History of Bristol Parish | Gilliams of Virginia

A History of Bristol Parish, VA with Genealogies of Families Connected Therewith, and Historical Illustrations
By Rev. Philip Slaughter, DD

Updated March 8, 2016

The first half of this history pertains to the general history of this parish with a special emphasis upon the early Episcopal clergy who were Rectors of the Parish Church. The second half of the history deals with genealogies of many early families; a listing of members of the various Vestries; as well as some abstracts from some Baptismal registers.

This Family History published in 1879 served as the basis of the GILLIAM genealogies published in the
Richmond Standard by R. A. Brock.


The GILLIAM family is of Norman descent, and the original form of the name was Gillaume (William).
[For origin of the name see
The ancestor of the family in Virginia circa 1682, was William
1 m. ____ Poythress.
[The father of Robert who married Lucy Skelton, below was John GILLIAM who married Elizabeth Poythress, not William.]

i. Robert
2, m. Lucy Skelton, heiress of “Elk Island,” Hanover County.
ii. William
2, m. Christine Eppes of City Point. [name is most likely Christian Eppes]
iii. John
2, m. dau of Rev. Patrick Henry, of St. George Parish, uncle of the orator. [John married Jane Henry]
iv Jane
2, m. Charles Duncan, merchant of “Roslin,” Chesterfield County
v. Anne
2, m. Nathaniel Harrison of “Berkeley,”

Issue of Robert
2 and Lucy (Skelton) GILLIAM:
i. John
3, m. ____ Sampson of Scotland. [Hannah Sampson]
ii. James S
3. (MD) b. Aug 1763, at “Montallo,” Prince George County, d. 28 Mar 1814; m. 21 Nov 1787, Mary, dau of Theophilus Feild, vestryman.

Issue of John
3 and ____ (Sampson) GILLIAM:
i. Eliza
4, m. _____ Batte of Prince George County [Robert Batte]
ii. Robert
4, m. ____ Sanxy of Richmond. [Charlotte Sanxay]
iii. Wm
4, d.
iv., Lucy Anne
4, m. Rev. N. A. Okeson, DD of Norfolk [Nicholas Albertson Okeson]
v. Jane
4, m. Cadmus Archer of Chesterfield County
vi. James
4, m. ____ Birchett, of Prince George County. Issue. 3 dau. And 1 son, James (vestryman), who m. Mrs. McIlwaine. [James married Catherine Birchett. James “Jr.” married the widow McIlwaine, nee Martha McEnery, widow of John McIlwaine.]

Issue of James S
3. and Mary (Feild) GILLIAM, MD
i. John
4 (MD), vestryman, m. Eliza Shore of “Violet Bank.”
ii. James S
4., d.
iii. Anne Feild
4, m. John Peyton, son of Thomas Tabb Bolling, of “Mayfield,” Dinwiddie County
iv. Robert
4, m. Janet Colquhoun
v. Theophilus
4, d. unmarried
vi. Marius
4, m. ____ Dunant of Philadelphia [Rebecca S. Dunant]
vii. Mary
4, m. Charles Francis Osborne
viii. Lucy
4, m. Rev. Mr. Doughen [Rev. James Doughen]
ix. Arabella
4, m. Rev. Wm. H. Foote, DD, of Romney

Issue of John
4 and Eliza (Shore) GILLIAM, MD:
i. Jane
5, m Thomas Lee, son of Dr. Wm. Shippen of Phila.
ii. James S
5. (MD) passed Asst. Surg. USN., m. George C., dau of Judge John C. Nicoll of Savannah, GA, lost at sea on USS Levant.
iii. Thomas S
5., vestryman, m. Agnes. Dau. of Rev. Horace Stringfellow.
iv. Theophilus F
5., MD, m. Mary, dau of Dr. Peter Eppes of City Point
v. Eliza
5, m. Robert Maitland, son of James Dunlop
vi. Mary Louisa

Issue of Robert
4 and Janet (Colquhoun) GILLIAM
i. Clara C.
5, m. Rev. Edmund Withers
ii. Cleeman
5, m. Joseph Pannill
iii. James S
5., MD

Issue of Wm
2. And Christina (Eppes) GILLIAM:
3 m. Nath’l Friend. Issue: Charles, late of “White Hill,” Prince George

Issue of Jane
2 (GILLIAM) and Charles Duncan:
i. Jane
3 [no record of a daughter Jane. There was a daughter Elizabeth Duncan,
ii. Smith
3, m. Mr. Gamble [Charlotte Smith GILLIAM, m. John Gamble]
iii. Nancy
3, m. James Dunlop of London

Issue of Anne
2 (GILLIAM) and Nathaniel Harrison of “Berkeley:”
i. Benjamin
3, m. Mrs. Osborne [It is believed Benjamin married Ann Turnbull]
ii. John3, d. at college
iii. Dau
3., m. Mr. Brown [Elizabeth Harrison married Mr. Brown]
iv. Sarah
3, m. ____ McKenzie of Scotland [Donald McKenzie]
v. Susan
3, m. Robert Maitland
vi. Dau
3, m. ____ Boyd, son of clergyman of “Merton Hall,” Scotland
[A Susan GILLIAM married Robert Boyd, but she was a sister of Anne, not daughter. There is no record of a daughter of Anne who married a Rev. Boyd]

  • Slaughter, Rev. Philip. A History of Bristol Parish, With Genealogies of Families Connected there with and Historical Illustrations. J. W. Randolph & English, Richmond: 1879, repr. 1994), 238pp.