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James Gilliam of Littleton Parish married Catherine MANNING, the widow of Charles MANNING of New Kent. James' Will mentioned Samuel MANNING and was witnessed by Lucy MANNING. James' son James named his first born Charles MANNING Gilliam and a security for his Ordinary was Nathaniel MANNING.

It appears that a relationship between the Gilliams and MANNINGs existed prior to James marrying the widow MANNING.

Below is an outline of records relating to Virginia MANNINGs, chronologically arranged by county.

It should be noted that the name MANNING is spelt in various ways including but not limited to: MANNIN, MANNEN, Manion, Mannion, and even Manner and Mannay.

Charles City County
7 Apr 1664
Att a Com Co'rt held at James Citty the 7th of Apr 1664. By his Ma'ts Justices of the sd Com being present: Coll Holt, Major Edlow, Mr. Sanderson, Capt Ramsey, Mr. Ballard, Capt Ellyson, Mr. Chiles, Mr. Heyman. Whereas Edwd Bushell admr of Thomas Adams entered his accon against John MANNING, and he being returned non est inventues attachmt is graunted agst the sd MANNINGs estates for 2700 lb of sugar at the sd Bushells suite returneable next Co'rt. teste Jne Okeham, Cl Cur. Noe attachmt hath issued out of this Com upon the above sd ord'r this being the fourtheenth of June 1664. Teste Jne Okeham, Cl Cur Com.
Fleet, Beverly. Virginia Colonial Abstracts, page 300.

20 Apr. 1682
Thomas MANNING purchased some land in Jordans Parish in Charles City County on the south side of the James River

23 Jun 1728
Accounts current George Hunt Est. Chas City County
Debits to Peter MANNING, John Christian & William Allen mentioned.
Rec: 23 Jun 1728

Inventory of Charles MANNIN

New Kent County
6 Apr 1666
Thomas Hancocke, 350 acres New Kent Co., 6 Apr. 1666, p. 536, (656). Begins on William Halls corner tree on Rockahock path, up the same to James Hurds line, down the same E./S.E. until it meets with Lt. Col. Hockady his land, along his bounds to the path that goeth to saie Hockadyes and Bakers, Sly. down the path to Hancocks spring, thence S.W. to the beginning 120 acres purchased of Jno. Atkins and Benjamin Strang and 230 acres for trans. of 5 persons: William James, Edward James, Peter Store, William James, EDWARD MANNING.
Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 5

11 Oct 1727
Nathaniel MANING departing this life October ye 11th 1727
Saint Peter's Vestry

10 Feb 1734
Doll Negro Girl belonging to Robt Dowsing, overs. Cha. MANNING born Feb’ry 10, 1734
Saint Peter's Vestry

3 May 1738
Judith Daughter of Charles and Sarah MANNING born May 3, baptized Sept’r 10 1738
Saint Peter's Vestry

11 Oct 1746
To Charles MANNIN his account, 86 lbs
Saint Peter's Vestry

No. 9 John Parke and Edmund Bacon
No. 10 Charles MANNIN & Joseph Ellyson
Saint Peter's Vestry

2 Feb 1755
Charles MANNING and Catherine have son, Nathaniel MANNING, on 2 Feb 1755
Saint Peter's Vestry

26 May 1770
Samuel and Mary MANNING have a son Charles on 26 May 1770
Saint Peter's Vestry

10 Oct 1772
A negro child belong’g to Saml MANNIN nam’d Octr 10 1772
Saint Peter's Vestry

Land Taxes
John MANNIN, 40 acres


Old Rappahannock County
6 Jun 1666
Mr. John Simpson, 2100 acres in the freshes and on N. side of Rappa. River 6 June 1666, p. 510, (626). Bounding on land of Mr. Charles Grimes, running S. S. E. and c. Trans. of 42 persons: Jonathan MANING
Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 5

4 Apr 1667
Thomas Goldman. 1200 acres Rappa Co., south side the River upon the Maine pocoson of Hodskins Creek, 4 Apr. 1667, p. 105, trans: of 24 persons: Jonathan MANNING . . .
Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 6

17 Apr 1667
John Meders and Henry Peters. 4200 acres on south side and about 3 miles from the River upon Powmansend Creek, Rappa. Co., 17 Apr 1667, p. 28. Begins near the run next to land of Mr. Silvester Thatcher, & c., over a branch to Quarter branch &c. Trans. of 84 persons: Jonathan MANNING
Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 6.

24 Sep 1667
Mr. Wm. Storke. 600 acres between Potomack and Rappa Rivers on branches of Appolmattox Creek, 24 Sept. 1667, p. 56. South by a branch dividing this and land of Mr. Jno. Washington, north by a branch dividing this and land of Capt. Ashton and Jno. Alexander & c. Trans. of 12 persons: Mary MANNING

Northumberland County
8 Nov 1666
Thomas Towers, 720 acres, Northumberland Co., 8 Nov. 1666, p. 71, Begin: at the head of the Bevor Dam SW, south to branch of Chicacone River & continue to Maine branch of Kings Creek and continues. 450 acres granted him 4 July 1664 and residue for trans. of 6 persons: Henry Haines, Francis Gouldsmith, Thomas Mathewes, Mary MANNING, Ezekiel Francis, Daniell Long.
Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent book 6

Stafford County
18 Aug 1686
Will of James Ashton of Stafford County
To Charles MANING one heifer & calf if he gives a just and true account of cattle and hogs.

Essex County
Aug 1746
Wm. Upshaw Essex Co., his slaves to be tried for stealing from Edmund MANNING & Samuel Spencer.

Fairfax County
Will of John MANNING
I John MANNING do leave my two sons John and Edmond MANING with Benjamin Hutchison John to stay till he is nineteen years of age and Edmond till Eighteen and if Benjamin Hutchison should dye Before my two sons is of age then for them to be with Joseph Hutchison till they are of age and for them to have schooling two years.
And I doe also leave my souril Horse to Benjamin Hutchison and also my Bay mare and also four yard of Bearskin Duffell and foure yards Broad Cloath and lineings and trimings to Each and foure yards Cearsey and foure yards plad.
and one pare of Double Chaneld pumps I leave to John Lewis and also I leave to Benjamin Hutchison one Box Iron and heators and one Hone that is at James Nolands and also one Chest and two Dishes or three and also seven or Eight plates and one frying pan and a little Bason and a old ta[n]kard and other things which are at Doralea Devenes and also two Coats and a jacket and also a grin[d]stone at the widdow Manleys and a parcell of old Iron at washingtons mill and all my tools I leave to my son John MANNING
Witness my hand this 2 Day of November 1750
Simond Reador
Joseph Hutchison
At a Court Contd and held for Fairfax County march the 27th 1751
This will of John MANNING deced was proved by the Oaths of Simon Reader and Joseph Hutchison and admitted to Record and administration with the said Will annex'd is granted William Ellzey he having performed what is usual in such Cases
Test. John Graham CCur.

William Berry Debter to John MANNING £0.7.0
Thomas Davis Detr 0.5.0
Charles King Detr 0.1.3
Thomas Hervs Dr 0.3.5
Fairfax County Will Book 11-1, 1742-1752, p. 442

Henrico County
13 Nov 1734
Last Will and Testament of Jean Dupra [Dupree]
I being in perfect memory and understanding do in the 1st place Will and Bequest My Soul and Body to God that gave it and do dispose of any worldly goods as follaweth. This being my last will and Testament I will and Bequest to my daughter Mary Delpish wife of Frances Delpish 100 acres of land joining Sollagers line lying between four corner Trees and the Creek for bounds to her during life and after her decease to peter Forqueren his heirs forever. I likewise will and bequeath the rest of the Land with the plantation to my dearly beloved Wife Jane Dupray during life and after her decease my well beloved Brother and his heirs forever. I likewise will and bequeast to my Wife a Negro Woman during life and after her decease to my Daughter Mary Delpish with her Child She now goes with the rest of her increase to belong to my Wife from this Time, and to be at her disposal - The whole personal Estate with Negros Chattels houses and Lands to be my Wives during Life and after her deceas Negro Toby I give to my Brother Lewis Dupray. I also give Jane Lewis one Negro Called Sambo I also give a Negro boy called James to Peter Furkerin, also one Negro called Obos to Moses Furkerin after my wives Deceas and my moveable Estate after my Wifes deceas to be equally Divided as ye Negroes this being this being my last Will and Testament I Sign and Seal it in the presence of us
Sig: Jean Dupra
Wit: Richard MANING (seal), Daniel x Fore, John x Fore

At a Court held for Henrico Co. the Sixth day of January 1734*
Jane Dupre presented this Will upon oath and being proved by the oaths of Daniel Fore and John Fore two of the Witnesses thereto it was thereupon Admitted to record.
Test. Bawler Cocke
Wit: Richard MANNING

16 Jan 1740
Henry Clay of Henrico to Henry Clay, Jr, of Goochland, north side Appomattox, bounded by Fighting CReek.
Wit: Richard Manning, John Radford, Alex Cunningham.

York County
Will of Jno. MANNING

Ordered Mary Manning the widow of John Manning decd and Alsup Yarborough be summoned to appear at the next court to give security for the said Manning’s estate.
Orders, ____ page 294

17 Jul 1746
In the case of trespass, assault and battery Thomas Gillett an infant by Mary Manning his next friend Plt agt John Baach def, dismissed being agreed by the parties.
Orders, ____ page 443.

In the case between Mary Manning plt agt John Baach, def, dismissed being agreed by the parties.
Orders, ____ page 443.

Inventory of Mary MANNING

Goochland County
June 1736
MANNING vs. John Twitty for trespass
Goochland County, Order Book 4, Page 78

20 Jan 1737
Marmaduke Hix of Goochland County to Robert Smith of Gloucester co for £14, 152 acres bounded by James Barnes, John Twitty, and William Salley.
Wit: John Twitty, Stephen Bedford, Rich’d MANING, John Reterford,
Sig: Marmaduke Hix
Recorded 21 Mar 1737, Agnes, wife of Hix, relinquished her dower right.
Goochland County, Deed, Page 87

20 Jan 1737
Abell Croom of Goochland County to Robert Smith of Gloucester County for £40, 200 acres on south taken up by Samuel Arinton, and by him sold to Robert Carter, and by him sold to John Michaux, and by him sold to Daniel Croom and by him left in his will to his son Abell Croom with all houses, etc.
Wit: John Twitty, Stephen Bedford, Rich’d MANING, John Retterford
Sig: Abel Croom
Recorded 21 Mar 1737
Goochland County, Deed, Page 88

20 Jan 1737
John Twitty of Goochland Co to Richard MANING for £20, 400 acres
Wit: John Retterford, Stephen Bedford, Abel Croom, Marmaduke Hix
Sig: John Twitty
Recorded 21 Mar 1737.

Page 89, 23 Jan 1737
John Twitty of Goochland County, planter, to Robert Smith, planter, for £8, 248 acres on south side of John Pleasant and Abraham Salley and Duke Hix
[likely Marmaduke Hix]
Wit: Rich’d MANING, John Retterford, Stephen Bedford, Abell Croom,
Rec: 21 Mar 1737.

26 Jul 1737
Accounts of Estate of John Lee, dec'd
Under list of credits from: Charles MANNING by Wm. Williams admnr. 17 Oct 1747.

May 1737
MANNING vs. John Saunders for trespass
Goochland County, Order Book 4, Page 153

July 1737
MANNING vs. Thomas Stovall for misbehavior
Goochland County, Order Book 4, Page 193

August Court 1737
William Easley vs. Richard MANNING
Goochland County, Order Book 4, p. 233

19 Feb 1738
Richd MANING of Goochland to John Archer of Henrico Co for £8, 400 acres on south side of branch of Willis River, being land John Twitty patented.
Wit: John Worsham, Jr. Matt. Ligon, Richard Ligon.
Rec: 20 Feb 1738

March Court, 1737/38.
William Easley vs. Richrd MANNING.
Goochland County, Order Book 4, p. 271.

18 Apr 1738
Margaret Hancock of Goochland to John Patterson, 220 acres on northside of Appomattox
Wit: W. Meggison, Richard Manning
Goochland County, Deed Book 3, page 113

20 Jun 1738
Inventory of Peter Martin
by Richard Manning

August 1738
Richard MANNING vs. Thomas Stovall
Goochland County, Order Book 4, Page 235

August 1738
Richard MANNING vs. Thomas Stovall
Goochland County, Order Book 4, Page 236

abt 1738
Richard MANNING & Elizabeth his wife, made oath that Gilbert Martin, dec'd, died without any will and applied for letters of administration.
Securities: James Barnes, James Gates.
[No date but between two records dated 1738]
Goochland County, Order Bk 4 pg. 288.

Jun 1738
MANNING witness for Joseph Netherland
Goochland County, Order Book 4, Page 326

4 Aug 1738
John Radford to Daniel Thomas. Consider: A piece or tract of land in Goochland Co. to him ackn. by Daniel Thomas. 175 acres S/S Appomattox River, bounded in part by the old place on brink of River just above mouth of small branch and another on brink of Sandy Creek, being a pat. to sd. John Radford d. Aug 21, 1734, Possession obtained by Daniel Thomas in presence of Richard MANNING & Silvanus Maxey on Aug. 4, 1738. Deed ackn. by John Radford & ordered rec. at Court held Aug. 11, 1738.
Wit. Richard MANNING, Silvanus Maxey, & Daniel (x) Thomas, Sr.
Amelia County Deed Book

20 Jun 1738
Inventory of Gilbert Martin, deceased, value £ 5/12 by William Allen, Matthew Liggon, Henry Clay.
Rec 20 June 1738
Presented by Richard MANING.

18 Sep 1739
Thomas Lockett of Goochland to Benj Moseley of Henrico, 300 acres, south side James River.
Wit: Richard Manning, Creed Haskins, George Williamson

15 Apr 1740
To be cleared. On the petition of Norvel Burton, Thos Christian, Jos. Hunter, Benjamin Witt, Antho Bening, John James Solager, Meridith MANING, Peter Chastain, James Wodkins, Autho Vilen, Joseph Bening leave is granted to Clear a road out of the Chapple Road to extend along Capt Bernerds road and from thence a cross Willis River near the road clear’d by Norvel Burton to Buckingham and Crossing the head of Randolph’s Creek into Glovers road near to hatchers Creek Mountains. Ordered that the petitioners, Thomas Turpins, Robert Bernerds, Richard Burtons, Tiths do clear the same and that William Allen be Surveyor therof.
Goochland County, Road Orders, Page 456

16 Jun 1741
Theodorick Carter of Goochland County to Richard MANING of same, for £27, 250 acres on south side of James River, which said Carter bought Mathew Ligon, bounded by Fighting Creek, Samuel Allen, John Radford, William Allin, Mathew Ligon, and John Hails.
Wit: Samuel Burton, Richard Scruggs, Daniel Johnson
Sig: Theodorick Carter
Rec: 15 Jun 1741
Goochland County, Deed, Page 441

15 Sep 1741
Anthony Benin is appointed surveyor of the road from Barnets road over Willis River at Horn Quarter fford to Glovers road. And that Benja Harrisons, James Watkins, Benjaman Witt, Peter Chastain, Meridth MANNING, Capt. Barnets, Nowel Burton, Richard Burton, Alexander Trent’s Uriah Print, Jacob Winfrey, Samuel Allin, Robert Sanders, and their titheables do clears the same.
Goochland County, Road Orders, Page 5

16 May 1741
William Mayo of Goochland county to John Scruggs of same, son of Richard Scruggs of New Kent county for £40, 400 acres on west side of Willis River, bounded by Robert Bernard, said Mayo, William Meginnis, Joseph Dabbs.
Wit: John Perrott, Mary Mayo, Rich’d MANING
Sig: Wm. Mayo
Recorded 16 May 1741
Page 522

18 Jan 1742
Matthew Ligon of G to Richard Ligon of G....... a tract of land of about 300 acres of land in G, and bounded by Capt. Wm Allin, the mouth of the Great Branch, Fine Cr, Col. Wm Randolph, Richard MANING.
Sig: Matt Ligon Sr.
Wit: Theodrick Carter, J Beguin, Peter Nueley.
Rec: 20 Jul 1742.

March? 1742
On the motion of Meredith MANNING his earmark is recorded and is a swallow fork in the right ear and a slit in the left.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page ?

March 1742
Richard MANNING to William McCoy. The petition of Ricahrd MANING agt Wililam McCoy is dismist on tryal with costs.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 207

March 1742
On the motion of Samuel Burton a witness for William McCoy ads Richard MANNING it is ordered that the said William do pay him for one days attendance twenty five pounds of tobo.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 207

March? 1742
Richard MANNING vs. John Scruggs for trespass
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 212

Oct 1742
We present Philip Royan for retailing liquors wt out license & Richard MANNING & Edward Parret for the same offence.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 159.

28 Jan 1743
from Richard MANNING (MANING) of G to Henry Stratton of G, for divers good causes and . . . one parcel of land containing 250 acres in G and on the south side of James River, and bounded by Richd Ligon, William Allen, John Hall, John Radfurd.
Signed: Richd MANNING.
Wit: Richard Ligon, James Ligon, Peter Nunnery. Recorded 15 May 1744.
p.46 [p.345]

March 1743 [1744]
The Petition of Richard MANING agt WIlliam Lax is dismist no appear[ance]
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 347

March 1743 [1744]
Richard MANNING vs. John Scruggs, trespass
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 367

May 1743
Richard MANNING appears to answer the complaint of Mathew LIgon for stealing a piece of eight upon hearing the witnesses & the Defts defence the Court are divided in opinion and the said Richard MANING is thereupon acquitted.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 221.

May 1743
Richard MANNING vs. Scruggs for trespass
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 230

June 1743
In action of Debt between William Allin who as well for Our Sovereign Lord the King as for himself prosecutes Plt & Richard MANING Deft an Imparlance is granted the Deft.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 250

Aug 1743
In action of debt between William Allin who as well for our Sovereign Lord the King as for himself prosecutes Plt agt Richard MANING DEft the Deft pleads not guilty and for tryal thereof puts himself uponthe country and the Plt likewise.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 290

Sep 1743
Richard MANNING vs. Landon Washington
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 286

Sep 1743
Richard MANNING vs. Giles Hudspeth?
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 337

Sep 1743
Richard MANNING vs. Thomas Davis
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 338

Sep 1743
Richard MANNING vs. James Gates
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 338

Sep 1743
Richard MANNING vs. William McCoy
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 337?

Nov 1743
MANNING sent to Williamsburg by Tarlton Fleming for 50 lbs.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page ?

15 Nov 1743
At a Court held for Goochland County the Fifteenth day of November Anno Domini 1743 for Laying the county Levy...
To Do. (Henry Wood) for Attending a Court for the Examining of MANNINe...140
To Do. (Thomas Turpin) for Sumoning a Court to Examine MANING...140
To Do (Thomas Turpin) for Provinging 32 days for MANING in Prison....112
To Do (Thomas Turpin) for Imprisonment and Releasement of MANING...14
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 306

Nov 1743
To Tucker Woodson, Nathl Dunn, William Rucks, John Floy’d and John Radford each 20 lb for guarding MANING in Prison 24 hours ...100
To Thomas Turpin Sher. for Removing MANING to Wms.burg 95 miles...475
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 307

Nov 1743
To Thomas Turpin for sumoning five witnesses agt MANING & Raley ...72
To John Woodson for guarding MANING in prison for one day ...20
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 308

3 Nov 1743
At a Court held for Goochland County the Third Tuesday in November being the Fifteenth day of the month Annoq Domini 1743.
Rex vs. MANING. On the Information of Tarlton Fleming Gent. that he heard Richard MANING say he would make Goochland county suffer for his being sent to Williamburg, It is the Opinion of the Court that he enter into Recognizance in the Sum of Fifty pounds Currt. money Conditoned for his good behavior for One Year and a Day and that he pay Costs.
MANINGs Recognizance. Richard MANING Acknowledges himself indebted unto Our Sovereign Lord the King and to his Heirs and Successors in the Sum of Fifty pounds Currt. money to be Levied on his Goods and Chattles Lands and Tenements on Condidion that he be of Good Behavior towards all his Majestys Leige Subjects and especially towards the Inhabitants of the County of Goochland for One year and a day then this Recognizance to be void.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 310

Nov 1743
In the action of debt brought by William Allin who as well for Our Sovereign Lord the King as for himself presented against Richard MANING the said Allin withdraws his prosecution & on the . . . [not copied]
Goochland County, Order Book 5 page 321

Dec 1743
The Pet of Richard MANING agt Landson Washington is dismist.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 334

The Pet of Richd MANING agt Thomas Davis is continued
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 334

Dec 1743
The Pet. of Richd MANING agt James Gates is dismist.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 334

Dec 1743
The Pet of Richd MANING agt Giles Hudspith is continued.
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 334

Dec 1743
The Pet of Richd MANING agt William McCoy is dismist
Goochland County, Order Book 5, page 334
MANNING vs. Davis
Goochland County, Order Book 6, page 41

MANNING vs. Hudspeth
Goochland County, Order Book 6, page 41

12 Jan 1746
MANNING, Meredith, 12 Jan 1746, Goochland Co., 150 A. on N. side of Slate River.
Patent Book 25, 1745-47, pg. 439.

Albemarle County
26 Sep 1745
Ordered that William Allen be Surveyor of the road from Meriday MANNINGs to Horn Quarter and that the hands convenient to the said Road do assist the said Allen in Clearing the same.
Albemarle County, VA, Road Orders, Page 61

24 Apr 1745
Edmond MANNING appointed Constable in the room or Robert White.

28 Mar 1746
Edward MANNING took oath as a Constable.

A List of Thythes in the Upper Part of St. Ann's Parrish, Albemarle, for the year 1746:
David Pattison's Q'r Thomas Wright
Obediah Pattison, Henry Cockrun, 6 n's
Edmund MANING (Constable) Jeny Ch's Walkers Q'r

12 Jun 1746
Trespass & Assault case of Dennis Doyle agst John Burns, parties come by attys. As does a Jury, to wit: 
Lazarus Dameron (foreman), 
Patrick Nowlin, 
Richard Hall, 
John Heard, 
John Lewis, 
Samuel Spencer, 
John Bryant, 
Samuel Crawley, 
John Tooly, 
Edmond MANNING, 
Richard Gwinn & 
Joseph Higgenbottom 
who find the deft. Guilty. Plt. to recover plus 15 shillings for fees &150 lbs. Tob. For costs.

16 Aug 1746
Joe a negro slave belonging to William Upshaw of Essex County was brought to court on suspicion of having taken a sack bagg belonging to Edmond MANNING & also for breaking upon the house & stealing sundry goods from Samuel Spencer. Sd. negro to be committed for trial with Edmond MANNING, Benjamin Mims, Saml Spencer, Francis Spencer, Alexander M[on]tgomery, John Smith & William Woods summoned as witnesses.
Magazine of Virginia Biography, Albemarle Court Orders

12 Sep 1746, Road Orders
Ordered the Road from Meridth MANNINGs to the Court House be kept open according to a former Order and that the hands of John Lee, William Rickel, James Goss, Adrian Angle, Hugh Green, William Louhoon, John Sharp, Meridith MANNING & Gideon Marr do clear the same and that Gideon Marr be overseer &c.
Albemarle County, VA, Road Orders, Page 173

11 Mar 1747/48
Thomas Cotteril appointed constable in the room or Edmond MANNING

June 1748
Robert Rose clerk to Ambrose Jones to Edmund MANNING.

16 Jul 1748
Complaint agst James Nevels & Edmond MANNING for not appearing as Jurymen is dismist.

12 Jul 1750
Meredith MANNING 200 A. on N. side of Slate River.
Patent Book 30, 1750-52, pg. 206

8 Feb 1751
Edmund MANNION to Jas. Jones for £35, 315 A., adj. Roes Pat, the river.

12 Feb 1751
William Rickles, Tinker, to Meredith MANNING for £40, 285 A. on both sides of Slate River, adj. Jas. Goss, Jno Hunter.
Wit: Wm. Salle, Rennie Chastain, Katherine wife of Rickles.

11 Nov 1751
Meredith MANNING to Jas. Goss for £10, 35 acres N. side of Slate, adj. Wm. Rickles, Moor's Creek
Wit: Sam'l Jordan, Jno Riploley, Abraham Childers
Elizabeth wife of Meredith MANNING

11 Feb 1752
Ed Manion to James Jones, £55, 315 acres, St. Ann’s

11 Feb 1752
Meredith Mannin to James Goss, northsdie of Slate River at mouth of Moore’s Creek, above Wm Rickles
Wit: Samuel Jordan, John Ripply, Abraham Childers

7 Aug 1761
George Carrington, 4,870 acres Albemarle Co among the N Brs of slate River, crossing the great Cr of Sd Riv crossing Howards Road; adj Meredith MANNING, Adrian Anglin, Henry Hambleton & Capt Allen; p 888

9 Aug 1762
William Ward, ac 12 pds. to Ambrose Jones, ac . . . Household goods . . . Deed of Trust. to be repaid by next 10 March.
Wit: John Ward, Edmund Manion, John Loving.

. . . Whereas the said John Parks did assign the said leased land to a certain Edmund Manion who assigned it to Thos. Landrum in the year 1763, and whereas William Parks hath departed this life. I Thomas Landum do therefor nominate Elizabeth Rose in the stead of the said William Parks, deceased, and I Charles Rose do hereby

Lunenburg County
1748 A List of Tythables for the Year 1748
[Lewis] Deloney's List
Henry MANNIN, 1

1749, William Howard's List of Tithables, 1749
John MANNING, 2, 12

For 1750, List taken by William Howard
John MANNEN, 2

For 1751, List taken by Field Jefferson
John and Sam, his sons, 3

For 1752, List taken by John Phelps
Edmd. Mannion, 1

Spotsylvania County
3 Nov 1760
John Clayton of Hanover Co., and Elizabeth, his wife, to William Hutcherson of Spts. Co. £65 16s. curr. 329 a. in Spts. Co. 2 Mar 1761.
Wit: Andw. Manner
Book Page: E
Crozier, William Armstrong. Virginia County Records - Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800, Volume I.

21 Nov 1771
Joseph Hawkins of Spotsylvania and Mary his wife to Benj Robinson, son of Wm and Agnes. of same county, £500, 100 acres.
Wit: Benj Winslow, Andrew Manning, W. P. Thruston.
Rec: 21 Nov 1771

21 Oct 1775
Will of Nathaniel Dickenson
Leg. wife Elizabeth Dickenson, all my estate, real and personal, during her natural life, and then to be divided between the following: sons Nathaniel, Richard and Elijah Dickenson and Betty Pulliam and Fanny Garton, but if the said Fanny Garton should marry, she may enjoy her part during her life, and at her death it shall return to Elijah Garton's children; son William Dickenson.
Ex. wife Elizabeth and sons William and Nathaniel Dickenson.
Wit. Andrew MANNING, John Coleman, Hannah Coleman.
Rec: 16 May 1776.

24 Aug 1783
Vincent Vass marries Elizabeth Manning
Douglas Register

24 Oct 1791
Richard Coleman of Berkeley Parish, Spotsylvania to son Robert Spilsby Coleman, 240 acres, purchased of Daniel Lambert.
Wit: WM Winslow, James MANNING, William Parker, Jr.
Rec: 1 Nov 1791
Spotsyllvania County, VA, Deed Book N, 1791-1794

Orange County
23 May 1738
Robert Bickers to George Stewart adj Michael Holland on branches of Pamunkey called Beaverdam Run.
Wit: Battaile Harrison, Charles DeWitt, Edmund Manning.

18 Mar 1735
John Fennell vs Edmund Manning

13 May 1735
Thomas Zachary and James Finney patented 400 acres in Orange Co., VA, in the fork of the Robinson River, a branch of the Rapidan River
Patent Book 15, page 494
[This area was in Culpeper by 1748. Thomas was listed on the Orange County tax list of Edmond Manion for the year of 1735]

20 May 1735
Ambrose Jones discharged as constable. Edmund Manning appointed in his stead.

15 Jun 1736
William Eddins vs Edmund Manning

22 Jul 1737
Wm Bohoannon of St. Mark’s Orange County to John Beckett
Wit: Edmond Manning

23 May 1738
Robt. Bickers of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County to George Stewarte of same. Lease and release, for 20 sterling. 100 acres ajoyning the lands of Michael Holland, John Collins, and Jeremiah Deair . . . on both sides of a branch of Purmunkey [sic] River called Beaverdam Run.
Sig: Robt. Bickers
Wit: Battaile Harrison, Charles Dewitt, Edmond Manion.
25 May 1738. Acknowledged by Robt. Bickers.
Orange County, Deed Book 1 & 2, page Pages 347-50.

12 Jun 1770
Andw. MANNING. 100 a. in upper end of Spotsylvania County


Will of Andrew MANNING

29 Aug 1783
Vincent Vass married Elizabeth MANNIN, 29 Aug 1783, by Rev. Douglas.

Cumberland County
Sep 1767
Chancery Case, Elizabeth Bacon, widow of Edmund Bacon, decd vs Catherine MANNING

Lucy MANNING witnesses the will of James Gilliam, Sr.

Jacob Johnston vs Admr of Samuel MANNING
Names mentioned: Crump, Johnston, MANNING, Wilkinson

26 Aug 1805
Deed of trust from John H. MANNIN to William James is proved by one of the witnesses thereunto

Halifax County
18 Jan 1781
Nathaniel MANNIN married Rebecca Watkins, 18 Jan 1781

17 Oct 1781
Will of Moses Johnson
“ . . . being very sick and weak in body but sound of mind and memory . . . “ I lend to my well beloved wife Susannah Johnson all my estate both real and personal and all monies due me during her widowhood for and toward raising and supporting my children. At the marriage of my wife Susannah my whole estate to be by my Exr sold and money arising be equally divided between my aforesaid wife, my daughter Sally Smith Johnson, and my son Benjamin Smith Johnson which part ___ give my said wife I give to her during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided between my aforesaid children. Should my wife and children mutually agree and make a division they should do so with the assistance of my Exr.
Exr: My well beloved father Smith Johnson, and my friend John Echols
Wit: Susannah Watkins, Nathaniel MANNING, John Irby, Samuel Slaughter, H Goare.
Sig: Moses Johnson
Pro: 15 Nov 1781. Presented by Smith Johnson, Exr. and proved by two wit, John Echols refusing.
Sec: John Irby.
Halifax County, Will Book ___, page 381

State Census
Nathaniel & Samuel MANNIN

Apr 1782
Will of George Watkins
Wife Susanna, sons Thos, John. Dau. Ann Roberts, Rebecca MANNIN.
Granddaughter Elizabeth Hoskins
Ex wife and sons Thos. and John and son in law Nathaniel MANNIN.
Rubin Ragland and Nathaniel MANNIN and Robert Williams were also ex.
Wit: Wm. Wright, Ephraim Hill, Thos. Brownwit.

7 Jul 1789
Will of Nathaniel Bowman
"After all debts and expenses are paid and funeral charges aforesaid, my estate is to be the property of my brother, John Bowman, his heirs and assignees forever. The land to which I am entitled to as major in the New Jersey line in Continental service, also the whole sum of moneys due me in the hands of John Turner, Jr., merchant at New York, and also in the hands of Isreal Heddon, merchant at Newark, in the State of New Jersey, with the interest thereon due, all of which I give to him and his heirs. I order that my executors hereafter named do out of my estate purchase a suit of general mourning for Mr. John Hicks and his lady and son, which I give to each of them.
Lastly, I appoint my friend, John Hicks, and my brother, John Borum, executors of this my last will and testament."
Wit: Nathaniel Mannin, H. Goare.
[John Bowman was overseer for Samuel Manning]

Henry County
14 Mar 1782
John Hardman purchased 100 a. from John and Susannah MANNIN.

Bedford County
At the house of Mathew Talbot, Gent., in the County of Bedford, on Monday, the 27th day of May, in the twenty-seventh year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George II, etc., Anno Dom. 1754, His Majesty's Commission of the Peace of this County, under the seal of this Colony and Dominion of Virginia, bearing date on the 12th day of May Instant, directed to John Pane, Mathew Talbot, John Phelps, John Anthony, William Callaway, John Smith, Junr., Zachary Isbell, Robert Page, John Sutton, Thomas Pullin, Edmund Manion, and Richard Callaway, Gent., was openly read as was in like manner his Majesty's Dedimus Potestatem under the said seal and of the same date for administering the oaths, etc. And thereupon pursuant to the said Dedimus the said John Pane took the usual oaths to his Majesty's Person and Government and took and subscribed the Abjuration Oath and also subscribed the test and likewise took the oath of a Justice of Peace, and of a Justice of the County Court in Chancery, all which oaths were administered to him by Zachary Isbell and Robert Page. Then the said John Pane, administered all the aforesaid oaths to the said William Callaway, John Smith, Junr., Zachary Isbell, Robert Page, Thomas Pullin, and Edmund Manion, who took the same and subscribed the said Abjuration Oath and Test.

26 Aug 1754
. . . William Callaway and Elizabeth his wife, and by them delivered unto Edmond Manion, his heirs and assigns forever.
Sig: William Callaway.
At a Court held for Bedford County August the 26th 1754 this indenture and memorandum of Livery of Seisin thereon endorsed were acknowledged by William Callaway party thereto and ordered to be recorded.

8 Mar 1794
Division of the land belonging to Thomas Watkins, decd:
Charles Cobbs, Moses Fuqua, and Samuel Rogers who divided the lands among the legatees as follows: Nathaniel Manning/Mannen, George Dameron, etc.

1810 Census
John MANNIN/MANNING, Southern Dist. pg. 93

13 Sep 1817
Charles MANNIN & Susanna Whittington, dt Wm.; John Whittington, Surety; Married by Frederick Kabler, Sept. 20, 1817.
Bedford Marriages

23 Dec 1817
John Whittenton & Elizabeth Tillis, dt Sary Tillis; Charles MANNING, Surety.
Bedford Marriages

Franklin County

Franklin County Tax Lists

7 Mar 1796
Meredith MANNING married Catherine Burnett, dau of Charles and Catherine Burnett

19 Mar 1804
Samuel MANNING married Patsy Brock

25 Aug 1808
Liddy MANNEN married Ervin Smith

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