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Allied Families: The DRAKE Family
Updated March 15, 2016

The DRAKEs associated with Gilliams are chiefly found in New Kent, Charles City, and Goochland counties. Records relating to the DRAKE family are listed below in
chronological order.

Judith Gilliam, the daughter of Jeffry Gilliam of Charles City County married a Francis Drake. Martha Gilliam, the daughter of John Gilliam and Sarah Faris, married Sir Francis Drake. Judith’s brother, Richard Gilliam, in his Will refers to his nephew as Francis Drake. This Francis Drake should not be confused with “Sir” Francis Drake who married Martha Gilliam. It is believed nephew Francis Drake removed to North Carolina.

Estate of John Gilliam
25 July 1768
On the motion of Patty GILLIAM who made oath according to law certificate is granted her for obtaining letters of
administration of the estate of John GILLIAM deceased giving security whereupon she together with James DRAKE and Robert Taylor her securities entered into bond according to law.

Ordered that Jacob Mosby, Joseph Mosby, Benjamin Bedford and William Howard or any three of them being first sworn do appraise in current money the slaves if any and personal estate of John GILLIAM decd and return appraisement to court.
[James Drake the son of William and Sarah Drake, is the brother of Francis Drake that married Judith Gilliam, the daughter of Jeffrey Gilliam of Charles City County. James Drake is also the father of Sir Francis Drake that married Martha Gilliam, the daughter of John Gilliam and Sarah Faris. Patty Gilliam is the widow of John Gilliam of Cumberland and the sister of Robert Taylor. John Gilliam is likely related to the Gilliams of Charles City.]
Cumberland County, VA, Order Book 1767-1770, page 187

25 Sep 1768
Will of Jeffrey GILLIAM
In the name of God Amen, I Jeffery GILLIAM of the county of Charles city being sick & weak but of perfect senses and memory doe make and ordain this my last will & Testament in manner and form as followeth.
Item I give to my son Richard GILLIAM one-shilling sterling money of Great Britain
Item I lend to my daughter Ann GILLIAM the use of the plantation whereon Francis Drake now lives containing sixty acres during the time she lives unmarried and after her marriage or death I give the said land to my son Jeffery GILLIAM to him and his heirs forever. I also give unto said son Jeffery GILLIAM the land & plantation whereon I now live together with the bed and furniture
I __ four pewter plates & one iron pott to him & his heirs forever.
Item, my will and desire is that all the rest of my estate of what kindsoever be sold to the highest bidder and the money arising there from to be equally divided between my four children vizt Richard GILLIAM, Ann GILLIAM, Judith Drake and Mary GILLIAM to them & their heirs
Lastly, I nominate & appoint my son Jeffery GILLIAM, my whole & sole executor of this my last will & testament
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 25th day of September 1768
Wit: Wm Green Munford, John Bowry
Signed: Jeffry (his I mark) GILLIAM
Recorded 1 Feb 1769
Charles City County, VA, Wills and Deeds, 1766, page 106

25 Feb 1771
Bible of Tarlton Drake
Tarlton Drake was born the 25 of February 1771
Polley Drake was born the 24 of July 1782
Tarlton Drake and Polley my wife was married the 28 February 1801

Delilah W. Drake daughter of Tarlton Drake and Polley his wife was born the 18 of March 1802

Castillion J Drake son of Tarlton Drake and Polley his wife was born the 20 of April 1805

Preston G. Drake son of Tarlton Drake and Polley his wife was born the 6 of August 1807

Scelina P Drake daughter of Tarlton Drake and Polley his wife was born the 25 of January 1810

Mehala B Drake daughter of Tarlton Drake and Polley his wife was born the 14 of March 1812

Powhatan M Drake son to Tarlton Drake and Polley his wife was born the 26 of February 1813

Albin Gilpin Drake son of Tarlton Drake and Polley his wife was born the 16 of February 1818
[Tarlton Drake was the son of James Drake and Mary, his wife]
From files regarding the Settlement of the Estate of Nathaniel Drake, Nicholasville, Jessamine County, KY

1 Jan 1772
Jeffrey GILLIAM with wife, Sarah, sold 125 acres to Philemon Charles of same, for £50, 125 acres, purchases of Francis Wilson.
Wit: Samuel Russell, Francis Drake, Edward Russell
Sig: Jeffry Gilliam
Red: 1 Jan 1772
Sarah wife of Jeffry, relinquished her dower right.
[The Will of Robert Drake mentions daughter Sarah Charles. It is likely Sarah Drake married Philemon Charles.]
Charles City County, VA, Will and Deed Book, 1766-1774, page 337

3 Aug 1773
Jeffrey GILLIAM of Charles City sells to Robert Drake of the same, for £38.15, 70 acres part of the land said Gilliam lives on, bounded by Collins Run, Susannah Christian and Philip Charles.
Wit: Henry Vaughan, Gallorthun Walker, John Robinson,
Sig: Jeffery Gilliam
Rec: 1 sep 1773
Sarah relinquishes her dower.
Charles City County, VA, Will and Deed Book, 1766-1774, page 502.

2 Mar 1774
Jeffery Gililam of Charles City Co, to Robert Drake, of same, for £20, 80 acres where said Jeffery now dwells, bounded by Collins Run, lands of said Gilliam lately.
Wit: Saml Major, Stephen West, Nicholas Hot.
Sig: Jeffery Gilliam
Rec 4 Mar 1774
Sarah wife of Jeffery, relinquished her dower right
Charles City County, VA, Will and Deed Book, 1766-1774, page 342

31 Mar 1775
Deed Nicholas Hobson to Thomas Drake
[Nicholas Hobson, is the son of Nicholas Hobson, Sr., and Agnes Goode, his wife. After Nicholas Hobson, Sr.'s, death, the widow, Agnes, married Richard GILLIAM, the uncle of Francis Drake.]
Lunenburg County, VA, Deed Book 12, pages 453-455

19 Jan 1789
Sir Francis Drake to Martha Gilliam, Sec. Taylor Gilliam
Goochland County, VA
Turner, Lee B. Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, "Some Recently Uncovered Goochland County Marriage Bonds, 1781-1879.” Volume 25, August 1987, Number 3, page 6

29 Jul 1790
Estate of Francis Drake
Charles City County, VA Will Book 1, page 24

22 Oct 1793
Deed John Gilliam to his children
[John Gilliam leaves to his daughter Martha Drake a negro girl named Delphia.]
Goochland County, VA, Deed Book 16, page 235-236

7 Jan 1794
Will of John Gilliam
[John Gilliam leaves his daughter Martha Drake a negro woman, Sary, and a negro girl Delph]
Goochland County, VA, Will Book 16, Page 362

9 Dec 1794
Will of Richard GILLAM
[Richard mentions his nephew Francis Drake of New Kent. This Francis is the son of Judith Gilliam.]
Halifax County Will Book 3, pages 141-142

25 May 1801
Will of Robert Drake

11 Mar 1803
Estate of John Shearman
In Account with John Bowry Administrator
1777 To paid Francis Drake as per his receipt, 33.9.2
Wit: Charles Christian, John Christian, Robert Crew

Will of Sir Francis Drake
5 May 1814
In the name of God Amen. I Sir Francis Drake of the County of Logan and State of Kentucky being of a sound and disposing mind do make this my last Will and testament
I lend to my beloved wife Martha Drake all my estate both real and personal during her natural life or widowhood, at her death or marriage I give the said Estate both real and personal to be equally divided between my children:
John Gilleam Drake, Taylor B. Drake, Sarah S. Drake, Sir Francis Drake and Jacob G. Drake . . .
I constitute my wife Martha Drake Executrix and my son Taylor B. Drake Executor . . .
I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of May
in the year of our Lord Christ 1814.
Sig: Sir Francis Drake
Logan County, KY, Will Book I