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Marriages Sorted by First Name
Updated March 4, 2016

Before the General Assembly passed a law requiring the systematic statewide recording of vital statistics in 1853, marriages were recorded by ministers and county clerks. These records are an indispensable source for the most basic biographical facts about earlier generations of Virginians. Types of records include:

Marriage License: a form granted by public officials to couples intending to marry. The license indicated to the minister and the public that there were no impediments to the marriage. The governor originally granted marriage licenses; county clerks and commissioners were granted the authority to issue them in the seventeenth century. By the 1670s marriage licenses could only be issued in the county in which the bride resided. Marriage by license was more expensive than marriage by publication of banns, but couples did not have to wait an extended period of time to marry.

Marriage by Publication of Banns: this public notice of an intended marriage had to be published, verbally or by written notice, for three consecutive meetings at the churches of the bride and groom. Banns were announced as directed in the Book of Common Prayer. This allowed the community to object to the union. After the American Revolution, community gatherings, militia musters, and other events were acceptable venues to announce upcoming marriages. Marriages by banns were recorded only in the church or parish register. Prior to 1848, banns were a legal substitute for a marriage license. Very few records of marriages by banns have survived.

Consents: according to Virginia law, individuals under the age of twenty-one needed the consent of a parent or guardian to marry. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, officials were especially concerned about females under the age of 16 marrying without consent. County clerks were not authorized to issue a marriage license without certificate (permission) from the parent, master, or guardian. In the nineteenth century, a parent or guardian could give consent verbally to the clerk of the court, or provide written consent in front of one to two witnesses; the consent was then delivered to the county clerk.

Marriage Bonds: the first law requiring a bond was enacted in 1660/61. It required the perspective groom to give bond at the courthouse in the bride’s county of residence. The bond was pledged, with two or more sufficient securities (or witnesses), but no money was exchanged. A license was then prepared by the clerk and presented to the minister who performed the ceremony. This practice was discontinued in 1849, although in some communities bonds were pledged into the 1850s. Bonding insured against legal action should the marriage not take place, if either party declined to go through with the union, or if one of the parties were found to be ineligible for marriage—for example, if the bride or groom was already married, or was underage and lacked approval to wed.

This table has been compiled from various sources including Bible records, parish records, and county marriage registers. "Marriage date" may be the date of the bond or the date of the marriage itself. Also, because of the ever changing county lines and constant movement of families "County" is the county where the record was recorded at the time record was made. For example, since the Rev. Douglas records in the Douglas Register (Goochland) the marriages of several residents of Louisa, I have listed the marriage "County" as Goochland since it is not known whether the couple traveled to Goochland to get married by the Rev. Douglas or whether the Rev. Douglas traveled to Louisa to marry the couple.

Last Name First & Middle Name Marriage Date Marriage Place Spouse
GILLIAM Abner J. 15 Dec 1834 Prince Edward County, VA Mary Ann PERKINS
GILLIAM Agnes 11 Feb 1795 Goochland County, VA James CLEMENTS
GILLIAM Agnes 10 Aug 1843 Scott County, VA Jonas FIELDS
GILLIAM Alexander 1 May 1836 Richmond, VA Elizabeth Ann COX
GILLIAM Alice "Aly" 30 Mar 1808 Albemarle County, VA Priv. John BUSTER
GILLIAM Allen 8 Jul 1794 Charlotte County, VA Martha Cox BARNES
GILLIAM Amanda Jane Eleanor 5 Jul 1847 Prince Edward County, VA John Newton DRINKARD
GILLIAM Amy abt 1755 Brunswick County, VA Lewis TYUS Sr.
GILLIAM Amy 10 Aug 1797 Charlotte County, VA Thomas OSBORNE
GILLIAM Amy Ann 12 Feb 1818 Brunswick County, VA Edward ANDERSON
GILLIAM Anderson 18 Feb 1834 Scott County, VA Nancy DONALDSON
GILLIAM Ann 14 Oct 1788 Brunswick County, VA William N. BLUNT Jr.
GILLIAM Ann 15 Feb 1787 Bedford County, VA Jarratt GILLIAM
GILLIAM Ann "Nancy" 6 May 1799 Albemarle County, VA Joseph Dickerson SMITH
GILLIAM Ann Annie E. 13 Jul 1871 Albemarle County, VA W. Lewis BEASLEY
GILLIAM Ann Eliza 16 Feb 1859 Buckingham County, VA William C. HARVEY
GILLIAM Ann Elizabeth 8 Dec 1837 Prince Edward County, VA John Mace HARRIS
GILLIAM Ann Hazeltine 22 May 1860 Prince Edward County, VA William CARTER
GILLIAM Ann Osborne 5 Feb 1821 Charlotte County, VA Cornelius BARNES
GILLIAM Anna 20 Mar 1845 Scott County, VA Joseph L. CLICK
GILLIAM Anne 14 Oct 1754 Sussex County, VA James Boisseau JONES
GILLIAM Anne 15 Sep 1803 Petersburg, VA Ellyson CURRIE
GILLIAM Anne "Nancy" Feild 16 Nov 1820 Amelia County, VA John Peyton BOLLING
GILLIAM Anne Alberta "Bertie" 21 Dec 1893 Buckingham County, VA John Edwin Eddie GILLIAM Sr.
GILLIAM Anne Poythress 12 Mar 1768 Prince George County, VA Nathaniel HARRISON Sr.
GILLIAM Annie Edith Lee 15 Oct 1889 Albemarle County, VA George Stuart HARRIS
GILLIAM Anthony Woodson 19 Dec 1827 Prince Edward County, VA Mary Frances GILLIAM
GILLIAM Arabella 31 Oct 1838 Petersburg, VA Rev. William H. FOOTE
GILLIAM Archelaus 15 Dec 1781 Albemarle County, VA Judith TOOLEY
GILLIAM Archelaus 28 Mar 1796 Bedford County, VA Nancy BOSWELL
GILLIAM Archelaus 10 Mar 1832 Bedford County, VA Elizabeth J. D. REYNOLDS
GILLIAM Archer Edward 18 Feb 1920 Norfolk, VA Sydnie Crawford JOHNSON
GILLIAM Austin 27 Dec 1866 Buckingham County, VA Lydia KYLE
GILLIAM Benjamin Dunn 4 Feb 1792 Sussex County, VA Lucy LOFTIN
GILLIAM Bennett 29 Jan 1793 Albemarle County, VA Elizabeth "Betsy" CLEVELAND
GILLIAM Burwell 25 Dec 1805 Sussex County, VA Mary Ann MILLER
GILLIAM Caroline "Carrie" F. 29 Dec 1892 Buckingham County, VA William S. MORTON
GILLIAM Caroline B. 20 Oct 1853 Franklin County, VA James ANDERSON
GILLIAM Caroline Frances 25 Nov 1834 Richmond, VA William Henry TEMPLE
GILLIAM Caroline J. 10 Dec 1839 Sussex County, VA Richard N. GILLIAM
GILLIAM Caroline Martha 31 Dec 1869 Southampton County, VA Joseph M. MAGEE
GILLIAM Carter 23 Jul 1782 Southampton County, VA Elizabeth Green HANCOCK
GILLIAM Carter N. 25 Jun 1828 Henrico County, VA Elizabeth Mayo FULTON
GILLIAM Catherine Cannon 21 Dec 1837 Albemarle County, VA John J. PACE
GILLIAM Catherine M. 28 May 1828 Lynchburg, VA Thomas W. DEVAM
GILLIAM Cecilia 10 Dec 1767 Goochland County, VA Edward COX
GILLIAM Charles 3 Apr 1788 Sussex County, VA Mary MANNING/MANRY
GILLIAM Charles 15 Dec 1830 Sussex County, VA Lucinda M. GRIGG
GILLIAM Charles H. 2 Feb 1813 Prince Edward County, VA Martha "Patsey" WYATT
GILLIAM Charles M. 30 Jun 1828 Lynchburg, VA Sarah H. BAUGHN
GILLIAM Charles Macalester 18 Jun 1929 Louisa County, VA Virginia Randolph GOODWYN
GILLIAM Charles Manning 22 Apr 1793 Cumberland County, VA Elizabeth WOODSON
GILLIAM Charles Manning 27 Feb 1826 Cumberland County, VA Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" M. CARTER
GILLUM Charles Pickney 17 Aug 1822 Albemarle County, VA Elizabeth P. GILLIAM
GILLIAM Charles Wesley 16 Oct 1832 Albemarle County, VA Mary Jane Elizabeth ESTES
GILLIAM Charles Woodson 11 Dec 1856 Cumberland County, VA Lucy A. E. CROWDER
GILLIAM Charlotte 12 Dec 1791 Bedford County, VA William McGEEHEE Jr.
GILLIAM Clara Colquhoun 5 Nov 1845 Petersburg, VA Rev. Edmund WITHERS
GILLIAM Clayton Nov 1847 Prince Edward County, VA Frances Eliza DUPUY
GILLIAM Constant P. 25 Jul 1809 Goochland County, VA Daniel NORRIS
GILLIAM Cornelius 5 Feb 1801 Albemarle County, VA Sarah WOOD
GILLIAM Cornelius Barnes 17 Sep 1863 Henrico County, VA Emma J. NUCKOLLS
GILHAM Cuthbert “Booth” 11 Oct 1893 Campbell County, VA Lucy Davis SAUNDERS
GILLIAM Delilah 30 Nov 1819 Scott County, VA James MOORE
GILLIAM Dorothea "Dolly" 21 Dec 1807 Sussex County, VA Edward Edwin PEGRAM Sr.
GILLIAM Dorothy abt 1780 Sussex County, VA John SOUTHARD
GILLIAM Drury 11 Dec 1811 Sussex County, VA Sally LONG
GILLIAM Edmonia Bettie E. 24 Oct 1867 Buckingham County, VA William Emmett McCRAW
GILMAN Edward 20 Dec 1842 Richmond, VA Mary E. WAYNE
GILLIAM Edward "Ned" Joseph 24 Dec 1845 Cumberland County, VA Virginia Ann HENDRICK
GILLIAM Edward Glover 1 Dec 1869 Pittsylvania County, VA Emma Plunkett GILBERT
GILLIAM Edward Isham 15 Jan 1873 Buckingham County, VA Ada Compton STEGER
GILLIAM Edward J. 23 Mar 1848 Buckingham County, VA Nancy TALBOT
GILLIAM Edward M. 1 Dec 1836 Elizabeth City County, VA Maria E. COLE
GILLIAM Elisha Dickerson 14 Sep 1794 Albemarle County, VA Lucy WOOD
GILLIAM Eliza 16 Nov 1865 Prince George County, VA Robert Carter BRAXTON
GILLIAM Eliza Yates 18 Dec 1828 Brunswick County, VA Joseph Goodwyn KING
GILLIAM Elizabeth 10 Oct 1783 Charlotte County, VA Stephen MAY
GILLIAM Elizabeth 6 Nov 1788 Sussex County, VA Gilliam MAGEE
GILLIAM Elizabeth Feb 1794 Cumberland County, VA Edward DILLON Esq.
GILLIAM Elizabeth 4 Feb 1796 Bedford County, VA Isham DAVIS
GILLIAM Elizabeth 25 Jul 1777 Brunswick County, VA Thomas PARHAM
GILLIAM Elizabeth 25 May 1782 Prince George County, VA James ARTHUR
GILLIAM Elizabeth 25 Oct 1803 Amherst County, VA Robert Lewis SLAUGHTER
GILLIAM Elizabeth 14 Sep 1833 Greensville County, VA John S. IVY
GILLIAM Elizabeth 19 Jun 1850 Scott County, VA Harmon THOMPSON
GILLIAM Elizabeth "Betsey" 10 Jan 1788 Albemarle County, VA Richard Morris ROBERTS
GILLIAM Elizabeth "Betsey" W. 6 Apr 1814 Southampton County, VA William SHUTE
GILLIAM Elizabeth "Betsy" 20 Dec 1787 Albemarle County, VA Pleasant Bailey OGLESBY
GILLIAM Elizabeth "Betsy" 9 Jan 1800 Sussex County, VA Edwin COOPER
GILLIAM Elizabeth "Betsy" 16 Apr 1800 Goochland County, VA David Parish COCKE
GILLIAM Elizabeth "Bessie" Thornton 24 Nov 1869 Powhatan County, VA William Upshur KENNON
GILLIAM Elizabeth Ann abt 1827 Scott County, VA Andrew ASH
GILLIAM Elizabeth Buchanan 28 Jul 1817 Prince George County, VA Robert BATTE
GILLIAM Elizabeth D. 7 Dec 1833 Amherst County, VA Dr. William Addison GILLIAM Sr.
GILLIAM Elizabeth Dickerson 1 Oct 1846 Albemarle County, VA Edwin Temple DOUGLASS
GILLUM Elizabeth Dickerson 26 Oct 1829 Louisa County, VA Oliver BARTLEY Sr.
GILLIAM Elizabeth Hardiman 19 Nov 1828 Powhatan County, VA Francis Herbert JAMES
GILLIAM Elizabeth Harrison 6 Dec 1825 Charlotte County, VA John Overton PETTUS
GILLIAM Elizabeth Meriwether 29 May 1788 Prince George County, VA David BUCHANAN
GILLIAM Elizabeth P. 17 Aug 1822 Albemarle County, VA Charles Pickney GILLUM Sr.
GILLIAM Elizabeth P. 18 Feb 1823 Campbell County, VA Samuel W. HUBBARD Sr.
GILLIAM Elizabeth Porter 15 Mar 1824 Amherst County, VA Reuben Seldon WARE
GILLIAM Elizabeth Shore 14 Mar 1862 Chesterfield County, VA Robert Maitland DUNLOP
GILLIAM Elizabeth Woodson 22 Feb 1831 Fluvanna County, VA Charles Francis JOHNSON Esq
GILHAM Emeline 4 Feb 1866 Stafford County, VA Doran H. STEARNS
GILLIAM Emily Anna 3 Jan 1866 Prince George County, VA Francis "Frank" Everett R. HALL Sr.
GILLIAM Emily Gordon 04 Oct 1914 Petersburg, VA Jesse Hartwell HEATH
GILLIAM Emily O. 14 Mar 1870 James City County, VA William Bennett BARHAM Sr.
GILLIAM Enoch abt 1890 Scott County, VA Miss UNKNOWN
GILHAM Ezekiel 23 Sep 1813 Frederick County, VA Isabelle McMILLAN
GILHAM Ezekiel 29 Mar 1841 Floyd County, VA Bianna WADE
GILLIAM Felix M. K. 11 Nov 1886 Albemarle County, VA Frances "Fanny" Marion McNAIR
GILLIAM Frances "Fannie" M. aft 27 Jan 1859 Buckingham County, VA John J. LACKLAND
GILLIAM Frances C. 20 Apr 1858 Buckingham County, VA William Thomas THORNTON
GILLIAM Frances H. "Frankie" 24 Mar 1813 Prince Edward County, VA James PATTERSON
GILLIAM Frances Hendrix 09 Jan 1909 Buckingham County, VA Alexander K. DAVIS
GILLIAM Frank C. 06 Sep 1905 Richmond, VA Helen Marie SLAUGHTER
GILLIAM Frederick 15 May 1810 Albemarle County, VA Catherine "Kitty" HUCKSTEP
GILLIAM George Torrence 4 Dec 1823 Prince George County, VA Eliza Ann WATKINS
GILLIAM George Washington 26 Feb 1850 Buckingham County, VA Sarah E. ANDERSON
GILLIAM Glover Davenport 24 Dec 1828 Campbell County, VA Elizabeth Bolling JONES
GILLIAM Granville 23 Dec 1830 Albemarle County, VA Mildred Arrington HUCKSTEP
GILLIAM Gray-Hutchings 5 Feb 1795 Sussex County, VA Elizabeth STEWART
GILLIAM Hannah Sampson 25 Feb 1873 Nottoway, VA John Edward McENERY
GILLIAM Harriet Ella 05 Jun 1912 Buckingham County, VA Leonidas Winston JONES
GILLIAM Harriet Frances 17 Oct 1855 Charlotte County, VA William Robert GILLIAM
GUILLIAMS Harriett 19 Dec 1848 Franklin County, VA William A. LUKE
GILLIAM Hartwell 16 Feb 1814 Sussex County, VA Lucretia "Crecy" JENNINGS
GILLUM Henry Lee 4 Oct 1819 Albemarle County, VA Nancy LOBBAN
GILLIAM Henry Reese 27 Aug 1806 Southampton County, VA Charlotte TURNER
GILLIAM Hinchea bef 3 Apr 1690 Charles City County, VA Fortune FLOOD
GILLIAM Hobson 22 Dec 1830 Buckingham County, VA Martha Jane GILLIAM
GILLIAM Isabel Archer 16 Apr 1926 Roanoke County, VA Henry Clay LLOYD
GILLIAM Isabella Cuthbert 05 Jan 1904 Petersburg, VA Dr. W. Hamilton CROCKFORD
GILLIAM Isham 06 Jan 1909 Buckingham County, VA Martha A. SPENCER
GILLUM Isom 21 Dec 1827 Scott County, VA Rebecca PHIPPS
GILLIAM Jackson abt 1844 Scott County, VA Mary BLEDSOE
GILLIAM Jacob 27 Dec 1769 Goochland County, VA Sarah PERKINS
GILLIAM Jacqueline D. 25 Nov 1861 Louisa County, VA Mary Ann SMITH
GILLIAM James 16 Dec 1772 Goochland County, VA Frances HOPKINS
GILLIAM James 16 Dec 1791 Goochland County, VA Susannah SMITH
GILLIAM James 12 Dec 1805 Sussex County, VA Elizabeth MAGEE
GILLIAM James 7 Oct 1819 Albemarle County, VA Ann LOLBAN
GILLIAM James 30 Jul 1800 Campbell County, VA Sarah "Sally" McKINNEY
GILLIAM James 3 Feb 1834 Greensville County, VA Martha IVY
GILLIAM James 2 Apr 1839 Richmond, VA Sarah JONES
GILLIAM James 13 Aug 1836 Greensville County, VA Sarah HOGWOOD
GILLIAM James 4 Sep 1845 Scott County, VA Elizabeth MATNEY
GILLIAM James 29 Jun 1854 Scott County, VA Margaret FIELDS
GILLIAM James "Jamie" 10 Oct 1798 Prince Edward County, VA Martha "Patsey" MATHEWS
GILLIAM James Asbury 28 Aug 1839 Albemarle County, VA Mary A. WILHOIT
GILLIAM James C. Nov 1818 Buckingham County, VA Harriet BAGBY
GILLIAM James Dabney 11 Jun 1890 Chesterfield County, VA Katherine Hetherton ARCHER
GILLIAM James Henry 10 Apr 1826 Prince Edward County, VA Mary E. BISHOP
GILLIAM James L. 28 Nov 1807 Albemarle County, VA Sarah “Sally” SHELTON
GILLIAM James L. 17 Dec 1863 Albemarle County, VA Mary Jane TAYLOR
GILLIAM James Logan 12 Aug 1833 Caroline County, VA Mary Ann LUCK
GILLIAM James M. 1 Dec 1761 Lunenburg County, VA Martha ISBELL
GILLIAM James M. 28 Jun 1827 Lynchburg, VA Margaret LILLY
GILLIAM James Madison D. 27 Nov 1844 Prince Edward County, VA Sarah Mathews WATSON
GILLIAM James Mathews 16 Dec 1841 Prince Edward County, VA Saluda Ann BRIGHTWELL
GILLIAM James R. 28 Oct 1833 Sussex County, VA Mary AVENT
GILLIAM James Richard 12 Dec 1853 Campbell County, VA Anne Slaughter DAVENPORT
GILLIAM James Sanders 29 Sep 1845 Prince Edward County, VA Martha Ann MARTIN
GILLIAM James Skelton 21 Nov 1787 Prince George County, VA Mary FEILD
GILLIAM James Skelton 3 Jul 1828 Prince George County, VA Catherine Batte BIRCHETT
GILLIAM James Skelton 23 Sep 1869 Petersburg, VA Martha "Mattie" Boisseau McENERY
GILLIAM James Skelton 31 Dec 1907 Prince George County, VA Virginia RUFFIN
GILLIAM Jane 9 Feb 1818 Goochland County, VA Charles Meredith MAY
GILLIAM Jane 4 Dec 1829 Albemarle County, VA John MYERS
GILLIAM Jane "Jenny" Henry 9 Feb 1804 Petersburg, VA William Harrison BAIRD
GILLIAM Jane Gray 11 Jan 1860 Chesterfield County, VA Dr. Thomas Lee SHIPPEN
GILLIAM Jane M. 21 Sep 1848 Appomattox County, VA Willis Seth LIGON
GILLIAM Jane Meriwether 12 Mar 1808 Lancaster County, VA Armistead CURRIE
GILLIAM Jane R. 19 Jul 1819 Hanover County, VA William Hooper SEAY
GILLIAM Jane Sophia 31 Mar 1831 Chesterfield County, VA Cadmus ARCHER
GILLIAM Janet Cleemann 16 Sep 1851 Petersburg, VA Joseph PANNILL
GILLIAM Jarratt 15 Feb 1787 Bedford County, VA Ann GILLIAM
GILLIAM Jarratt "Jerrard" 11 Oct 1825 Campbell County, VA Celia Battersby PERROW
GILLIAM Jerman 10 Dec 1834 Prince Edward County, VA Mary "Polly" E. R. ELAM
GILLIAM Jesse 15 Sep 1813 Russell County, VA Elizabeth FIELDS
GILLIAM Jesse 2 May 1832 Scott County, VA Catherine SLONE
GILLIAM Jesse L. 5 Oct 1858 Scott County, VA Elizabeth D. CARTER
GILLIAM John 8 Jun 1758 Southampton County, VA Lucy CLEMENTS
GILLIAM John abt 1766 Albemarle County, VA Elizabeth DICKERSON
GILLIAM John 14 Dec 1770 Sussex County, VA Amy COOK
GILLIAM John 5 Dec 1782 Southampton County, VA Mary CHITTY
GILLIAM John 27 Sep 1764 Goochland County, VA Elizabeth MURRELL
GILLIAM John 25 Dec 1785 Albemarle County, VA Elizabeth BAILEY
GILLIAM John 13 Oct 1801 Southampton County, VA Elizabeth ELLIS
GILLIAM John aft 2 May 1814 Albemarle County, VA Elizabeth MOORE
GILLIAM John 28 Mar 1801 Powhatan County, VA Maria "Mary" Jefferson JAMES
GILLIAM John 14 Feb 1823 Chesterfield County, VA Elizabeth Smith SHORE
GILLIAM John 22 May 1867 Albemarle County, VA Willie J. DRUMHELLER
GILLIAM John "Jack" 7 Dec 1802 Louisa County, VA Elizabeth "Betsey" SMITH
GILLIAM John "Jack" 20 Oct 1869 Powhatan County, VA Elizabeth "Bettie" Moore TAYLOR
GILLUM John "Jackey" 23 Jan 1810 Louisa County, VA Martha "Patsey" GROOM
GILLIAM John (Jonathan) 22 Nov 1785 Albemarle County, VA Mary TOOLEY
GILLIAM John B. 10 Dec 1808 Henry County, VA Jane ANTHONY
GILLIAM John Bailey 26 Nov 1812 Albemarle County, VA Rebecca B. PORTER
GILLIAM John C. 21 Aug 1809 Goochland County, VA Nancy P. COCKE
GILLIAM John C. 27 Sep 1831 Prince Edward County, VA Elizabeth Ann THACKSTON
GILLIAM John Edwin Eddie 21 Dec 1893 Buckingham County, VA Anne Alberta "Bertie" GILLIAM
GILLIAM John Garland 14 Sep 1893 Buckingham County, VA Mattie Viola ROSEN
GILLIAM John H. 28 Feb 1909 Buckingham County, VA Nannie W. DUNCAN
GILLIAM John H. 3 Oct 1805 Prince Edward County, VA Lucy BENNETT
GILLIAM John M. 3 Apr 1813 Charlotte County, VA Margaret "Peggy" TANKERSLEY
GILLIAM John Nelson 20 Jul 1844 Albemarle County, VA Susan Ann BUCK
GILLIAM John R. 17 Mar 1825 Prince Edward County, VA Mary A. HILL
GILLIAM John Robertson 22 Mar 1835 Charlotte County, VA Martha Henderson MARSHALL
GILLIAM John William 24 Apr 1832 Dinwiddie County, VA Mary Elizabeth Coleman GOODWYN
GILLIAM John Woodson 13 Oct 1828 Prince Edward County, VA Susan Madison VENABLE
GILLIAM John/Joseph 6 Nov 1779 Goochland County, VA Constant "Connie" PARRISH
GILLIAM Jonathan Patterson 19 Jan 1824 Amherst County, VA Elizabeth JONES
GILLIAM Jordan 26 Feb 1787 Sussex County, VA Ann BETTS/BATTE
GILLIAM Joseph 29 Dec 1823 Southampton County, VA Edith “Edy” PHILLIPS
GILLIAM Joseph H. 14 May 1844 Sussex County, VA Martha J. CHAMPION
GILLIAM Joseph Simmons 4 Dec 1872 Southampton County, VA Bertha Ann PERSON
GILLIAM Judith aft 1778 Southampton County, VA John RACHAEL
GILLIAM Judith 30 Nov 1768 Cumberland County, VA Joseph TAYLOR
GILLIAM Judith 5 Jan 1824 Amherst County, VA Elijah DAWSON
GILLIAM Judith 14 May 1838 Scott County, VA Dr. Boanerges Elkanah DULANEY
GILLIAM Judith Ann 25 Jul 1776 Goochland County, VA Callam Holman BAILEY Sr.
GILLIAM Judith Ann 14 Feb 1843 Prince Edward County, VA William Elder GOODE
GILLIAM Judith M. 16 Dec 1830 Prince Edward County, VA William CALHOON
GILLIAM Julia Jan 1829 Augusta County, VA William McCLAUSLAND
GILLIAM Julia Edda 25 Jun 1896 Buckingham County, VA James H. FORBES Jr.
GILLIAM Juriah 11 Jul 1826 Bath County, VA John Hodge KINCADE
GILLIAM Kate Nelson 17 Jan 1884 Albemarle County, VA Jeter Chapman JONES
GILHAM Leah 18 Sep 1845 Floyd County, VA Eden N. EPPERLY
GILLIAM Lelia Moseley 8 Dec 1886 Appomattox County, VA Hilary Richardson HARVEY
GUILLIAMS Leonis "Oney" 22 Nov 1830 Franklin County, VA Jourdan MILES
GILHAM Levi Kerlin 10 Dec 1813 Shenandoah County, VA Elizabeth BOUCHER
GILLIAM Levi S. 24 Dec 1845 Sussex County, VA Sarah Ann PARTRIDGE
GILLIAM Levi Winfrey bef 1888 New Kent County, VA Mary "Mamie" Elizabeth BASSETT
GILLIAM Levy bef 4 Feb 1749 Sussex County, VA Elizabeth
GILLIAM Lilburn abt 1874 Scott County, VA Mary Jane LYON
GILLIAM Lorena 24 Jul 1809 Sussex County, VA Howell JONES
GILLIAM Louisa Samuel 24 Dec 1831 Brunswick County, VA Thomas RUFFIN
GUILLIAMS Lucy 5 May 1764 Richmond County, VA William IVES
GILLIAM Lucy "Suky” 11 Feb 1762 Southampton County, VA Richard JOHNSON
GILLIAM Lucy Ann 22 Dec 1857 Powhatan County, VA Col. Peter Jefferson ARCHER
GILLIAM Lucy C. 17 Oct 1822 Buckingham County, VA John GARY Jr.
GILLIAM Lucy Frances 29 Dec 1853 Elizabeth City County, VA Thomas Alexander MOSS Jr.
GILLIAM Lucy Lucie Skelton abt 26 Sep 1866 Richmond, VA George W. TENNENT
GUILLIAMS Luke 20 Dec 1833 Franklin County, VA Elizabeth KINGERY
GILLIAM Malinas "Lennis" 12 Jan 1837 Scott County, VA George HEAD Jr.
GILLIAM Marcus bef 1767 Surry County, VA Frances "Fanny" STEWART
GILLIAM Margaret Ann Jane 12 Nov 1850 Buckingham County, VA William Daniel MATTHEWS
GILLIAM Maria Randolph 11 Dec 1823 Petersburg, VA Thomas Claiborne WILLSON
GILLIAM Marius 28 Jul 1826 Petersburg, VA Rebecca Shute DUNANT
GILLIAM Marshall Madison 1 Dec 1870 Richmond, VA Mary Rochet HOGE
GILLIAM Martha bef 21 Apr 1756 Goochland County, VA Martin KING Jr.
GILLIAM Martha 20 Jan 1758 Prince Edward County, VA John MITCHELL
GILLIAM Martha 6 Feb 1783 Southampton County, VA John WILLIAMSON
GILLIAM Martha 8 Feb 1787 Mecklenburg County, VA William LADD
GILLIAM Martha 1 Oct 1801 Southampton County, VA Edwin Or Edward DAVIS
GILLIAM Martha 11 Feb 1830 Lynchburg, VA Thomas WEBSTER
GILLIAM Martha "Patsey" 5 Feb 1795 Cumberland County, VA Paul Jones CARRINGTON
GILLIAM Martha "Patsey" 22 Feb 1806 Albemarle County, VA Charles HUCKSTEP
GILLIAM Martha "Patsy" 19 Jan 1789 Goochland County, VA Sir Francis DRAKE Sr.
GILLIAM Martha "Patsy" T. 22 Sep 1808 Goochland County, VA Booker Smith PARRISH Jr.
GILLIAM Martha "Pattie" H. 16 Aug 1856 Buckingham County, VA Thomas J. GARDEN Jr.
GILLIAM Martha Allen 29 Oct 1835 Charlotte County, VA John P. BARNES
GILLIAM Martha Ann 10 Jul 1847 Prince Edward County, VA Robert H. BRIGHTWELL
GILLIAM Martha C. 9 Aug 1854 Buckingham County, VA Alexander JIMMERSON
GILLIAM Martha Catherine 2 Nov 1837 Powhatan County, VA William OVERTON
GILLIAM Martha Jane 22 Dec 1830 Buckingham County, VA Hobson GILLIAM
GILLIAM Martha Johnson 8 Dec 1808 Sussex County, VA James BUTTS
GILLIAM Martha Mathews 3 Dec 1836 Prince Edward County, VA James Richard WHITEHEAD
GILLIAM Martha Richard 25 Feb 1909 Appomattox County, VA John Henry MARSHALL Jr.
GILLIAM Martha Taylor 20 Sep 1808 Prince Edward County, VA Gideon HARRIS
GILLIAM Martha W. 30 Oct 1878 Albemarle County, VA Jesse F. GARRISON
GILLIAM Martin 23 Feb 1909 Scott County, VA Amanda PAYNE
GILLIAM Mary abt 1735 Sussex County, VA William LOFTIN Sr.
GILLIAM Mary bef 1746 Surry County, VA John RACHAEL
GILLIAM Mary 7 Jun 1771 Sussex County, VA William MASON
GILLIAM Mary 22 Dec 1767 Goochland County, VA Charles SNEAD
GILLIAM Mary 13 Jan 1783 Southampton County, VA William BUTTS
GILLIAM Mary 25 May 1782 Prince George County, VA Capt. William POYTHRESS
GILLIAM Mary 20 Mar 1788 Sussex County, VA John BOBBITT
GILLIAM Mary 9 Oct 1839 Sussex County, VA Sampson HOGWOOD
GILLIAM Mary "Mazie" Anne Huckstep 11 Apr 1854 Albemarle County, VA John L. CRAWFORD
GILLIAM Mary "Molly" 8 Jan 1795 Albemarle County, VA John J. WATSON
GILLIAM Mary "Polly" 10 Apr 1801 Southampton County, VA Capt. Stith TUCKER
GILLIAM Mary "Polly" 27 Nov 1785 Henry County, VA Burwell RIVES
GILLIAM Mary "Polly" 16 Sep 1830 Rockbridge County, VA William GRAHAM
GILLIAM Mary "Polly" 23 Apr 1835 Scott County, VA William K. GIBSON
GILLIAM Mary "Polly" C. 24 Dec 1807 Goochland County, VA John Winston PAYNE
GILLIAM Mary "Polly" Goode 17 Jun 1813 Charlotte County, VA William MARSHALL
GILLIAM Mary "Polly" James 13 Jul 1871 Powhatan County, VA Dr. Hugh Thomas NELSON Sr.
GILLIAM Mary "Polly" Jarratt 15 Mar 1824 Amherst County, VA George A. JOPLING
GILLIAM Mary "Polly" Winston 21 Apr 1820 Prince Edward County, VA Wilkinson WATSON
GILHAM Mary Ann 28 Aug 1811 Frederick County, VA Benjamin RICHARD
GILLIAM Mary Ann H. 18 Aug 1829 Albemarle County, VA William HAWLEY
GILLIAM Mary Ann J. 27 Nov 1848 Botetourt County, VA Thomas HENDERSON
GILLIAM Mary Branch 10 Dec 1879 Buckingham County, VA Reece M. ANDERSON
GILLIAM Mary C. 11 Jan 1836 Augusta County, VA Frederick FRIDLEY
GILLIAM Mary Cauthorne 17 Apr 1906 Petersburg, VA George Strother BERNARD
GILLIAM Mary Eliza 22 Dec 1852 Dinwiddie County, VA Capt. Robert Nathaniel NEBLETT
GILLIAM Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" 21 Jun 1899 Buckingham County, VA Thomas E. FORBES
GILLIAM Mary Ella 20 Feb 1861 Buckingham County, VA John James BONDURANT
GILLIAM Mary Feild 27 Jan 1824 Petersburg, VA Charles Francis OSBORNE
GILLIAM Mary Fletcher 5 Jan 1836 Albemarle County, VA James Alfred WREN
GILLIAM Mary Frances 19 Dec 1827 Prince Edward County, VA Anthony Woodson GILLIAM
GILLIAM Mary Goodwyn 24 Mar 1909 Petersburg, VA Holmes J. BOISSEAU Jr.
GILLIAM Mary H. 7 Jul 1814 Sussex County, VA John BUTTS
GILLIAM Mary J. 9 Aug 1819 Amherst County, VA James WAUGH
GILLIAM Mary L. "Polly" 3 Oct 1803 Prince Edward County, VA Daniel Gary WEBB
GILLIAM Mary Lavalette 1 Nov 1871 Appomattox County, VA Dr. Charles Silas MORTON
GILLIAM Mary Louisa 7 Feb 1829 Powhatan County, VA John B. PEMBERTON
GILLIAM Mary Lucas 8 Nov 1808 Sussex County, VA Henry Simmons HARDAWAY
GILLIAM Mary M. 30 Dec 1840 Dinwiddie County, VA Stanfield C. WELLS
GILLIAM Mary Marshall 21 Nov 1901 Richmond, VA Coleman WORTHAM
GILLIAM Mary Ruffin 10 Nov 1803 Petersburg, VA John DUNLOP
GILLIAM Mary S. 28 Apr 1832 Richmond, VA David Davy Nelson PATTESON
GILLIAM Mary Taylor 2 Jan 1806 Amherst County, VA John F. BURKS
GILLIAM Matthew 5 Mar 1810 Southampton County, VA Elizabeth Betsey BARRETT
GILLIAM Mildred "Milly" abt 1742 Sussex County, VA John HILL Sr.
GILLIAM Nancy 10 Oct 1808 Campbell County, VA Walker DEJARNETTE
GILLIAM Nancy 19 Jan 1814 Buckingham County, VA Mathias AYERS
GILLUM Nancy 30 Sep 1811 Albemarle County, VA John H. THOMAS
GILLIAM Nancy 19 Dec 1838 Greensville County, VA Peter HOGWOOD
GILLIAM Nancy Boyce 21 Feb 1813 Albemarle County, VA William Hamiliton ROTHWELL
GILLIAM Otis Levi 03 Nov 1920 Fredericksburg, VA Louise Wise RIXEY
GILLIAM Pamelia 31 Jul 1824 Louisa County, VA William CARPENTER
GILLIAM Patterson 23 Feb 1805 Campbell County, VA Elizabeth WALDRON
GILHAM Peter 22 Jul 1792 Frederick County, VA Mary Ann KLYNE
GILHAM Peter 1 Oct 1822 Frederick County, VA Elizabeth A. JACKSON
GILLIAM Pleasant 15 Mar 1801 Albemarle County, VA Mary "Polly" PETTY
GILLIAM Pleasant G. 4 Jun 1841 Augusta County, VA Mary L. JACKSON
GILLIAM Raleigh C. 29 Aug 1906 Prince Edward County, VA Ella HAMLIN
GILLIAM Rice Alexander 15 Nov 1865 Prince Edward County, VA Adella "Della" Jane HARRIS
GILLIAM Rice Hopkins 18 Jan 1827 Prince Edward County, VA Elizabeth Pernetta BOATWRIGHT
GILLIAM Richard aft Dec 1758 Lunenburg County, VA Agnes GOODE
GILLIAM Richard 17 Oct 1796 Rockbridge County, VA Martha HODGE
GUILLIAMS Richard 3 Aug 1814 Franklin County, VA Rosannah SCOTT
GILLIAM Richard C. 15 Feb 1810 Chesterfield County, VA Frances PATTESON
GILLIAM Richard Clements 18 Nov 1782 Southampton County, VA Elizabeth REESE
GILLIAM Richard Curd 22 Jan 1798 Prince Edward County, VA Mary ROBERTSON
GILLIAM Richard Davenport 26 Apr 1882 Surry County, VA Irene JONES
GILLIAM Richard Hobson 10 Jun 1857 Appomattox County, VA Sarah Adelaide PANKEY
GILLIAM Richard Holland 16 Sep 1847 Buckingham County, VA Virginia Catherine HOLMAN
GILLIAM Richard James 13 Apr 1841 Cumberland County, VA Catharine Elizabeth THORNTON
GILLIAM Richard N. 10 Dec 1839 Sussex County, VA Caroline J. GILLIAM
GILLIAM Richard P. 25 Oct 1853 Pulaski County, VA Virginia Anne MORGAN
GILLIAM Robert bef 8 Apr 1760 Sussex County, VA Lucy SKELTON
GILLIAM Robert 08 Dec 1908 Southampton County, VA Milly TURNER
GILLIAM Robert 24 Dec 1786 Charlotte County, VA Priscilla MOSBY
GUILLIAMS Robert 26 Dec 1805 Franklin County, VA Elizabeth LUKE
GILLIAM Robert 28 Sep 1803 Southampton County, VA Rhoda BRITT
GILLIAM Robert 25 Nov 1824 Petersburg, VA Janet Jennett COLQUHOUN
GILLUM Robert 30 Dec 1845 Albemarle County, VA Mary DIGGS
GILLIAM Robert A. Apr 1869 Newport News, VA Bettie B POMFREY
GILLIAM Robert Hendrick 27 Feb 1867 Buckingham County, VA Mary Ann STEGER
GILLIAM Robert J. 24 Sep 1838 Campbell County, VA Selina M. HUNTER
GILLIAM Robert J. 24 Feb 1909 Botetourt County, VA Ella Montgomery McFERRAN
GILLIAM Robert S. 29 Oct 1839 Richmond, VA Charlotte Isabella SANXAY
GILLIAM Robert S. 24 Oct 1876 Petersburg, VA Susan Sue Travis BECKWITH
GILLIAM Roberta Clara Pocahontas 17 Sep 1833 Brunswick County, VA Daniel Willson BRAGG
GILLIAM Sally 21 Dec 1789 Bedford County, VA George STEELE
GILLIAM Sally O. 24 Apr 1879 Albemarle County, VA Charles B. JONES
GILLIAM Samuel 16 Aug 1787 Sussex County, VA Martha "Patsy" HUNT
GILLIAM Samuel Yates 12 Apr 1898 Chesterfield County, VA Martha Page COX
GILLIAM Sarah 6 Apr 1773 Sussex County, VA Rev. David BARROW
GILLIAM Sarah 25 Feb 1765 Albemarle County, VA Gen. Micajah WILLIAMSON Sr.
GILLIAM Sarah 7 Mar 1822 Rockbridge County, VA William BROWN
GILLIAM Sarah "Sally" 21 Dec 1780 Sussex County, VA Collins "Collier" JOHNSON
GILLIAM Sarah "Sally" 24 Dec 1785 Charlotte County, VA Capt. William THWEATT
GILLIAM Sarah "Sally" 18 Dec 1793 Sussex County, VA William BRADLEY
GILLIAM Sarah "Sally" F. 28 Aug 1804 Goochland County, VA George Woodson LAYNE
GILLIAM Sarah "Sally" Frances 1 Jan 1794 Southampton County, VA William CHITTY
GILLIAM Sarah "Sally" Frances 23 Dec 1840 Buckingham County, VA Edwin HIX
GILLIAM Sarah “Sally” M. 29 Oct 1840 Elizabeth City County, VA Allan Bowie MAGRUDER
GILLIAM Sarah Angelina 26 Dec 1843 Powhatan County, VA Fabius Maximus LAWSON
GILLIAM Sarah Caroline Elizabeth 9 Dec 1856 Buckingham County, VA William D. LEWIS
GILLIAM Sarah Elizabeth Feb 1844 Prince Edward County, VA James Edward WOODSON
GILLIAM Sarah Frances "Sally" 20 Sep 1808 Prince Edward County, VA Robert HAWKINS
GILLIAM Sarah Sallie Elizabeth F. 16 Dec 1893 Albemarle County, VA James W. LUCAS
GILLIAM Sarah White 13 Dec 1831 Albemarle County, VA Joseph H. ROTHWELL
GILLIAM Sarah Wilkerson 10 Feb 1820 Charlotte County, VA Martin Neely PETTUS
GILLIAM Selah Drew 5 Nov 1806 Brunswick County, VA Rev. Jesse COE
GILLIAM Silas S. 14 Nov 1836 Sussex County, VA Sarah "Sally" SILLS
GILLIAM Sophia 15 Dec 1869 Prince George County, VA David Field BOWDEN
GILLIAM Spencer 14 Aug 1839 Prince Edward County, VA Mary Elizabeth DUPUY
GILLIAM Stephen R. 7 Nov 1836 Charlotte County, VA Edith Elizabeth GODSEY
GILLIAM Susan 15 Jan 1851 Richmond, VA Joseph WORLEY
GILLIAM Susan Adaline 19 Dec 1840 Albemarle County, VA David ENGLAND
GILLIAM Susan Bolling 4 Sep 1823 Brunswick County, VA Dr. Francis Albert WILLSON
GILLIAM Susan H. 2 Jan 1831 Pittsylvania County, VA Curtis M. INMAN
GILLIAM Susan Josephine 3 Apr 1855 Dinwiddie County, VA Edmond Osborne FITZGERALD
GILLIAM Susanna 8 Apr 1775 Prince George County, VA Robert BOYD
GILLIAM Susanna 9 Oct 1809 Goochland County, VA George PARRISH
GILLIAM Susanna Suckey 22 Dec 1814 Goochland County, VA Tarleton Fleming PAYNE
GILLIAM Susanna T. 21 Aug 1813 Sussex County, VA Nicholas HITE
GILLIAM Susannah 26 Jan 1778 Bedford County, VA Capt. Nathaniel TATE
GILLIAM Susannah 18 Aug 1800 Prince Edward County, VA John Morton WOODSON
GILLIAM Susannah "Sukey" Rebecca 15 Nov 1821 Albemarle County, VA Richard W. WINGFIELD
GILLIAM Susannah W. 14 Sep 1825 Albemarle County, VA "Benjamin" Bezaleel GARTH
GILLIAM Tandy 12 Sep 1825 Louisa County, VA Mary E. CARPENTER
GILLIAM Taylor 11 Nov 1789 Goochland County, VA Mary PARRISH
GILLUM Thaddeus Oscar 15 Jan 1874 Orange County, VA Sarah Sallie E. MUNDY
GILLIAM Theodorick Armistead Williams 21 Apr 1923 Petersburg, VA Constance Williams KENT
GILLIAM Theophilus Feild 30 Oct 1876 Prince George County, VA Mary Poythress EPPES
GILLIAM Thomas 19 May 1774 Sussex County, VA Sarah "Sally" WILLIAMSON
GILHAM Thomas 14 Dec 1799 Loudoun County, VA Mary TRIPLETT
GILLIAM Thomas 15 Mar 1851 Scott County, VA Martha Ann SPEER
GILLIAM Thomas Booth 7 Nov 1820 Sussex County, VA Elizabeth W. WILKINSON
GILLIAM Thomas Booth 21 Sep 1847 Dinwiddie County, VA Julia A. FOSTER
GILLIAM Thomas Edmund 13 Feb 1800 Charlotte County, VA Sarah "Sally" B. PETTUS
GILLIAM Thomas Massenburg 9 Aug 1882 Petersburg, VA Mary Atkinson GOODWYN
GILLIAM Thomas Shore 29 Apr 1869 Fauquier County, VA Agnes Ruffin STRINGFELLOW
GILLIAM Unity D. 2 May 1820 Louisa County, VA Sandridge "Tandy" ARNETT
GILLIAM Virgil Archer 1 Dec 1884 Cumberland County, VA Rosa Lee CARTER
GILLIAM Virginia Hendrick 13 Mar 1867 Buckingham County, VA Samuel A. SPENCER
GILLIAM Walter 5 Oct 1786 Sussex County, VA Elizabeth "Betsy" BARHAM
GILLIAM William 6 Jun 1763 Frederick County, VA Hannah MILBOURNE
GILLIAM William 5 Jan 1789 Sussex County, VA Cherry TYUS
GILLIAM William bef 14 Apr 1782 Goochland County, VA Ann “Nancy” SIMS
GILLIAM William 10 Jul 1788 Albemarle County, VA Sarah "Sally" WATSON
GILLIAM William 4 Mar 1797 York County, VA Mary MOSS
GILHAM William 6 Oct 1801 Frederick County, VA Polly GOODYKOONTZ
GILLIAM William 23 Dec 1790 Louisa County, VA Elizabeth Martin BARCLAY
GILLIAM William 17 Jul 1800 Charlotte County, VA Elizabeth Dabney PETTUS
GILLIAM William 30 Apr 1789 Prince George County, VA Christian Robertson EPPES
GUILLIAMS William 24 Dec 1797 Franklin County, VA Sarah FERGUSON
GILLIAM William 2 Jul 1821 Scott County, VA Elizabeth ADAMS
GILLIAM William 26 Feb 1833 Rockingham County, VA Anna RIFFE
GILLIAM William 20 Jan 1842 Scott County, VA Susannah BARNETT
GILLIAM William 27 Jun 1843 Greensville County, VA Elizabeth IVEY
GILLIAM William Addison 7 Dec 1833 Amherst County, VA Elizabeth D. GILLIAM
GILLIAM William Allen 15 Jun 1809 Buckingham County, VA Rosanna KIDD
GILLIAM William Benjamin 12 Jul 1904 Buckingham County, VA Mamie Catherine HOOPER
GILLIAM William Frederick "F. W." 20 Jan 1909 Louisa County, VA Martha Elizabeth JONES
GILLIAM William G. abt 1815 Scott County, VA Nancy A. FERGUSON
GUILLIAMS William M. 3 Feb 1851 Franklin County, VA Sophronia HILL
GILLIAM William N. 10 Jul 1879 Pulaski County, VA Maggie L. HICKMAN
GILLIAM William Richardson 16 Dec 1799 Prince Edward County, VA Judith Ann WOODSON
GILLIAM William Robert 17 Oct 1855 Charlotte County, VA Harriet Frances GILLIAM
GILLIAM William Taylor 19 Sep 1830 Prince Edward County, VA Mary Susan STEWART
GILLIAM William Whiting 17 Aug 1846 Botetourt County, VA Ellen WILSON
GILLIAM Wilson 8 Nov 1834 Prince Edward County, VA Martha Andrews THACKSTON
GILLIAM Winifred Winny 8 May 1792 Sussex County, VA Benjamin COLLIER
GILLIAM Wirt Carter 19 Jun 1920 Richmond, VA Nancy Louise LOWE

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