Shepperson widow warrants her life estate in 1/3 of one fifth being the proportion to which her deceased husband was entitled as one of the legatees of John Shepperson, Dec'd.
Sig. John Shepperson (x), Polly Shepperson (X), Wit. M. Hunter. Rec. 11 Jun 1821.
Louisa County, VA, Book P, Page 19

12 Nov 1825
Grantor: Nicholas Whitlock and Sarah his wife, Grantee: John Gunter
Nicholas Whitlock and Sarah his wife to John Gunter $800; tract in Louisa containing 79 acres adjoining Mary Carpenter, Hugh Goodwin, William Trice, Dec'd., James GILLUM and said Gunter being land Whitlock purchased of estate of Bath Warren Dec'd. and Warren bought of Geo. Thomasson except 12 acres he sold to Hugh Goodwin. Sig. Nicholas Whitlock (X) and Sarah Whitlock (X). Wit. Robert Cowherd. Nicholas Whitlock shall have free privileges of the burying yard and land will not be cultivated.
Sig. John Gunter wit. Enos Gunter. Rec. 14 Nov 1825.
Louisa County, VA, Book Q, Page 490

13 Jul 1831
Grantor: Nathan Smith, Grantee: David M. Hunter
Nathan Smith of Louisa Co. Appoint David M. Hunter power of attorney bonding me as surety of Susan GILLUM as admx. of James GILLUM dec'd. 13 Jul 1831.
Louisa County, VA, Book T, Page 189

12 Sep 1831
Grantor: John L. Trice, Grantee: David M. Hunter
John L. Trice to David M. Hunter trustee for John S. Buck. Trice indebted to Buck $330. in trust land on Duckinghole Creek containing 106 acres and tract containing 100 acres adjoining each adjoining lands of Lasley Arnett dec'd., estate of James GILLUM dec'd., estate of Nathaniel Thompson dec'd. Sig. John L. Trice.
Louisa County, VA, Book T, Page 215

25 Nov 1837
Grantor: Archibald D. Arnett and Jaqulin D. GILLUM, Grantee: Nathan Smith
Archibald D. Arnett and Jaqulin D. GILLUM exors of Nathan Smith of Louisa Co. By will of Smith, dec'd. To Nathan Smith being land conveyed to Nathan Smith, dec'd. By Richard Roberts and wife 12 Oct 1807.
Louisa County, VA, Book W, Page 8

25 Nov 1837
Grantor: Nathan Smith 1st, Joseph K. Pendleton 2nd, Archibald D. Arnett and Jaqulin D. GILLUM
Nathan Smith 1st, Joseph K. Pendleton 2nd, Archibald D. Arnett and Jaqulin D. GILLUM exors of Nathan Smith dec'd. 3rd all of Louisa Co. Smith indebted to exors $497.25. In trust 97 1/2 acres being land conveyed this day to Smith by the exors.
Louisa County, VA, Book W, Page 9

13 Jun 1836
Grantor: Anderson Trice and Martha his wife, Grantee: John L. Trice
Anderson Trice and Martha his wife to John L. Trice all of Louisa $100, for 30 acres adjoining tomahawk road, John L. Trice, Thomassons Road, GILLUM, and Anderson Trice. Wit. Charles S. Jones, Ro. M. Kent, Garland Thomasson, Jno T. Quarles.
Sig. Anderson Trice and Martha Trice.
Louisa County, VA, Book W, Page 43

4 Jun 1832
Grantor: Anderson Parrish, John Parrish and Robert F. Bibb, Grantee: Susannah Parrish
Anderson Parrish, John Parrish and Robert F. Bibb and Nancy his wife who are non residents of Virginia acting by John Robinson, Commissioner by a decree of the Superior Court of Chancery, Henrico County and David Parrish, Dabney Parrish, Elizabeth Mims, John McKean and Mary his wife, Nelson Parrish, Humphrey Parrish, Geo. Parrish, Dabney Parrish, Joseph Glenn and Delia his wife, James Jennings and Massie his wife, Samuel Grooms and Polly his wife, Thomas Massie, Betsy Branch, William Branch, Sally Branch, Mary Branch, Thomas Branch, David Cocke and Betsy his wife, Constance Norris, Patsey Parrish, Charles May and Jane his wife, George Layne and Sally his wife, John GILLUM, William Walker and Polly his wife, Moody Hope and Betsy his wife, Oliver C. Morris and Sally his wife, and John Parrish of Virginia and Jaspher A. Sergeant and Eliza his wife to Susannah Parrish of Louisa. Suit 2 Jan 1832 Henrico County. Tract in Louisa called Mount Providence containing 150 acres. Justices of Richmond certify for John Robinson. Justices of Goochland certify for Wm. M. Branch, Dabney Parrish, Joseph B. Glenn, O. c. Morris, Geo. Parrish, Nelson R. Parrish, Wm. Walker, Moody J. Hope, John B. Parrish.
Louisa County, VA, Book W, Page 277

15 Aug 1843
Grantor: John L. Trice and Delia his wife, Grantee: Dabney A. Trice
John L. Trice and Delia his wife to Dabney A. Trice for $3,000 all land John L. Trice is possessed of containing 308 acres the greater part being tract he now resides and the remainder in the vicinity contains 70 acres. 1st tract adjoining Archibald D. Arnett, James GILLUM, Robert W. Trice. 2nd tract adjoins Geo. Thomasson, Anderson Trice and others. Also personal property of 5 slaves: Permelia 30 years, Jun 10 yrs., Washington 8 yrs., Harriet 6 yrs., and Joe 2 yrs, oxen, cows, sheep, 4 bed and furniture, cart, 12 chairs, etc. farm equipment, crop wheat, corn and tobacco also undivided interest in estate of Charles Dickenson dec'd. to which however Ann Dickenson is entitled for and during her natural life, said Delia H. being a daughter of said Ann and entitled to 1 child's part which is sold to Dabney H. Trice.
Sig. John L. Trice and Delia Trice.
Rec. 15 Aug 1843. no witnesses.
Louisa County, VA, Book Y, Page 398

8 Jan 1848
Grantor: Nathan W. Smith and Susanna his wife, Grantee: Hugh G. Hiter
Nathan W. Smith and Susanna his wife of Louisa co. To Hugh G. Hiter for $300 tract on Duckinghole Creek being part of tract where Smith now lives adjoining Old Office Rd., Ira GILLUM, Hiter containing 60 acres.
Louisa County, VA, Book AA, Page 405

22 Oct 1851
Grantor: William Baker, Grantee: James L. Gunter
William Baker of Louisa to James L. Gunter of same a continuation of the line between James L. Gunter and Nancy Dicenson running North 43 degrees West on side of Road in J. D. GILLUMs line is hereby made true and permanent line between them the said Baker and Gunter and William Baker doth grant and sell unto James L. Gunter all his title in that portion of his Smithfield tract of land lying South of aforesaid line and his land adjoining Baker lying North of the line.
Sig. Wm. Baker and James L. Gunter. Rec. 23 Oct 1851.
Louisa County, VA, Book CC, Page 4

5 Dec 1868
Grantor: James L. Gunter and Elizabeth D. his wife, Grantee: Frank V. Winston
Deed of Trust 5 Dec 1868 James L. Gunter and Elizabeth D. his wife to Frank V. Winston all of Louisa. All of that land upon which James L. Gunter resides lying in said County upon main road running from Louisa Court House to Enon Church bounded by lands of Robert N. Trice, Jacquelin D. GILLUM, Bushrod W. Baker, Charles M. Dickenson and others containing by estimate 430 acres embracing all the land owned by said James L. Gunter in said County. In trust to pay F. V. Winston $200 this day loaned by him to James L. Gunter. Sale to cover all expenses incurred in the sale, to cover said loan and services rendered James L. Gunter by Frank V. Winston as his attorney "in winding up all his business in Virginia", many of debts secured by this deed are debts where James L. Gunter is Surety and Winston is granted power to enforce against the principals.
Sig. James L. Gunter and Elizabeth D. Gunter. Rec. 7 Dec 1868. John Hunter and A. W. Talley Justices of Louisa certify for Elizabeth D. Gunter.
Louisa County, VA, Book GG, Page 718

17 May 1894
Grantor: Equitable Investment Co., Grantee: M.M. GILLIAM
Equitable Investment Co. to M.M. GILLIAM of Richmond, Va. 2nd and Title and Trust Co. of Richmond 3rd, Whereas 1st party is indebted to the 3rd in sum of $1,700 from 20 Sep 1893 by bond endorsed by W. E. Leake, W. R. Goodwin, J.J. Porter, J. W. Flanagan and R. L. Gordon, Jr. In trust all of land formerly owned by Reuben Davis on C & O Railroad known as Mineral, conveyed to Equitable Investment Co. by George K. Anderson, substitute trustee for benefit of Moody and Smith 16 Jul 1892, excepting such real estate as has been conveyed: #45 in block 12; # 1 & 2 in block 6, 22 & 23 in block 39; #10, 11, & 12 in block 23; #21 thru 24 in block 57 and lot known as hotel lot conveyed to H.W. Quarles.
Sig. W. R. Leake, Jefferson Co., Ala.
Louisa County, VA, Book 13, Page 503

10 Oct 1898
Grantor: M. M. GILLIAM 1st, Grantee: Equitable Investment Co., 2nd
M. M. GILLIAM 1st, Trustee to Equitable Investment Co., 2nd, to Title and Trust Co. 3rd., by deed 17 May 1894 recorded 5 Jun 1894. Equitable in order to secure to Title and Trust Co. $1,700. conveyed all of real estate on C & O Rail Road at and near Mineral City being part of land formerly owned by Reuben B. Davis and conveyed to Equitable Investment Co. by George K. Anderson substitute trustee in deed W. R. Goodwin to Jesse J. Porter, trustee recorded 7 Sep 1892, except such of said real estate as had been conveyed by Equitable Investment co. to H. W. Quarles lot known as Hotel lot. Said sum of $1,700 has been fully paid to Title and Trust Co. and this deed releases and confirms to Equitable Investment Co. from 1st party. sig. M.M. GILLIAM, Trustee for Title and Trust Co. attest: J. R. Williams, President and John Tyler, Sec., Richmond, Va.
Louisa County, VA, Book 17, Page 65

Prospect Hill
Richmond Terrell who married Sally Overton, daughter of Col. John and Susan Garland Overton of "Woodstock" in Goochland around 1840 conveyed Prospect Hill to William Overton and his wife Martha GILLIAM Overton, the daughter of John GILLIAM of "Maiden's Adventure," Powhatan County and his wife, Maria Jefferson James. Sally Overton was the half-sister of William.

William and Martha's daughter Mary (Polly) Overton married John (Jack) GILLIAM of Powhatan. John was the grandson of John GILLIAM of "Maiden's Adventure." (For more information on Martha GILLIAM Overton, see the GILLIAMs of Powhatan County.)

Prospect Hill remained the home of the Overtons for more than a century. Capt. William Overton, Jr., who served under Gen. Stonewall Jackson during the Civil War, succeeded his parents as owner of the property. His children, William, Martha G., and Frances, none of whom married, resided at the home until 1969, when the last of the family died and the estate was sold.

Today, Prospect Hill is a bed and breakfast.

Landowner's Directory of 1815
Jas. GILLIAM, Duckinghole Creek
William GILLIAM, with James Boxley
[Directions and distances are measured from the Courthouse.]
Ward, Roger G. 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners (and Gazetteer) Volume 1, Central Region. Athens, GA: Iberian Pub. Co., 1997.

14 Dec 1790
William GILLIAM and Elizabeth Barclay.
Surety James Dickinson,
Married 23 December by Rev. John Waller.

16 Dec 1791
James GILLIAM and Susanna Smith, dau. Of Nathan Smith.
Surety William GILLIAM.
Married 22___ 1791 by Rev. William Douglas

7 Dec 1802
John GILLUM and Betsey Smith, dau of George Smith.
Surety Barnett Smith. Witness John Smith.

23 Jan 1810
Jackey GILLUM and Patsey Groom, over 21 years of age.
Surety John Bradley. Witness Amos GILLUM and John Collins.
Jackey is son of William GILLUM. Married by Rev. John Lasley.
Marriages of Louisa county, VA, 1766-1815, Kathleen Booth Williams

A General Store in Frederick Hall, served many patrons including four GILLIAMs.

17 Mar 1854
GILLIAM, Anastacia, Scarlet Fever, Age 9 years
Parents: Jacqueline D. and Ann P. GILLIAM.
Death Records Indexing Project. Virginia Genealogical Society.

22 Nov 1878
Martha C. Overton
Died at her residence in the county of Louisa, on the 22d of November, 1878, in the seventy-fourth year of her age, after a painful and lingering illness of more than fourteen months, Mrs. Martha C. Overton, wife of William Overton and daughter of the late John GILLIAM of Powhatan county.
State (Richmond, Va. : 1876 : Daily) p. 4, c. 6, Tuesday, November 26, 1878.

3 Jan 1933
Mrs. Polly Overton GILLIAM, 88, widow of John GILLIAM, died today at her late home, Prospect Hill, Louisa county. Hour of the funeral will be announced later. Mrs. GILLAM was a daughter of the late William Overton and Mrs. Martha GILLIAM Overton and was widely related among old and prominent families in this state.
"The Richmond News-Leader," Richmond, Va., Tues., Jan. 3, 1933, Issue, p. 4, c. 8

14 Apr 1748, page 32
In Obedience to an Order of Vestry July 29th 1747 we hath Processioned as Followeth: The Lands fo Beverly Randolph, Mr. Brasior & Pouncey Anderson, Rand. Bobit Present. the Lands fo Benja. Timberlake, Stephen Harris, Wm. Adams, Richd. Henderson, Philip Timberlake, Anselm Clarkson. Present: James Woody, Wm. Addams, Phil. Timberlake. The Lands of John Dandridge, Josph. East, Wm. Dabney, George Dabney, John Richardson, John Watson, Jno. Anderson, Nelson Anderson, Jos. Fox part of Grays Present: Jos. East, Edwd. Harris, Dike GILLIAM, Jno. Watson. The Lands of Anselm Clarkson, Josh. Fox, Thos. Jackson, David Crenshaw, Jeremiah Glen Present: Jos. Fox, Wm. Rice, Ans. Clarkson. The Lands of Wm. Rice, Richd. Bennet, Thos. Rice, Saml. Winston, John Wadkins, John Winston Present: Richd. Bennett, Saml. Winston, Jno. Wadkins. The Lands of Daniel Burford, Edward Harris, Israel Snead, Wm. Harris, Present: Ed. Harris, Phil. Timberlake. Edward Harris Refuseth to procession the Dividing Line between him and Israel Snead. The sd. Harris Complains that he hath not his Quantity. 14 April 1748
Jeremiah Glen
Thomas Jackson
Fredericksville Parish Vestry Book: Indentures & Processioning Returns 1744-1787, vol. 2, Rosalie E. Davis
[In the Buckingham Surveyor's Plat Book, Dike GILLIAM has been identified as Epaphroditus (Ditus or Dite or Dike) GILLIAM.]

27 Apr 1774
Lost, or stolen, from the subscriber, in the lower end of Louisa, on the 27th of April last, a pocketbook, with cash and bonds, and other papers, viz, a bond on William GILLIAM, the sum of which I cannot ascertain, but is between fifty and one hundred pounds, a note of hand on John Swann for 81.12s, a penal note on Robert Powell for 2l with three years interest thereon, an order form Charles Irvin to William Mitchell for 10l. an order for ten hogsheads of tobacco of John Jones’s and an order from Archer Moore to John Farris for 3l. There were upwards of seventy five pounds in cash. All persons are forewarned from taking the above mentioned bond, or any of the notes of hands or orders, from any persons who may offer them. Whoever will bring the said pocketbook, with the above contents, shall receive 10l from me, in Albemarle county. There were several other papers that I cannot recollect.
William Watson
Virginia Gazette, Page 2, Column: 2

Road Orders
8 Sep 1766
Louisa Co. Court 8th September 1766
It is ordered that Isaac Clark and the gang appointed to work under him assist Love Statham to clear a Road from the County Line to the south side of the Southanna River and that John Degge, Joseph Wood, Thomas Clark, John Gillum and John Korn be added to Love Statham's former gang.


Personal Property Taxes

Tithables, Saint Martin’s Parish, 1771 by James Dabney, Returned 12 Aug 1771, page 41
Shelton, William: James GILLIAM, [assumed to be Overseer, see 1772]
James, Will, Charles, Nell Bella, Dinah, 8

Tithables, Saint Martin’s Parish, 1772?
Shelton, William: Charles, James, Will, Biter, Sarah, Nell, James GILLIAM, Ovsr. 8

Tithables, Saint Martin’s Parish, 1773?
Shelton, William: Wil, Sam, Ben, Charles, Bettie, Dinah, Nell, Venus, James GILLIAM 10—400

Tithables, Fredericksville Parish, 1774?
Miche, John: John GILLIAM, George, Joshua, Harry, Isaac, Dick, Nann, Cate, Bett, 9—1050
Louisa County, VA Tithables and Census, 1743-1785, Rosalie Edith Davis

Will, Estates, Inventories, etc.
3 Apr 1836
Will of Nathan Smith
Will of Nathan Smith, equal division amongst my children, Slaves to be divided into 8 lots; not to separate mothers from youngsters and try not to separate husband and wives. Children of dec'd. Daughter Elizabeth Young 1/8 part, dau. Patsy Trice 1/8 part, dau. Anna Morris 1/8 part, dau. Polly Trice 1/8 part, dau Susanna GILLUM 1/8 part, dau. Frances Arnett 1/8 deducting what she has already received., Children of dec'd. Son Juareorgin viz Edwin James and Nathan Smith 1/8 part, dau. Unity Turner 1/8 part deducting what she has already received. Daughter Frances Arnett has 2 unfortunate children to support. 3 grandsons Archibald D. Arnett, Jacquelin D. GILLUM and Edwin L. Smith to be exors. 16 Apr 1836, rec. 10 Jul 1837
Louisa County, VA, Book 9, Page 469

17 Aug 1809
Account of William Cole
Account of sale of William Cole dec'd. among buyers, Eleanor Cole, George Talley, William GILLUM, John Yancey, William Hollins, John Bibb south River, Richard Thomson, Wesley Cole, William Boxley, John Bigg D.H, Ivey Edwards, Samuel Thomson, Thomas Arnett, Richard, William Cole, Mary Cole, 17 Aug 1809.
Louisa County, VA, Book 5, Page 315

[No date, abt 1826-1828]
Account of William Mansfield
Account of the Sale of William Mansfield, Dec'd. John G. Mansfield exor. buyers: John G. Mansfield, William D. Mansfield, Benjamin Jenkins, Newel Baker, William Baker, Benjamin Coleman, Garrett C. McGehee, Benj. Lancaster, Richard Prewit, Archibald Arnet, John Poindexter, David Tinder, William Cosby, Hugh Goodwin, Joseph C. Boxley, Samuel Andrews, Smith GILLUM, Henry Bibb, Nathan Turner, John Burruss, Jesse Stubs, William W. Beadles, Cornelius Grady, Obed Gregory, Armisted Cole, Thomas Morris, John Brockman, John Massey, David Boxley, Joseph Bond, Pallison Boxley, John Haley, Thomas Brounough, Wilson Ware, Timothy F. Grady, Nickolas Whitlock, Levy Baker, Reuben Landram, William V. Cole.
Louisa County, VA, Book 7, Page 403

12 Jul 1852
Will of John L. Trice
Will John L. Trice of Louisa, infirm and feeble, 21 Jun 1852, All property real and personal to wife Adelia H. Trice until youngest son Benjamin Franklin becomes of age including Negroes Washington, Harriet, Mildred and Margaret. 1/3 of property to wife Adelia H. during her life and remaining 2/3 to living children, children to be given a plain English education. My wife's interest in her father's estate to be divided in same manner as above. Appoint Andrew J. Trice and Alfred W. Trice executors. sig. John L. Trice Wit. Robert Trice, Ira S. GILLIAM, Polaski P. Porter. Rec. 12 Jul 1852.
Louisa County, VA, Book 13, Page 296

13 Jan 1862
Will of William Walton
Will William Walton having lived three score and 14 years and believing my stay here could not be long, I therefore say how my little estate shall be divided. to my beloved wife Martha Walton during her life and after her death all to be sold and divided having given my son Geo. E. M. Walton two tracts of land, 1 whereon he resides and the other I bought at Nathaniel Thompson's sale and balance of money making $1,500. To daughter Mary Ann R. Smith 10 acres and $1,500 and that is what money I have given all my children and daughter Sarah Campbell has had $2,500 and when others get that much she can have her share of balance. Tract where I live divided into 3 parts and sold to highest bidder. Tract on Contrary divided into two my old mansion house tract and land I bought of Gunter and Ware, the other and my mills tract on Pigeon and my Beadles tract on the road and all personal estate sold to highest bidder and equally divided giving Erasamus H. Walton's children their father's part. Not any of my estate shall go in the hands of Richard T. Roberts, it shall be reserved in my exors. hands for Elizabeth Roberts. Thomas R. Walton and Andrew W. Walton to be exors. Sig. William Walton. Recorded 13 Jan., 1862. Since will not witnessed the handwriting was proved by Jacqueline D. Gillium and Robert N. Trice.
Louisa County, VA, Book 15, Page 261

1 Sep 1886
Appraisal of Wm. W. Groom
Sept. term 1866 ordered that Lewis B. Nuckolls, Wm. R. Nuckolls, John R. Marshall, John A. Gillman and Nathan A. Ware or any three of them—after taking an oath for the purpose to appraise such goods and chattels of William W. Groom dec'd as may be processed to them that they sign the said appraisement and return it to the clerk of the court.
Jesse Porter [Clerk]
Louisa County, VA, Book 17, Page 163

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