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GILLIAMs of Morgan County, GA
Updated March 14, 2016


Morgan County was created from Baldwin County on Dec. 10, 1807 by an act of the General Assembly. Georgia's 30th county was named for Revolutionary War general and later Virginia Congressman, Daniel Morgan. Morgan is best remembered for his victory over the British at Cowpens in 1781.

The County seat is Madison [named for newly elected president James Madison] was designated county seat in 1808 and incorporated in 1809.

The first courthouse was a red brick square building, built in 1809 on the square in the middle of downtown Madison. This building was converted to office space when the current courthouse was built across the street on the corner facing the square. In 1917, the original courthouse building was destroyed in a fire.

Morgan County was settled by the descendants of Peter Gilliam and Ann Heard, his wife. Ann is often incorrectly referred to as Amy.

Tax List
Gilliam, Ann 22
Gilliam, Charles 22

Gillum, Ann 30
Gillum, Charles 30

Gillum, Ann 26
Gillum, Charles 26

Gillian, William 146
Gillum, Ann 32
Gillum, Charles 32

Gillam, Richard 34
Gillium, William 140

Gilliam, William 140 acres

18 Aug 1817
The Will of Ann Gilliam

In the name of God Amen, I Ann Gillum of the estate of Georgia, Morgan county, hath this day made and ordained this my last will and testament in conformity with law and justice and at the same time disannul all former deeds, Wills and declarations whatever and now being in sound mind and memory blessed by God but at the same old and feeling the decay of nature strongly pressing me near the end of my time and having almost numbered out my days I do ___ solemnly make and ordained after the satisfaction of my own mind uninfluenced either by threats or entreaties whatever this my last will and testament and have therefore appointed my worthy friend Ewing Morrow and Joseph Heard executors in order to see the following Will fully carried unto effect viz.
Item first I give to my grand daughter Sally Price one feather bed and furniture for the love and affection I bear her and as to my wearing apparel I laved to be equally divided amongst my surviving daughters at my death
Item 2nd And all the balance of property of every description shall be placed in the hands of my executors either to sell or hire as they in their opinion shall think best for the use and benefit of Charles Gilliam, his life time and at his death all the property that may then be found in the hands of my executors after decently supporting Charles through life shall be give and distributed in the following manner

Item 3rd I want of what property the may left to be equally divided in the following manner and for each of the person who shall be mentioned to have an equal part to with:
May Reeves’ daughter Nancy, Sally Morrow, Johnathan Price and Peter O. Price for the use of Nancy Price, Betsy Nelms and Sally Tally Morrow daughter of Betsy Morrow the above mentioned person as far as my property goes I want to have an equal part
In witness I have hereunto se my hand and seal the day and date written this 18th August 1817.
Sig: Ann Gillum
Wit: Chs. Kennon, Polly G. Kennon

Personally appeared in open court Charles Kennon one of the subscribing witnesses to the within instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Ann Gillum and after being duly sworn saith that he was present ands saw the testator sign the same and heard her proclaim it to be her last Will and testament and that he also saw Polly G. Kennon sign her name as a witness to the same together with himself which was done in the presence of the ___ and further saith that he believed said testator was at the time of signing the same in her proper sense:
Sig: Chs. Kennon
Sworn to in open court this 3rd Novr 1821
John Nisbet, Clk
Rec: 10 Nov 1821
Morgan County, GA, Will Book _____ page 98-99.
[Ann Heard is the daughter of Stephen Heard and Mary Faulkner. Stephen left a Will dated 29 Oct 1774 in Pittsylvania County, VA mentioning daughter, Ann Gilliam and witnessed by Peter Gilliam.]

4 Dec 1821
The Will of Charles Gilliam

In the name of God, Amen. I Charles Gillum of the county and state aforesaid being very weak and sick of body but of sound mind and memory thanks to Almighty God calling to mind that mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make and ordained this my last will and Testament.
In the first place I give and bequeath my body to the earth to be buried with a decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors and as to the worldly good wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I do give and bequeath in the following manner and form and hereby revoking all wills, legacies and bequests heretofore made by me and I do hereby ordained solemnly this and this only to be [my] last will and testament.
In the second place I do give and bequeath to the children of my sister Nancy Price all the property that I am possessed of after the payment of my debts to be equally divided among them namely Polly E. Price, Sally H. Price, Patsy G. Davis, Betsy H Price, Jonathan E. Price, Eleanor Anne Price and Peter G. Price and to their lawful heirs and to them only proper use and benefit of the above named children of Nancy Price and their heirs and I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend Evan Morrow as the sole executor of this my last Will and testament given under my hand and ___ with my seal and acknowledged by me as my last will and testament in the presence of David M. Crockett, Peter G. Morrow, Senr.
Sig: Charles [his X mark] Gillum

Personally appeared in open Court Peter O. Morrow, Senr, and after being duly sworn saith that he was called on by Charles Gillum the testator to witness the within instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of said Charles Gillum and that he subscribed his name as a witness to the same after the said Gillum had made his mark and acknowledged to be his will in the presents of the testator and at the same time he saw David M. Crocket sign his name as a witness to the same and further saith that he believed the testator was the time of signing to same in his proper senses, sworn to in open court this 4th Decr. 1821
Sig: Peter G. Morrow, Senr.

John Nisbet, Clk
Recorded the 10th Dec 1821
Morgan County, GA, Will Book _____ page 100. Georgia, Probate Records, 1742-1975, Morgan, Wills and marriages 1808-1899, Vol A-D 263 Image of 752
[Charles Gilliam is the son of Peter Gilliam and Ann Heard of Albemarle County, VA. It appears that Charles sickly or disabled as his mother, Ann, in her Will makes special provisions for Charles. She desires that he is “decently supported.”]