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Will of John GILLIAM
Written 9 Aug 1738; Proved 20 Sep 1738
Updated March 23, 2016

In the Name of God Amen I John GILLUM of Surry County being Sick and Week in body but of perfect Sence and Memerry thankes be to God for it and knowing that it is appoynted for all men once to dy do make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in maner & forme following.

Imprimis first and principally I gieve and recomend my Soule into the hands of Almigthy God that gave it to me in sure and sartin hope to receave the same at the general resurrecttion and my body to be bured at the discreation of my Execrs. hearafter metioned and as for what temproll Goods which it hath pleased God to bless me with in this World my Will and desire is that the same be disposed of in the following maner and form.

Itum: I give and bequase [bequeath] to my Son, John, my Plantation in Carralino on Ronoke with all the Lands their unto belonging to him & his Heairs for ever allso I gieve to my Son John one Negro Garle named Phebe.

Itum: I gieve and bequeath to my Son Hinche all the land on the north side of the Branch that my Mill stand upon containing about one hundred and Fifty Acres more or less to him and his Heirs for ever. And one Negro boy named Brister.

Itum: I gieve & bequave to my Son Burrell all the Land I hold on the South side of the great branch next to Charles Maybreay containing about one hundred and fifty Acreys to him & his Heirs for ever allso I gieve to my Son Burrell one Negro Boy named Jimmey.

Itum: I gieve and bequave to my Son Levi the Plantation that Mary Clanton formorly lieved upon containing one hundred and forty Acreys to him and his Heirs for ever, also I gieve to my Son Levi one Negro Boy named Robbin.

Itum: I gieve and bequave to my well beloved wife Sarah the use of my Plantation till hir Death and then to desend to my Son John.

Itum: Itum: I gieve & bequave to my Dafter Sarah one Negro Garle named Beth.

Itum: I gieve & bequave to my dafter Amy one Negro Garle named Su.

Itum: I gieve & bequave to my dafter Mary one Negro Garle named Custer*.

Itum: I give & bequave to my Dafter Milley one Negro Garle named Phillis.

Itum: I gieve the use of my three Negros Cottey* & Hannah and Catte* to my well beloved wife during her natural Life and all other my movable as well my Stock as all my houhold Good during her naturall Life and after her desease my Will is that what is left of my Estat it may be equally devided between my Son Osom & Hansille & my dafter Tabith & Leada also I appoint my well beloved wife and my som John my Excutors and makeing void all other Wills by me before maid do hear deliver this as my last Will and Testament. In Witness whearof I have hear unto set my Hand & Seale this ninth day of August in the Year of our Lord Christ one thousand seaven-hundred and thirty eight.
Signed, Sealed Declared
and Prenounced in the presents of us
Sig: John [his X mark] GILLIAM
Wit: John Dunn, Thomas [his X mark] Dunn, Mo: Johnson

At a Court held for Surry County
September the 20th 1738
The above mentioned Will of John GILLUM dec'ed was presented in Court by Sarah Guillum and John GILLUM thereof who made Oath thereto and gave Bond with Security according to Law and being proved by the Oaths of John Dunn, Thomas Dunn, and Moses Johnson Witnesses thereto the same is ordered to be recorded and is recorded by _____ Allen

19 Mar 1739
Account of Estate of John GILLIAM, decd
Lists: Dr. Patrick Adams, Robert Cade, Charles Sward, William Ezill, William Lofin, John Bell, Wiliam Browne, Jr., James Peden, for funeral sermon, Col. John Allen, Quit rent for 747 acres of land, Col. Thomas Cocke and Sampson Newsum.
Sig: Sary GILLIAM and John GILLIAM, executors
Surry County, VA, Book 9, page 133.

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