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Marius GILLIAM to David May and John F. May
Updated March 27, 2016

Marius Gilliams sells to David May several Elk Island negro slaves.

An indenture made this 17th day of October in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven between Marius Gilliam of Petersburg of the first part, David May of the said town of the second part, and John F. May of the same town of the third part

Whereas the said Marius Gilliam is indebted to the said John F. May upon a bond executed to and assigned by Richd P. Bolling for the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars with interest from the 14th day of February 1826 and whereas the said Marius Gilliam in desirous to secure and hath agreed to secure the payment of the said debt and interest, with all charges attending the same or incurred by reason of the premises by conveying the property hereinafter mentioned unto the said David May.

Now therefore this indenture witnesseth that the said Marius Gilliam in consideration of the premises and of the sum of one dollar to him by the said trustee in hand paid, the except where of is hereby acknowledged hath bargained and sold confirmed and made over and doth by these present bargain and sell confirm and make over unto the said David May the following negro slaves namely Mary and her children Thomas, Frank, David and an infant not named now in his possession in Petersburg, and Eliza and her child ____ and Peggy now at Elk Island, together with their future increase to have and to hold the slaves above mentioned unto the said David May his heirs, executors administrators and assigns in Trust and upon condition nevertheless to suffer the said Gilliam to hold the said slaves until a sale be required under this deed and whenever after the expiration of six months from this date the said John F. May shall require it, the said David May after two weeks notice in a Petersburg paper shall and may sell the said slaves to the highest bidder for cash or on such credit and such credit as J. F. May shall allow: and usual costs and expenses attending the sale and this conveyance in the second place to pay and satisfy the debt herein first recited to be due to the said John F. May as assign of Richard P. Bolling, with legal interest etc and the surplus if any to the said Gilliam and the said Gilliam doth hereby covenant with the said D. May that he is possessed of the property aforesaid, that he will forever warrant the same against all persons whatsoever, In testimony whereof the said Marius Gilliam has hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first written

Sig: Marius Gilliam
Signed, sealed & delivered in the presence of

Town of Petersburg to wit.
We Patrick Durken and Robert M. Bowden Justices of the Peace in the town aforesaid in the State of Virginia do hereby certify that Marius Gilliam a party to a certain deed bearing date on the 17day of October in the year 1827 and hereunto annexed personally appeared before us in our town aforesaid and acknowledged the same to be his act and deed and decreed as to certify the said acknowledgment to the clerk of the Hustings court of Petersburg and to the Clerk of the County Court of Goochland in order that the said conveyance may be recorded given under our hands and seals this 18th day of October AD 1827.

Patrick Durken Alde
R. M. Bowden, Ald
In the clerk’s office of the Hustings Court of the Town of Petersburg the 19th day of October 1827, this indenture was lodged in the said office with the certificate of the acknowledgment hereto annex and admitted to record

Teste R. F. Graves, DC

In the Clerk’s Office of Goochland County Court 6th Novem 1827

This indenture of Trust was lodged n my office and with the certificate of the acknowledgment of Marius Gilliam together with the certificate of its having been recorded in the clerk’s Office of the Hustings Court of the town of Petersburg thereon endorsed and admitted to record.
Teste Nar W. Miller

[John P. Bolling is John Peyton Bolling who married Ann “Nancy” Field Gilliam, the sister of Marius Gilliam.]