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GILLIAMs of Culpeper County
Updated March 17, 2020

Culpeper County probably was name for Catherine Culpeper, or for her mother, Margaret Lady Culpeper, or for Thomas Culpeper, second baron Culpeper of Thoresway, governor of Virginia from 1677 to 1683, or for their family, which long held proprietary right in the Northern Neck.  It was formed from Orange County in 1749. The county seat is Culpeper.

Bromfield Parish, 1752
Saint Mark's Parish, 1748

This Gilliam family has not been precisely identified. It is possible that it is related to Thomas Gilliam, son of William and Mary Jarratt Gilliam, who married Winnifred George, since it appears the guardians for Susannah and William Gilliam are Isaac and Joseph George, respectively.

6 Dec 1758
Guardian's Account
Isaac George for Susannah GILLIAM

to 5 1/2 yds Topsails? 11/ 1 small Hanks?
to 1 fine Do 2/4 6 yds white linnen 10/0

Port Royall Errors Excepted

Sig: James Bowie

Joseph George for William GILLIAM

to 4 yds br. linnen 4/ 2 yds check linnen 2/6
To 1 hat 2/ 1 pr shows 3/6 1 pr hose 2/6
to Schooling

Errors Excepted

to 3/4 yd of Bearskin 8/yd

At a court held for the county of Culpeper on Thurs the 21st. Dec. 1758
The within accounts was exhibited to the court by Joseph George guardian of Susannah & William GILLIAM orphans of Richard GILLIAM, dec. who made oath to the same ordered to be recorded
Teste Roger Dixon Clk
Culpeper County, VA, Will Book___, page 185-186

21 Dec 1758
Guardian Accounts
Isaac George for Susannah Gilliam
Port Royal,
Errors excepted James Bowie
Joseph George for William Gilliam.
The within accounts was exhibited to the Court by Joseph George, guardian of Susannah and William Gillium, orphans of Richard Gilliam, dec., and OR
Culpeper County, VA, Will Book ___, page 185-186

18 Oct 1759
Inventory of the Estate of Richard Gilliam, decd
To paid Philip Singleton
To paid James Kelly as per do
To paid Waddington Abbott as per accot.
To paid Danl Brown Gent. as per do
To boarding of Wm. Gillium orphan of Richd Gillium, eight months and a half
To boarding of Susannah Gillium orphan of Richd Gillium for one year and four months
To paid Owen Smith as per voucher
To paid Benja Cave as per accot
To paid John Bramham Junr as per accot
To clothing for the orphans as per accot.
1.4.4 1/2
To Ditto from Mr. Jackson for do
2.7.2 1/2
To paid Thomas Newman for half 544 lb tobo at 25
By cash of Joseph George
1.15.7 1/2
Sig: Martha (her X mark) Gillium
We the subscribers have examined the above account
16 Nov 1759
N. Pendleton, Danl Brown, William Williams
16 Nov 1759 Returned and OR.
Culpeper County, VA, Will Book___, page 209-210

16 Oct 1760
Guardian's Account
The orphans of Richard Gillium, dec
by Cash of Martha Gillium, administratrix £6.10.0
Errors excepted per Joseph George
16 Oct 1760, Exhibited and OR
Culpeper County, VA, Will Book___, page 234

20 Aug 1761
Guardian's Account
The Orphans of Richard Gillium
Errors excepted per Joseph George
Returned and OR
Culpeper County, VA, Will Book___, page 255

19 Aug 1762
Guardian's Account
Susannah and William Gillum
Returned and OR

Culpeper County, VA, Will Book___, page 284

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