132 E. Fillmore ST | Gilliams of Virginia

Home of Robert S. GILLIAM
132 E. Fillmore Street, Petersburg
Updated March 25, 2016

It has been said that the 132 Fillmore Street, the GILLIAM House was built in 1891. Before 1910 the family of Robert GILLIAM and Mary Love GILLIAM, his wife move into 132 Fillmore with their family. It does that appear that Robert had the house built for in 1900, he and his wife are living on Sycamore Street.

In 1910, Robert GILLIAM, age 63, and Mary, his wife, age 50, are living with daughter Isabella G. Crockford, and her husband W. Hamiliton Crockford and their daughter Isabella. Also are Robert and Mary’s other children: Robert, Jr., age 28, Thomas B., age 27, Herbert B., age 22, Mary L., age 21, and Charlotte, age 20.
In 1920 Robert GILLIAM, age 72, and Mary, his wife, age 61 are living with daughters Charlotte, age 30 and Isabella C., age 40, and Isabella’s children Isabella G. and William H. Crockford. Isabella GILLIAM is the widow of Dr. W. Hamiliton Crockford.
In 1930, Robert, age 83, is living with daughters, Charlotte, Isabella and Mary and their respective families.


The historic 3800 square foot Colonial Revival style GILLIAM house was built in 1891, and sits on a corner lot facing Petersburg’s Central Park in Petersburg's Poplar Lawn National Historic District. It boasts large, open rooms with a symmetrical layout dominated by a split central staircase. The house has ten foot ceilings, wood floors, nine fireplaces, five bedrooms and double parlors. The home’’s seven-column front porch faces Petersburg's Central Park with views of cherry trees, stream & fountain. It also has a fenced in yard with plantings, both 1st and 2nd floor rear porches.