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Ware Creek
Updated March 23, 2026

It appears that Richard settled near the head waters of the Ware Creek, near the grant William Hockaday received for transporting him, for by 1659, the Gilliams are mentioned in boundaries along the Ware.
[NB Ware Creek near Reedy Swamp and Cowpen Swamp is distinct from Ware River near Mockjack Bay in Gloucester where Mordecai Cooke received a grant.]

14 Apr 1643
Mr. William Hoccaday, 1000 acs. Yorke Co, 14 Apr.1643 near the head of Ware creek, NW by N upon a former devdt & NW by N towards Waraney Cr. Trans of 20 pers: Alexander Watson, Wm. Mackgahye, Andrew Sharpe, Jane Johnson, Randall , Isabell Grace, Mary Reeise, Tomasin Madero (or Maders) Mary Graham, James, Edward Hodge, Richard GILLMAN, Willm Moline, Fra Peppett, Richard Jones, Michaell Barrow, Richard Moore, Joane Rivers, Ja. Nicholson, Wm. Gowin. Renewed 20 Nov 1654.
Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, page 257

2 Oct 1650
Mordecay Cooke, 1174 acs. lyeing neare the head of Ware Rive. in Mockjack Bay, beg. at a point of cleared land called Mordcays Mount, running up the W. side of Cow Cr. etc. 2 Oct. 1650, Trans. of 24 pers: Edward Bon, his wife, Wm. Sawyer, Charles King, Henry Corkett (or Cockett), Bart Lentill, Ann Winn, Thomas Parvoll, Phillip Garner, Mord. Cooke, Richard Viriam, Wm. Geey, Wm. GILLAM, Edward Attore, Ja. Banks, twice, Alexander Green, twice, Jane his wife, Edward Greene.
Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, page 200.

Georg Browne, 200 acs. New Kent Co, 29 Apr. 1659
On N Side of the head of Ware Cr., S. on William GILLMAN and Mr. Overman & SE on a branch parting it from Robert Harrison. Trans of 4 pers: John Heynes, Sr. Evan Johannes, John Haines, Senr. Robert Scottell.
Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume I, page 389

James Wilson, 700 acs. New Kent Co, 29 Jan. 1661.
On the head of Ware Cr. on the E side beg at Mr. Stanawayes corner, SW. on Mount Holly path WNW to a branch of Cowpen swamp, down same to Robert Harris lyne etc. SW. to the Reedy Swamp to GILLMANS land etc. Trans of 14 pers: Wm. Lewis, Thomas Wood, Eliz. Wood, Lyddy How, Wm. Badger, Jno. Guffer, Danll Merick, Jno. Jones, Edward Luc, Mary Wms. Edward Webb, Abell Jason, Wm. Richardson, Ann Robbinson
Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume I, page 393

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