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War of 1812 Bounty Lands and Pensions
Updated March 3, 2016

The following information was taken from Patrick Wardell’s War of 1812: Virginia Bounty Land and Pension Applicants (1987). Editorial notes follow each of Wardell's entries.

After the War of 1812, Congress enacted legislation to reward military service by entitling veterans to claim land in the northwest and western territories. This so-called "bounty land" was not granted outright to the veterans, but was instead awarded to them through a multi-step process beginning with a bounty land warrant.

Bounty land warrants weren't automatically issued to every veteran who served. The veteran first had to apply for a warrant, and then, if the warrant was granted, he could use the warrant to apply for a land patent. The land patent is the document which granted him ownership of the land.

Basically, the warrant is a piece of paper which states that, based on his service, the veteran is entitled to a number of acres in one of the bounty land districts set up for veterans of the War of 1812. These land districts were located on public domain lands in Arkansas, Illinois and Missouri.

The warrants, themselves, were not delivered to the veterans; all the veteran actually received was a notification telling him that a Warrant had been issued in his name and was on file in the General Land Office.

Prior to 1842, if a veteran chose to redeem his warrant for land, he was required to choose land in one of the three states listed above. (After 1842, he could redeem his warrant for public lands in other states.)

Warrants could be assigned or sold to other individuals.

Patrick Wardell’s War of 1812: Virginia Bounty Land and Pension Applicants

Levi C. Gilham married 10 Jan 1813 Elizabeth Buker in Shenandoah County, VA. He died about 1874. His last known residence was Corydon Harrison County, IN.
[Levi is the son of Peter Gilham. Levi’s middle name in a 12 Mar 1814 indenture is given as Kerlin, but traditionally has been given as Carr. It appears that Levi was a Private in the Virginia Militia. He served in the 4th Regiment. He married Elizabeth Boucher. Levi and Elizabeth his wife are mentioned in 30 Oct 1830 Indenture between Philip P. Boucher and Margaret, his wife, and John J., Moses and Samuel Bucher. Levi and Elizabeth may be found in the 1840-1870 Harrison County, IN Census. In 1860, Levi is listed as a shoemaker. Also in Harrison County, IN, in the 1840s and 1850s is Thomas Gilham, below.]

Peter Gilham, married 1 Oct 1822, Eliza Jackson in Frederick County, VA. Peter died 19 Sep 1873 in Frederick County, VA. Eliza was living in Ottobine, Rockingham County, VA in 1878.
[Peter was born about 1793. His parents have not been positively identified; however, it is likely he is the son of Lt. Peter Gilham who married 22 Jul 1792 in Frederick County, VA Mary Ann Kline/Klyne. It appears that Peter was a Private in the Virginia Militia. He served in the 2nd Regiment. He may be found in the Shenandoah County, VA 1850-1870 Census. In 1870 he is listed as a blacksmith.]

Thomas Gilham married first, Cythia Davis and second on 29 Nov 1838, Mary Wiseman in Harrison County, IN. Thomas died 19 Mar 1875 in Spencer County, IN. Mary was living in 1887 in Newtonville, Spencer County, IN.
[Thomas is the brother of Levi, above. It appears that Thomas was a Private in the Virginia Militia. He served in the 1st Regiment. In 1840 Thomas Gilham, age 40-50 is living in Harrison County, IN. In 1850 Thomas with wife Mary, is living in Harrison County, IN, adjacent to several Wiseman families. His birthplace is listed as Virginia. His age appears to be 44 or 66. In his household are sons named Abraham, David and John. In 1860 Thomas Gilliam [sic] and Mary are living in Spencer County, IN. He is listed as age 67 with sons Abram, David and John. Though there is a discrepancy in Thomas’ age, it is clear from the names and ages of the children that this is the same Thomas Gilham family. In 1870 Thomas Gillman [sic] and Mary are listed in Spencer County, IN, age 79, with son John.]

Jesse Gillam married 15 Sep 1813, Elizabeth Fields in Russell County, VA. In 1876 he was living in Piketon, Pike County, KY.
[It has been said the Jesse Gillam is the son of Richard Gilliam on the basis that Jesse witnessed a Deed between James Gibson and Charles Harris and Richard Gilliam on 17 Dec 1810. The land was located on Copper Creek. In 1804 Richard received a Treasury Warrant along Copper Creek. Traditionally, Jesse’s wife has been given traditionally as Elizabeth McCoy. It appears that Jesse was a Private in the Virginia Militia. He served in the 4th Regiment. It appears Elizabeth is indeed Elizabeth Fields. In 1850-1870 Jesse is found in Scott County, VA. In 1870 he was living with son John and his family. It appears sometime after 1870 he removed to Pike County, KY where his son Berry C. Gilliam lived.]

Drewry Gilliam married 11 Dec 1811, Sally Long in Sussex County, VA. He died 15 Sep 1829 in Sussex County, VA. In 1872 Sally was living in Sussex Courthouse, Sussex County, VA.
[It is believed that Drury is the Drury listed in the Albemarle Parish Register, son of Marcus and Fanny Gilliam, born 8 Feb 1769. However, that would make Drury in his forties at the time of the War of 1812. It appears that Drury was a Private in the Virginia Militia. He served in the 1st and 65th Regiments. Also, it would make him 51 at the time of the 1820 Census. A Drury may be found in the 1820 Sussex County, VA Census; however, he is enumerated with one male under 10, one age 26-45, two females under the age 10, and one female age 26-45. The accounting of a Drury’s estate may be found in the Sussex County Will Book L, page 223, dated 22 Dec 1829. A Sally Gilliam is found in the Census records until 1870.]

Hartwell Gilliam married secondly on 3 Jan 1843, Sarah Townsend Routt in Darke County, OH. Hartwell died 17 Aug 1883 in Clinton County, OH. Sarah was living in 1887 in Blanchester, Clinton County, OH. She died 9 Nov 1907.
[It is not known who was Hartwell’s father. There were several Gilliams living in Sussex at the time of Hartwell’s birth. In 1810 he is found in the Sussex County, VA Census. It appears that Hartwell was a Private in the Virginia Militia. He served in the 4th and 9th Regiments. He married first, Lucretia Jennings on 16 Feb 1814 in Sussex County, VA. In 1830, he is found in Southampton County, VA. In 1840 Hartwell may be found in Darke County, OH Census and from1850-1870 in Miami, Clermont, OH. In 1880 Hartwell is living with wife Sarah in Marion, Clinton County, OH. He states that his father was born in England and his mother in Virginia.]

James Gilliam married in 1822 Harriet Bagby in Buckingham County, VA. James was living in 1872 in Clarkesville, Red River County, TX.
[James C. Gilliam, son of Charles Manning Gilliam and Elizabeth Woodson. James enlisted in Capt. Joseph McClain’s Company at Cumberland Court House, Virginia in August 1813, discharged at Richmond VA., February 1814. James states that some months after his enlistment he was ordered to Camp Fairfield below Richmond, VA, and afterwards transferred to Capt. Archer’s Company. He served as Private. James married Harriet Bagby the daughter of Daniel Bagby and Lucy Hunt Allen. Though James' pension application says he was married in 1822, his daughter Lucy was born in 1819. In 1830 James is found in Carroll County, TN; in 1840 he is found in St. Genevieve County, MO; from 1850 until his death in 1877 James is found in Red River County, TX.
Declaration of Soldier for Pension: State of Texas, county of Red River, 9 Oct 1872. Personally appeared before me, John A. Bagby, clerk of the District Court of Red River County, James Gilliam, aged seventy-four years, a resident of Red River County, state of Texas . . . Two Vouchers give the following: WAR OF 1812, Act of Feb. 14, 1871. #28235, James Gilliam, Capt. Joseph McClain, to Capt. Archer’s Co., Virginia Militia. Enlisted Aug. 1813, Discharged Feb. 1814. #28235, Treasury Dept. Dec. 10, 1871. Rolls of Capt. Edward Archer's Co., of Virginia Militia, that James Gilliam Pvt. served from Aug. 2, 1814 to Feb. 3, 1815.].

Stephen “Gilche” Gilliam's, widow Edie, applied for a pension.
[Stephen is the son of Robert Gilliam and Priscilla Mosby was born 19 Dec 1796 in Charlotte County, VA. No service record has been found for Stephen. He married Edith Elizabeth Godsey on 7 Nov 1836 in Charlotte County, VA. In 1840 Stephen is found in Charlotte County, VA. Stephen died 27 May 1860 in Amherst County, VA. Edith is found in the 1870 and 1880 Amherst County, VA Census.]

William Gilliam married Rosanna Kidd in Buckingham County, VA 15 Jun 1809. He died about Jan 1815 in Washington, D. C. In 1871 she was living in McDonough County, IL. She died about 1880.
[William died during in the War of 1812. Several William Gilliams served in the War of 1812. It has not been determined which William, this William was. In the 1850-1870 Censuses Rosanna is enumerated with her daughter Nancy and her son-in-law James Davis Griffith. In the originals, Rosanna’s surname is often spelt with a final “n,” Gillian/Gillan, but since William and Rosanna were married in Buckingham, the home of numerous Gilliams, it is likely that Rosanna’s name was Gilliam with a “m.”]

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