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GILLIAMs of Alamance County, NC
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Alamance was formed in 1849 from Orange. The name is supposedly derived from the Indian word meaning "blue clay." The county gets its name from the Alamance Creek on the banks of which was fought the battle between the colonial troops under Governor Tryon and the Regulators on May 17, 1771. It is in the central part of the State and is bounded by Orange, Chatham, Randolph, Guilford, and Caswell counties. The present land area is 429.99 square miles.

The first court was ordered to be held at Providence Meeting House until a courthouse could be erected, provided the justices of the peace at the first session did not select some other place for all subsequent courts until the buildings were completed. Commissioners were named to select a site in the center of the county, acquire land, erect a courthouse, and lay out a town by the name of Graham. Graham was established in 1851 and is the county seat.


The James Gilliam Bible

James Gilliam was born November the 3rd, 1791
Fany Gilliam wife of James Gilliam was born June 13th, 1791
Mary W. Gilliam wife of James Gilliam was born March the 19th, 1808
Henry Gilliam was born September 19th, 1810
Howell Gilliam was born August 12th, 1812
Mary Gilliam was born Nov 3rd, 1815
J. Mason Gilliam was born August 2nd, 1820
Mahaly Gilliam was born September 23rd, 1823
Martha E. Gilliam was born Nov 5th, 1828
Susana Gilliam was born January 5th 1831
Nancy Christian Gilliam was born April 27th, 1833
Elon Wesley Gilliam was born Dec. 29, 1834
Meriam Jane Gilliam was born May the 16, 1837
Sarah Ann Gilliam was born January the 2nd 1840
Julia Frances Gilliam was born June 30th 1842
Elisebeth Antonette Gilliam was born September the 3 1845
Mary Elisebeth Ezzell was born June the 11 1860
Zion T Ezell was born August the 8th 1797
William Ezell was born February the 4 1862

Fanny Gilliam wife of James Gilliam deceased November the 3 1826
Henry Gilliam deceased July 14th 1824
Martha E. Gilliam Nov. 28 1829 deceased
Nancy C. Gilliam deceased Oct 17 1833
James Gilliam deceased September 6 1848
Sarah Gilliam deceased June 6 1852
Martha Gilliam deceased May 4th 1837

_______ James Gilliam and Fanny his wife was married August 1807
James Gilliam and Mary W. Gilliam was married Jun 7th 1827
James Mason Gilliam and Sophy his wife was married March 15th 1838

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