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Revolutionary War: Muster Rolls 1775-1783
Updated March 23, 2016

This database is a collection of records kept by the National Archives listing men who fought for the colonies in the American Revolutionary War. Record types contained in this collection include:
  • Muster rolls
  • Payrolls
  • Strength returns
  • Misc., personnel, pay, and supply records of American Army units
  • Manuscript register of the series (roll 1)
Who is Included?
Revolutionary War American Forces included various organizations formed by the Continental Congress as well as individual states, counties, and towns. Regular military units created by the Continental Congress comprised the Continental Army. Often this Army was reinforced with units created by individual states. The records contained in this database regard only the Continental Army, and state and other units that served with them. Therefore, not all individuals who served in the Revolutionary War will be found in this database.

Given Name Surname Rank at Induction Roll Box Roll Exct Roll Rec
Anselm Gilliam Corporal/Private 113 0 246
Archer Gilliam Private 103 0 246
Azekin? Gilliam Private 133 0 246
Harris Gilliam Private 113 0 246
John Gilliam 2d Lieutenant 114 0 246
John Gilliam Drummer 103 0 246
Joseph Gilliam Private 103 0 246
Peter Gilliam Private 109 0 246

Anselm Gilliam was born 5 Feb 1754 in Albemarle Parish, to Levy and Elizabeth Gilliam. Anselm served under Capt Thomas Edmunds' Co of 15th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Lieut. Col. James Innes and later by Maj. Gustavus B. Wallace. Records of his service are as follows:

June 1777, pay 6 2/3 dollars per month for one month service
July 10th 1777, listed as sick Hospital
July 1777, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Aug 1777-Sept 1777, Reported as sick in Morris town
Aug 1777, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Sept 1777-Oct 14, 1777, Sick in Trentown
Sept 1777, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Oct 1777-Nov 1777, sick absent
Oct 1777, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Nov 1777-Dec 22, 1777, listed as sick absent
Nov 1777, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Dec 1777-Jan 7, 1778, listed as sick
Dec 1777, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Jan 1778-Feb 3, 1778, Sick absent
Jan 1778, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Feb 1778-Mar 1778, Listed as sick absent
Feb 1778, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Mar 1778-Apr 6, 1778, Valley Forge, sick absent
Mar 1778, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Apr 1778, pay 6 2/3 dollars for one month service
Apr 1778-May 1 1778, Valley Forge, Sick at hospital

As one can see Anselm was often sick. It appears he died before 27 Feb 1797 as Warrant 4780 for 100 acres of land are issued to the representatives of Anselm Gilliam.

Archelaus/Archer Gilliam was born abt 1754 along the Tye River in then Albemarle County, to William and Mary Jarratt Gilliam. Archelaus served on the Virginia Continental Line and enlisted in Buckingham County. (His family was then living along Wreck Island Creek). He married on 15 Dec 1781, Mary Tooley the daughter of James and Judith Tooley. He applied for a Pension on 8 Apr 1833 from Amherst County at the age of 78. His pension was filed under Pension S8567.

Azekin Gilliam is not identified at this time. It is possible that Azekin is Hezekiah or even Archer.

Harris Gilliam is the brother of Anselm above. Harris was born 22 Apr 1757 in Albemarle Parish to Levy and Elizabeth Gilliam. It appears that Harris was also deceased by 27 Feb 1797 for the representatives of Harris Gilliam are entitled to the proportion of land allowed a private of the Continental Line for three years service. Under Warrant 4779 the representatives of Harris Gilliam receive for 100 acres.

Lt. John Gilliam of the Continental Line is the son of Hinchea and Amy Gilliam. He was born 16 Feb 1755 in Albemarle Parish. John dies the 3 Dec 1776 in Portsmouth, VA. He leaves a Will dated 23 Sep 1776 in Sussex (Will Book C, page 235). His Will makes it clear that it is the Will of John of the Continental Line: "The last will and testament of John Gilliam, Esqr. an officer in the Continental Army, decd. present in Court by Howell Chappell." There has been much ink spilled over the identity of John. On May 12, 1855 John K. Martin, an attorney of Richmond, Virginia, wrote a letter to R. T. Wilson, attorney of Wakefield, Sussex County, Virginia regarding John's Land Warrants. The two continue to correspond well into 1880. They wrongly believed John to the son of Hinchea and Mary Johnson Gilliam and the brother of Mary who married Rev. James McClenny, Sarah who married the Rev. David Barrow and Margaret who married Henry Jones. Martin and Baker based their misidentification on the fact that there did not seem to be any other Hincheas in Sussex in the 1790's. On this point they were correct, Hinchea, the brother of Lt. John, was likely in Ohio by this time. See the John K. Martin Collection at the Virginia State Library. The issue was again raised by Charles Edgar Gilliam in the William and Mary Quarterly.

Drummer John Gilliam was the younger brother of Archelaus Gilliam above. He married 22 Nov 1785, Mary Tooley, the daughter of James and Judith Tooley. John left a Will in Amherst County, dated 1 Mar 1821. Mary as John's widow applied for a pension in 1846 from Amherst County. Under pension W5282, Mary received $88.00 per annum.

The identity of Joseph Gilliam has not yet been confirmed. It is possible that Joseph is the Jesse/Joseph of Southampton County, VA. The Will of a Jesse with Executor John Gilliam is recorded 10 Jan 1782. One month later (14 Feb 1782) the Estate of a Joseph is inventoried. The Inventory is signed by John Gilliam.

The identity of Peter Gilliam has not yet been confirmed. It is possible that Peter is Peter Gilham who married on 22 Jul 1792 in Frederick County, Mary Ann Klyne, the widow of Jacob Marker. Mary and Jacob were married on 1 Jan 1786 in Frederick County.

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