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Revolutionary War: Publick Service Claims
Updated March 23, 2016

During its session begun in May 1780 the General Assembly passed an act authorizing the governor to impress supplies needed by the American army. The governor appointed commissioners of the provision law in each locality to carry out the terms of the act. The commissioner, when he impressed property, gave the owner a certificate describing what was taken. Between 1781 and 1783 county courts held special sessions at which certificates were presented and authenticated, and booklets listing authenticated certificates were compiled and sent to Richmond for settlement. Two commissioners appointed to settle the claims recorded those for which they authorized payment, and warrants were issued by the auditor of public accounts.

The certificates issued by the commissioners of the provision law include date, a description of the item impressed including its value, and the name of the owner of the item. Court booklets and lists compiled by the county courts contain excerpts from the court proceedings and lists of authenticated certificates. The commissioner’s books recorded the date payment was authorized, the name of the claimant, and a description of the property.

Pensioner County Court Booklet Cert. Lists Commissioner’s Book
John Gilliam Albemarle p 24, 32, 44 4 p 5  
John Gilliam Amelia I, p 40; II, p 36, 41 5 I, p 3; II, p 3, 5 I, p 56
William Gilliam (John Bath, assignee) Amelia I, p 2, 19, 46, 61 4   I, p 37, 57
William Gilliam, Estate Amelia   1    
William Gilham (Appraised beef) Augusta   James Crawford    
Richard Gilliam Bedford p 7, 9 1   I, p 2, 14
Hinche Gilliam Brunswick p 32     I, p 113
John Gillum Brunswick p 17, 22, 55 2   I, p 113
Epaphroditus Gilliam Buckingham p 2, 46     I, p 200
William Gilliam Buckingham p 2, 49 1 p 3 I, p 200
John Gilliam Goochland p 2, 46, 8 II, p 1, 7, 16; III, p 1, 2, 14 III, p 63; IV, p 314
John Gilliam, Jr. Goochland   1   III, p 64
John Gilliam, Sr. Goochland   2   III, p 64
Isham Gilliam Greensville p 23     III, p 24
Isham Gilliam (Assistant Commissary) Greensville p 23      
William Gillum Hanover I, p. 34-35 1   III, p 179-180
Peter Gilliam Henry p 24, 25, 27 3   III, p 138
Richard Gilliam Lunenburg p 17, 18 1   IV, p 12, 13
James Gilliam Powhatan   1 p 16  
John Gilliam Prince George p 11 1   IV, p 362
Robert Gilliam (Justice) Prince George p 6      
Robert Gilliam Prince George p 4, 11     IV, p 251
William Gilliam Prince George p 4 1   IV, p 251
Arthur Gilliam Sussex   1    
Carter Gilliam Sussex II, p 6      
Charles Gilliam Sussex I p 6 1    
Hinche Gilliam Sussex I, p 6     V, p 200
Isham Gilliam Sussex I, p 6     V, p 200
Levi Gilliam Sussex II, p 1     V, p 200

  • These records are part of Auditor of Public Accounts. Administration of State Government: Military Expenditures - Public Claims. Impressed Property Claims and are housed in the Library of Virginia.