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Allied Families: The HARRIS Family
Updated March 15, 2016

There are many connections between the GILLIAM and Harris families. This is evidenced by the numerous individuals named Harris GILLIAM and GILLIAM Harris.

One of the earliest known documented GILLIAM/Harris unions is that of Gideon Harris and Martha Taylor GILLIAM, daughter of James GILLIAM and Frances Hopkins, his wife. They were married in 1808 in Prince Edward County. Undoubtedly there were prior GILLIAM/Harris marriages yet documentation is lacking.

Several early GILLIAM/Harris unions occured in
Granville County, NC.

Some of the published Harris families histories contain grievous errors.
See Corrections to Captain Thomas Harris, 1586-1658 by W. Lee Harris, 1966.

The Harris GILLIAMs
Harris GILLIAM, Sr., son of Charles GILLIAM and Frances, born bef 1700. Births of his children including a William, Harris and James are recorded in records of Bristol Parish, Prince George County, VA. Believed to be the father of William GILLIAM who left a Will in Charlotte County, VA dated 1772. Believed to be father of James GILLIAM who married Martha Isbell.

Harris GILLIAM, son of Harris GILLIAM, Sr., and Frances, born 8 Sep 1730, Bristol Parish, Prince George County, VA. Appears to be Harris GILLIAM found in deeds of Newberry County, SC circa 1788.

Ens. Harris GILLIAM, son of William GILLIAM and Agnes (said to be a Harris). Born about 1730. Died about 1803 in Wake County, NC. Married Elizabeth Jordan.

Private Harris GILLIAM, son of Levy GILLIAM, Sr. and Elizabeth, born 22 Apr 1756, Albemarle Parish, Sussex County, VA. Not mentioned in father’s Will as he predeceased father.

Harris GILLIAM, son of William GILLIAM and Mary, born 1 Sep 1765, Charlotte County, VA. Died about 1814 Burke County, NC. Said to have married Mavan Harris.

Harris GILLIAM, born about 1780, NC. In 1850 living alone in Township 24, Tallapoosa, AL.

Harrison GILLIAM, son of James GILLIAM and Martha Isbell, born 10 Jun 1780, Charlotte County, VA. Said to have died abt 1808, Rutherford County, TN. (The line of James GILLIAM and Martha Isbell has numerous grandsons and great-grandsons named Harrison GILLIAM).

Harris GILLIAM, son of Minyard GILLIAM, born about 1792, Burke County, NC. In 1850 living with Mary and children in McDowell County, NC. Died about 1870, McDowell County, NC. Said to have married Mary (said to be a Kirklin).

Harris GILLIAM, son of David GILLIAM. Born about 1800, SC. Mentioned in Will of his father, David, who was mentioned in Will of his grandfather Nathaniel Harris.

Harris GILLIAM, born about 1805, NC. In 1850, with wife Frances, in Griffin, Conway County, ARK. Mentioned in estate of Mrs. Lizzie GILLIAM, Smith County, TN in 1852.

Harris GILLIAM, born about 1806, SC. In 1850 living in District 8, Grundy, TN with wife Nancy and children.

Harris Y. GILLIAM born about 1813. Married Elizabeth. In 1850 living in Abbeville, SC.

Harris (Harry GILLIAM) son of Robert GILLIAM and Jane Smith. Born 11 Aug 1819, Laurens, SC.

Harris GILLIAM born about 1830, ARK. Living with Lucinda GILLIAM, age 42 and her children in Pope County, ARK in 1850, possibly a son.

Harris GILLIAM born about 1830, TN. In 1850 working on construction of Cumberland Railroad Tunnel, District 10, Franklin County, TN.

Harris GILLIAM, born about 1833, TN. In 1850 living in District 9, Franklin County, TN. Son of Elizabeth, born about 1804. Siblings include William, Maynard, Charles, Sarah, Houston and Jessup.

Harris GILLIAM, son of Braddock GILLIAM and Mahala. Born about 1837. Living in District 12, Franklin, TN in 1850.

Harris GILLIAM, son of Minyard GILLIAM and Martha (said to be a Harris). Born about 1848.

The GILLIAM Harrises
GILLIAM Harris, appears to be the son of William Harris, born about 1737.

GILLIAM Harris, son of Davis Harris and Lucy Vaughn, born about 1754, Hanover County, VA.

GILLIAM Harris, found in 1764 John Pope’s, tax list of Granville County, NC, with Edward, David, William, Hewet, and Jean Taylor. 4-0-1-0.

GILLIAM Harris, Sr., son of Edward Harris, born about 1756.

GILLIAM Harris, Jr., son of GILLIAM Harris, Sr. born about 1787, Burke County, NC

GILLIAM Harris, born about 1790, GA. In 1850 living District 160, Greene, Georgia with children. It appears spouse is deceased. Living in next household in William GILLIAM and wife, Lucinda, ages 31 and 30 respectively. The GILLIAMs were born in GA.

GILLIAM Harris, son of Elijah Harris and Delilah Shaw, born about 1810, NC. In 1850 living in District 11, Wayne, Illinois with spouse Samilla and children.

GILLIAM Harris, III, son of GILLIAM Harris, Jr., (above) born about 1815, Trigg County, KY

GILLIAM Harris, son of Wyatt Harris and Dorcas, born about 1832. In 1850 living in Sugar Hill, Gwinnett County, GA with parents. Father Wyatt was born about 1795 in SC.

GILLIAM Harris, son of Sion Harris and Elizabeth, born 25 Oct 1833. Sion is supposedly the son of Elijah, above. In 1850 living with parents in District 11, Wayne, Illinois. Father, Sion, age 41, was born in KY.

GILLIAM Harris, born about 1838. In 1850 living with Isaac Major? and family and Mariah Harris, age, 10, in District 13, White, Illinois

GILLIAM Harris, son of Alsey Harris and Rhoda Abney, born 2 Oct 1844. In 1850 GILLIAM was living with parents in Stonefort, Saline, Illinois. Father, Alsey, was born about 1809 in NC.

GILLIAM Harris, son of R. Harris and C., born about 1845, IL. In 1850, living with parents in District 11, Wayne, Illinois.