Allied Families | Gilliams of Virginia

Allied Families
Updated March 19, 2020

Whereas information on this website is generally arranged by county and then within in each county by type of source document—chancery causes, deeds, wills, etc., sometimes it is helpful to see the GILLIAMs of Virginia in relation to other families. This is what this page will attempt to do.

I will be adding information to this page as time permits.

The Drake Family
Judith Gilliam, the daughter of Jeffry Gilliam of Charles City County married Francis Drake.
Martha Gilliam, the daughter of John Gilliam and Sarah Faris, married Sir Francis Drake.

The King Family.
Martha, the daughter of James Gilliam, Sr., of Littleton Parish, married Martin King.

The Harris Family.
Martha Taylor, daughter of James Gilliam and Frances Hopkins, his wife, married Gideon Harris.

The Manning Family,
James Gilliam, Sr., of Littleton Parish, married the widow Catherine Manning. His Will mentions grandson Charles Manning Gilliam and a Samuel Manning. It was witnessed by a Lucy Manning.