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Will of Thomas GILLIAM
Dated 27 Sep 1793, Recorded 12 Dec 1793
Updated March 23, 2016

Wife, Cala.
Daughters, Lucy Johnson and Mary Tucker.
Son, Thomas GILLIAM.
Jemimah Sorsberry to live on my plantation during her single life, or as long as my wife lives or her brother Henry.

Witnesses were John Simmons, Sr., Levy Rochell, and Peter Simmons.

Will proved by the oaths of Robert Tucker, John Rochell, William Butts, and Thomas GILLIAM. Cala GILLIAM refused to accept the provisions of the Will.

Refusal witnessed by Mary Sorsberry and Henry Sorsberry.
Thomas GILLIAM, Jr., qualified as administrator.

To the worshipful Court of Southampton County. These may certify that I decline taking the administration on the estate of my dec'd husband Thomas GILLIAM dec'd.

Cala GILLIAM (her X mark)

Witness my hand this 10th day of December 1793:

Mary Sorsberry (her X mark)
Henry Sorsberry

At a Court held for the County of Southampton
the 12th day of December 1793

This writing purporting the Last Will & Testament of Thomas GILLIAM, Sr. was this day presented in court whereupon Michael Bailey & Henry Sorsberry being sworn depos'd that the said writing was written by the said Michael Bailey at the request of Thomas GILLIAM, Sr. dec'd at his own house on Friday the 27th day of September 1793. The matter & substance was penn'd down from his own words & after being wrote & distinctly read to him, he appointed to all except the preamble which was not read to him. On consideration whereof it is the opinion of the court the same be recorded. And on the motion of Thomas GILLIAM, Jr. who made oath according to law, Certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of admin. with the Will annexed is granted on the estate of the decedent giving security whereupon &c.

Sam Kello, Cl.

[The fact that wife Cala/Selah refused to accept the Will may have to do with Thomas GILLIAM's excommunication from Raccoon Swamp Baptist Church. Who was Jemimah Sorsberry? She is only provided for until her marriage. She does not appear to be a sister of Selah or Henry. Was she an out of wedlock child Thomas born with Selah. Thomas' excommunication shortly follows his marriage to Selah at age 84. It appears that Raccoon Swamp Church is present-day Antioch Baptist.]

  • Southampton County, VA, Will Book 4, 1783-1797, Page 584+