Saint Luke's Memorial Park | Gilliams of Virginia

Saint Luke's, Isle of Wight County
Updated January 29, 2021

This cemetery, although adjacent to Old Saint Luke’s Church and associated cemetery, is not part of Saint Luke’s Church but is owned by Colonial Funeral Home in Smithfield, VA. It is immaculately maintained with easy access from Benns Church Hwy (Route 10).

The GILLIAMs of Old Saint Luke's are the family of Thomas Q. GILLIAM originally of New Kent County.

Nov. 12, 1896
Sept. 13, 1986

Richard G. GILLIAM
Nov. 5,1894
Oct 15, 1895

Rosaline W.
May 19, 1895
Oct 29, 1957

Alonzo Barbee GILLIAM
BM1 US Coast Guard
World War II
Jul 11, 1903
Nov 25, 1990 

Mary Clodfelter GILLIAM
June 3, 1908

Emma GILLIAM Saunders
June 8, 1901
May 16, 1968

John Lewis Basnight
May 16, 1926
Feb. 26, 1996

Mildred GILLIAM Basnight
June 30, 1914
Jan. 22, 1997

  • Saint Luke’s Memorial Park Cemetery, Transcribed by members of the Grave Site Survey Task Force (GSSTF), Under the Auspices of Isle of Wight County Historical Society (IWCHS), February 4 - March 21, 2004