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The Old GILLIAM Cemetery: WPA Virginia Historical Inventory
23 Nov 1936
Research made by W. C. Crews
Updated March 18, 2016

Cemetery Location: Madison Heights, Virginia, from Post Office on Main Street to Route #1015, .3 of a mile, thence northwest on Route #1015, to Route #1004, .17 of a mile, thence on Route #1004, south and southwest to Route #685, .15 of a mile, thence on Route #685, northwest, 1 mile, north side 300 yards up on cliff. Amherst County

Stephen GILLIAM, prior to 1876. Edward North. Wilbur L. Moorman estate, present owners (1936).

Stephen GILLIAM, the original owner of the land, set aside the lot, which is about 40 x 40 feet, for a family graveyard.

There are no stones nor markers, except the lilies to indicate a graveyard. It is all grown over with brambles, briers and tall grass with lilies everywhere.

According to Miss Mary S. GILLIAM, of Madison Heights, Virginia, who is about 70 years of age, and the grand-daughter of the original owner and founder, the following are buried in this graveyard:

Stephen GILLIAM, died in 1876, age unknown but very old.
Edith Godsey GILLIAM, his wife. Age and death unknown.
Robert R. GILLIAM, born 1838, died 1883, son of Stephen GILLIAM.
Ernest GILLIAM, born 1863, died 1863, son of Stephen GILLIAM.
William GILLIAM, born 1825, died 1875, son of Stephen GILLIAM.
Dora GILLIAM, died 45 years ago, age unknown.
Etta GILLIAM, died about 1883
Thornhill GILLIAM, died about 1918, age unknown.
Joe GILLIAM, died about 1918
(Others may by buried here)

Mr. T.S. Irvin and Miss Mary S. GILLIAM, Madison Heights, Virginia.

  • Crews, W. C. "The Old GILLIAM Cemetery”: WPA Virginia Historical Inventory, 23 Nov 1936