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Nicholas Hobson to Thomas Drake
31 Mar 1775
Updated March 6, 2016

This Indenture made this 31st day of March in the year of Our Lord Christ, one thousand seven hundred and seventy five, Between Nicholas Hobson of the County of Lunenburg of the one part and Thomas Drake of the County of Amelia of the other part . . . that whereas the said Nicholas Hobson by Virtue of a Power of Attorney made by Matthew Hobson to the said Nicholas Hobson bearing date the 15th day of May 1773 and wherein is duly Recorded in the County Court of Lunenburg reference being there to had will more fully appears wherein the said Matthew Hobson does empower the said Nicholas Hobson to make sale of a certain tract of Land lying in the aforesaid County of Lunenburg containing by estimation four hundred acres be the same more or less and is part of a certain tract of Land which the said Matthew bought of James Fox and by Deed duly Recorded in my County Court of Lunenburg reference being the ___ will more fully appear. Also that the said Nicholas do make Proper Deed or Deeds of Conveyance is any Person or Persons Purchases hereof. Now.
This Indenture henceforth made by the said Nicholas Hobson attorney for Matthew Hobson doth this day for and in consideration of measure of Twenty five Pounds Current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by me said Thomas Drake the receipt whereof this day hereby acknowledge hath given grants bargains sold and delivered and by these Consents doth grant bargain sold and deliver unto the said Thomas Drake and his heirs Executors and assigns for ever and ever, Tract or parcel of Land containing by estimation one hundred and ninety acres to be same more or sell (is being part of the above mentioned four hundred acres of Land) and is lying and being in the aforesaid County of Lunenburg on the North branches of North Maherrin River and is bounded as follows to wit:
Beginning at Pointer in Richard Gilliams line,
thence Straight line of marker to trees in a corner Gum in ____ line
thence North Eighty degrees, ___ eighty eight poles is a corner pine,
thence North fourteen degrees, West fifty six poles to aged oaks
thence North seventy six degrees, East fifty seven poles to a corner White Oak
thence North fifty degrees, ____ six poles to a White Oak
thence North forty six degrees, West simply Two poles to a pine,
thence North fifteen degrees, West eighty two poles is pine tree,
thence North seventy eight degrees, East thirteen Poles to the corner Red Oak
thence North the forty degrees, ____ forty four Poles to Milners line at a corner white Oak and
thence along his line to Crowders line,
thence along his line to the aforesaid Richard Gilliam Line and
thence along his line to the Beginning,
Together with all and singular one Privileges and appurtenances where unto belonging or in any way a part with the reversion and revisions remainder and domain thereof to him and Thomas Drake his heirs and assigns forever. To have and to hold the aforesaid said Land and with all and singular the ___ and Profits unto him the said Thomas Drake his heirs and assigns forever.
To have hold and occupy and enjoy the _____ bargained and sold Land and ___ with the appurtenances into the said Thomas Drake his heirs and assigns forever from the Claim challenge or demand of the said Matthew Hobson his heirs and administrator or any other Person or Persons whatsoever.
In Witness where of the said Nicholas Hobson Attorney for the aforesaid Matthew Hobson hath hereunto set his hand and his seal the day and year first written Sealed and Delivered.

Nicholas Hobson, Attorney {SEAL} for Matthew Hobson in Presence of:
Agnes GILLIUM, Richard GILLIUM, Thomas Foster, Wm. Hobson, all from Lunenburg County
this 4th day of May 1775
Nicholas Hobson Attorney for Matthew Hobson acknowledged the written Deed which was ordered to be recorded.
Wm Saylor, C. C.

[Nicholas Hobson, is the son of Nicholas Hobson, Sr., and Agnes Goode, his wife. After Nicholas Hobson, Sr.'s, death, the widow, Agnes, married Richard GILLIAM, the brother of Judith Gilliam who married Francis Drake. Richard’s Will mentions Francis Drake and a nephew Francis Drake. Thomas Drake on the deed above is the brother of Francis Drake, the elder. Thomas names a son Francis Drake.]

  • Lunenburg County, VA, Deed Book 12, pages 453-455