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Confederate Veterans and Their Widows
Updated March 21, 2016

This database is a compilation of Confederate Gilliam Veterans and their Widows found in the following Library of Virginia databases:

Confederate Disability Applications Database
The Virginia General Assembly enacted legislation, effective in 1867 and ending in 1894, to provide artificial limbs and other disability benefits to Virginia veterans of the Civil War.
To coordinate the program, and oversee the distribution of aid, the Assembly established the Board of Commissioners on Artificial Limbs. Injured soldiers submitted certificates from their county court stating that they were Virginia citizens, that they had lost a limb or had been otherwise disabled in the war, and what assistance they required. The veterans listed the command in which they served; included information on when, where, and how they were wounded; and provided details about their medical history.
These disability applications provide a strong sense of the Civil War's impact on individuals, families, and communities. In truth, many veterans found the postwar battle for economic survival and physical mobility nearly as difficult as the war itself.

Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows and Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows Electronic Card Index
The Virginia General Assembly passed Confederate pension acts in 1888, 1900, and 1902, and a series of supplementary acts between 1903 and 1934. The act of 1888 provided pensions to Confederate soldiers, sailors, and marines disabled in action and to the widows of those killed in action. Subsequent acts broadened the coverage to include all veterans, their widows and their unmarried or widowed daughters. The acts required that applicants be residents of Virginia. Later legislation included veterans or their survivors residing in the District of Columbia as well.
This collection consists of pension applications and amended applications filed by resident Virginia Confederate veterans and their widows. (Pension applications filed by veterans' sisters and daughters are not indexed.) The applications contain statements pertaining to the service record of the applicants and may include medical evaluations, information about the income and property of the veterans or their widows, and, in the case of widows, the date and place of marriages. The collection also includes claims submitted by more than five hundred African Americans who had worked as cooks, herdsmen, laborers, servants, or teamsters in the Confederate army.

Robert E. Lee Camp Confederate Soldiers' Home
On April 18, 1883 a group of concerned Confederate Veterans met in Richmond, Virginia, to form the Camp Lee Soldiers' Home (also called Confederate Soldiers' Home, Confederate Veterans Soldiers' Home, R. E. Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, or Old Soldiers' Home) as a benevolent society to aid their needy former comrades. The Robert E. Lee Camp, No. 1, Confederate Veterans was incorporated March 13, 1884. In the year that followed, the camp raised funds and acquired land in Western Richmond for a home. The Home opened on January 1, 1885, and it was located in the corner of Grove Ave. and the Boulevard in Richmond, Virginia. Plagued by financial difficulties, they sought money from the state. In 1886, the General Assembly authorized a small annual appropriation which was increased in 1892 in return for the deed to the property. The home was under the Dept. of Public Welfare until it closed in 1941, upon the death of the last resident.

Veteran Wife County Date Type of Doc
Robert Jones Gilliam   ? 1902 Camp Lee
James L. Gilliam Mary Jane Albemarle 1900 Pension
Alexander P. Gillum   Albemarle 1902 Pension
Daniel W. Gilliam Mary C. Alexandria 1902 Pension/Card
Cornelius Barnes Gilliam Emma J. Amherst 1884 Disabled
William A. Gilliam Elizabeth Amherst 1883 Disabled
John W. Gilliam   Amherst 1883 Disabled
James Gilliam Elizabeth Amherst 1926 Pension/Card
James D. Gilliam Lizzie Amherst 1900 Pension/Card
Jno M. Gilliam   Amherst 1888 Pension/Card
Cornelius Barnes Gilliam Emma J. Amherst 1888 Pension/Card
Charles H. Gilliam Martha J. Appomattox 1902 Pension
Charles H. Gilliam Martha J. Appomattox 1900 Pension
Robert H. Gilliam Mary Ann Buckingham 1926 Pension/Card
Edward Glover Gilliam Mary C. Campbell 1883 Disabled
William A. Gilman   Dinwiddie 1899 Camp Lee
Robert G. Guilliams   Franklin 1902 Pension/Card
James W. Guilliams   Franklin 1902 Pension/Card
Jesse Guilliams   Franklin 1900 Pension/Card
Henry H. Gilliam   Greenville 1888 Pension/Card
John Wesley Gilman Martha Ellen Hanover 1902 Pension
Jno W. Gilliam   Henrico 1902 Pension/Card
A. F. Gilliam   Lee 1902 Pension
Samuel W. Gilham Alice K. Lynchburg 1916 Pension/Card
Charles Gilman Mary E. Montgomery 1888 Pension
D. W. Gilliam   Newport News 1900 Pension
Thomas Mann Gillum Sarah E. Orange 1902 Pension
Thomas Mann Gillum Sarah E. Orange 1902 Pension/Card
Joseph H. Gilliam Ada Petersburg 1902 Pension
Joseph H. Gilliam Ada Petersburg 1918 Pension/Card
Joseph S Gilliam Bertha A. Portsmouth 1926 Pension/Card
William T. Gilliam Never married Powhatan 1922 Camp Lee
William T. Gilliam Never married Powhatan 1922 Pension/Card
Theophilus Field Gilliam Mary P. Prince George 1928 Pension/Card
Thaddeus A. Gilliam Nettie Richmond 1883 Disabled
Robert J. Gilliam   Richmond 1902 Pension
James S. Gilliam Elizabeth E. Richmond 1900 Pension
Joseph Coleman Gilman Mildred Frances Richmond 1902 Pension
James Thomas Gilliam Rebecca Jane Richmond 1928 Pension/Card
James Thomas Gilliam Rebecca Jane Richmond 1924 Pension/Card
Robert A. Gilliam Bettie B. Richmond 1920 Pension/Card
John W. Gilham Minnie Richmond 1916 Pension/Card
Jesse Guilliams Melia Roanoke 1902 Pension
William S. Gilliam Elizabeth Scott 1902 Pension
Thomas H. Gilliam   Scott 1900 Pension
Richard Gilliam Polly Scott 1888 Pension
Thomas Gilliam   Scott 1902 Pension/Card
Peter P. Gilliam   Scott 1902 Pension/Card
William S. Gilliam Elizabeth Scott 1902 Pension/Card
J. L. Gilliam   Scott 1900 Pension/Card
William C. Gilliam   Warwick 1895 Camp Lee
Richard Gillman   Wythe 1900 Pension
Richard Benjamin Gilliam Annie York 1918 Pension/Card

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