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Amelia Tithes
Updated March 18, 2016

Several John Gilliams are enumerated in Amelia’s tithes and at least on William and one Elizabeth Gilliam. These Gilliams can be distinguished by their overseers and their slaves.

John Gilliam and overseer Benjamin Dyson. Among his slaves are Wappin and Amber.
John Gilliam, Sr. Among his slaves is Cesear.
John Gilliam, Jr. and overseer John Baldwin, Jr. and later James Sturdivant. Among his slaves is Moses

List of Tithes Below Deep Creek, Amelia County
Jno GILLIAM at his Quarter, 1 tithe
Hall, an Indian
[It should be noted the Hugh Leaden also appears on this list with one tithe. See Charles City GILLIAMs: Mr. Robt. Bolling stands security for Mrs. GILLUM, she having the estate of orphan Hugh Leaden in her hands. 3 Dec 1678]

A List of Tithables Below Deep Creek Taken by Charles Irby for the Year
John GILLIAM Quarter, 4 tithes
Hal, Pompey, Tom, Mursear?

John GILLUM, 3 tithes
Hall, Pompey, Mursear?

John GILLUM, 4 tithes
Hall?, Pompey, Tom, Maria

John GILLIAM, 5 tithes
Charles Lewis
Tom, Dick, Merriah?, Noll

1746, Between Deep Creek and Flat Creek
Lawrence Smith
Cesar, Jemmy, Lucey

John GILLIAM, 8 tithes
Charles Lewis
Tom, Dick, Hannahball, Maria, Cesar, Janey, Leusey [Lucy]?

John Daniel? & GILLIAM's List?, 9 tithes

John GILLUM, 4 tithes
Seaver, Jeamy, Hannah, Aggy

John GILLIAM, 9 tithes
Benja Dison,
Tom, Dick, Bristo[l], Hannahbald, Maria, Lucy, Pegg, Hannah

John GILLUM, 4 tithes
Cesar, Jaemy, Sara, Nan
Binns Genealogy, Colonial Tithe Lists, Amelia, Image 1d

John GUILLIAMS, 10 tithes
Benjamin Dison
Tom, Dick, Hannibal, Bristol, Mariah, Lucy, Amber, Hanah, Pegg

Jno GUILLAMS, 17 tithes
Benja Dison
Cesar, Wappin, Tom, Hannibal, Peter, Bristol, Lucy, Peg, Hanah, Pat, Meriah, Frank, Amber, Mol, Willm Dison, Agge, Amelia Tithes, 1752, Image 12

John GILLUM, 3 tithes
Jaemy, Nan, Sarah, Amelia Tithes, 1752, Image 6

17 tithes
Ben Dison
Bristol, Sefar?, Mingo, Lucy, Patt, Meriah, Doll, Tom, Peter, Hannibal, Pegg, Hanah, Amber, Moll, Frank, Beck

John GULLIAM, 16 tithes
Benjamin Dison,
Bristol, Mingo, Wappin, Hannibal, Peter, Tom, Lucy, Meriah, Patt, Doll, Pegg, Hannah, Moll, Frank, Amber

John GILLUM, Sr.'s, 5 tithes
Leacar [?], Tom, Sarah, Beck, Cate

John GILLIAM, 17 tithes
Benja Dyson,
Bristol, Mingo, Wappin, Lucy, Patt, Doll, Murrear, Tom, Peter, Hannibal, Nan, Hannah, Pegg, Amber, Moll, Frank, Amelia Tithes, 1756, Image 4.

John GILLIAM, 6 tithes
Cesar, Tom, Cate, Nel__ [?], Beck & Sarah, Amelia Tithes, 1756, Image 15

Raleigh Parish, Below Deep Creek
John GILLIAM, Sr., 11 tithes
Benjamin Dyson, overseer
Wappin, Noseer [?], Patt, Judah, Bristol, Tom, Hannaball, Bristol, Peter, Amber and Moll., Amelia Tithes, 1762, Image 8

Nottoway Parish
John GILLIAM, Jr, Tithes 11
John Baldwin, Jr.
Mosses, Sela, James, Aron, Pegg, Hanah, Nan, Frank, Kate, and Sarah, Amelia Tithes, 1762, Image 13

John GILLIAM, 3 tithes
Mingo, Lucy and Doll

John GILLIAM, Sr., 14 tithes
Benja Dison
Bristoll, Mingo, Wapping, Lucy, Mariah, Patt, Doll, Jude, Tom, Peter, Hannibal, Moll, Amber, Amelia Tithes, 1763, Image 29

John GILLIAM, 4 Tithes
Frank, Bragg, Beck, Neley, Amelia Tithes, 1763, Image 41

John Gilliam’s list for H. Parrish
Cesear, Bragg, Nelsey and Beck
4 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1764, Image 11

List of Wood Jones, Raleigh Parish
Image 13
John Gilliam’s tithes
Benjamin Dyson
Brister, Wapsing, Marien, Patt, Judy, Tom. Hannabal, Peter, Joe, Amber, Jenny
12 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1764, Image 13

John Gilliam (Hannover)
Thos Westbrook, Moses, Aaron, Cesar, Frank, Hannah, Patt, Amelia Tithes, 1764, Image 21

John Gilliam’s List
Benjamin Dyson
Bristol, Wappings, Mary, Patt, Judy, Tom, Peter, Hannaball, Joe, Amber, Jane, Mingo, Lucy, Doll,
15 tithes
1027 acres land, Amelia Tithes, 1765, Image 6

John Gilliam, Senr
Cesar, Thom, Beck, Nelly, Amelia Tithes, 1765, Image 13

Jno Gilliam, Jr. Tithes
Jno Baldwin, Moses, Aaron, Lea, Frank, Hannah and Patt, Amelia Tithes, 1766, Image 4

Nottoway Parish
John Gilliam, Senr
Prince, Cesar, Tom, Beck, & Nely
4 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1766, Image 21

John Gilliam, Junr Tithes
John Baldwin,
Moses, Aaron, Lea, Frank, Hannah, Patt
7 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1766, Image 29

John Gilliam’s list
Robert Wingfield, Bristol, Jack, Tom Hannibal, Woppin, Hector, Peter, Nick, Amber, Jane, Merrian, Judah, Amy Patt.
15 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1767, Image 8

John Gilliam, Junr List
Mingo, Lucy, Doll, Amelia Tithes, 1767, Image 8

John Gilliam Sr List
Cesar, Tom, Beck, Nelsy,
4 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1767, Image 15

John Gilliam, Jr List
James Sturdivant, Moses, Aaron, Lea, Frank, Patt, Hannah, Phebe
8 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1767, Image 15

John Gilliam, Senr List
Cesar, Tom, Beck, Neley, Sue
5 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1768, Image 8

John Gilliam Jr List
James Sturdivant
Moses, Aron, Lea, Patt, Pheby, Frank, Hannah, Amelia Tithes, 1768, Image 8

John Gilliam’s List
Robt Winfield, Bristol, Peter, Joe, Hector, Tom, Hanaball, Waping, Patt, Maria, Juda, Amey, Amber, Juda.
Tithes 14
1240 acres, Amelia Tithes, 1768, Image 18

John Gilliam, Jr List
Mingo, Lucy, Doll
3 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1768, Image 18

John Gilliam, Senr
Robt Winfield, Bristol, Joe, Tom, Peter, Wapping, Honey, Ball, Sam, Amber, Jeney, Judy, Amey, Patt, Marrier
15 Tithes
1240 acres, Amelia Tithes, 1769, Image 7

John Gilliam, Junr
Mingo, Doll, Lucy
3 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1769, Image 7

A List of Tithes in Nottoway Parish
John Gilliam (Prince George)
James Stott, Aaron, Moses, Selar, Bob, Ben Sebb, Rock, Doll, Frank, Hannah, Patt, Phebe, Betty, Betty, Bess, Lucy, Lucy, Aggy, Patt, Sarah, Sarah
22 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1778, Image 62

Estate of John Gilliam, Decd
Zachy, Hastings, Caesar, Tom, Nelee, George, Sue, Ember, Cis
8 tithes

[In 1779 these slaves appear on William Gilliam’s list], Amelia Tithes, 1778, Image 62

to Elizabeth Gilliam
[John Gilliam’s Will is dated 1774], Amelia Tithes, 1779, Image 20

William Gilliam’s list
Zachy, Hastins, Caesar, Tom, George, Amber, Nelsey, Sue, Cis, Moses
9 tithes, Amelia Tithes, 1779, Image 35

John Gilliam of Prince George
James Stott, Aaron, Moses, Seeb, Ned, Naron [?] Abell, Frank, Patt, Pheba, Bess, Bettey, Bettey, Lucey, Lucey, Patt, Leed, Jelicoe,, Amelia Tithes, 1781, Image24

William Gilliam at his quarter
Benjamin Dyson, a free male
54 slaves (to wit)
Joe, Sam, ___key, Tom, Jack, Stephen, Mol, Charles, Henry [?]
Nancy, Sue __ley, ___ney, Ben, ______, Monmouth, Tom, ______, ______, Gri__ble, Amy, Judy, _____, Peg, Nancey, Betty, Nelly, Judy, Amy, Hal, _____, ______, _____, Joe, M_____, Annakey, ______, Tony, ______, _____, ______, _____, _____, ______, ______, ______, ______, _____, _____, ______, Molly, Milly, Beck and Hal
15 Horses
33 head of cattle, Amelia Tithes, 1782, Image 6
[In the 1760s John Gilliam, Sr, Raleigh Parish, Below Deep Creek, also had a Benjamin Dyson as an overseer]

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