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Maysville Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Updated December 23, 2006

WPA Survey Report, Maysville Presbyterian Church Cemetery:
12 Jul 1937
Research made by Elizabeth McCraw

Cemetery Location:
Back of Maysville Presbyterian Church, 200 yards on north side of U.S. Route #60, in the west end of Buckingham Court House, Virginia.


Church Trustees

This church cemetery covers about an acre of land back of old Maysville Presbyterian Church. The acre is enclosed by a woven wire fence. The place is cleared. There are no trees. There are a number of graves that are not marked, and there are eight that are marked. Several have upright slabs, and three have flat slabs over brick vaults. The following inscriptions were copied from the tombstones:

to the Memory of
John Robert
infant son of George H. and Ann M. Matthews
Born July 31, 1839, Died June 14, 1842
Sweet Innocent, of such is the Kingdom of Heaven

In Memory of
Ann L.
Wife of William B. Miles
Born January 25, 1821
Died August 15, 1851
She awaiteth the resurrection of the just

There is rest in Heaven
To the Memory of
Mrs. Virginia C. GILLIAM
Died October 17, 1851
aged 32 years, 1 month and 6 days
A faithful friend, a mother dear
A loving wife lieth here-
In love she lived, in peace she died
Life was desired, but God denied.
[Virginia Catherine is the wife of Richard Holland GILLIAM]

To the memory of
Willie M. Thornton
only son of Nathan H. and Martha A. Thornton
Born July 24, 1837
Died Oct. 30, 1842
His parents have placed this marble over their
beloved child, expressive of their grief for the
loss of one remembered more clear by his sprightliness,
vivacity sweet and affectionate disposition and of
their humble trust that they shall meet him in that
world where sorrow is never known and friends are
never parted.

In Memory of
Segub H. Parrack
Who departed this life August 16, 1851
In the 57 year of his life
For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down
that it will sprout again and that the tender
branch thereof will not cease

In Memory of
Thomas Parrack
Born Feb. 22, 1792
Died March 12, 1880
In the 88 year of his age

The body of an unknown Union Soldier was buried here during the war with military honors. One of the oldest women in the village, Mrs. W.E. Pratt, remembers when she was a child of nine years seeing this funeral. She is now making an effort to have the U.S. Government place a marker at this grave to the Unknown Union Soldier.

Mrs. W.E. Pratt, Buckingham, Virginia
Tombstone Inscriptions
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