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Legislative Petitions
Updated March 23, 2016

Petitions to the General Assembly were the primary catalyst for legislation in the Commonwealth from 1776 until 1865. Public improvements, military claims, divorce, manumission of slaves, division of counties, incorporation of towns, religious freedom, and taxation were just some of the concerns expressed in these petitions. The petitions often contain hundreds of signatures and are a useful tool in genealogical research. Frequently, the petitions contain supplementary support documents useful in research, including maps, wills, naturalizations, deeds, resolutions, affidavits, judgments, and other items.

Petitioner Locality Date Description Reel Box Folder
GILLIAM, Charlotte Southampton Dec 20 1826 Widow & relict of Henry R. GILLIAM asks for a law empowering the county court of Southampton to decree a sale of his estate. Includes deeds. 184 234 77
GILLIAM, Christian; Eppes, Mary & Archibald Prince George Dec 18 1806 Ask for the establishment of an inspection of tobacco at City Point. Includes notice & affidavit. 162 208 36
GILLIAM, John Brunswick Nov 21 1781 Asks for compensation for two mares, impressed into public service, for which he has not received payment, and for allowance in their appraisal due to the depreciation of money. 29 39 11
GILLIAM, John & Others Prince George Jan 17 1835 Protest against the petition making the Appomattox River a lawful fence. 162 208 67
GILLIAM, Robert Prince George Jan 16 1846 Clerk of the County Court of Prince George asks that the justices of the peace be provided with Hening's Justice. 162 208 86
GILLIAM, Robert Prince George Jan 26 1848 Administrator of Watkins Fenn, deceased, asks a law directing the sale of real estate belonging to the decedent. 162 208 90
GILLIAM, Robert Prince George Jan 31 1860 Harbor & Ballast Master at City Point asks for an amendment to the 3rd & 4th sections of Chapter 95 of the Code of Virginia regarding fees. 162 208 104
GILLIAM, William York Jan 18 1840 Certificate regarding the fire in Yorktown which destroyed the public warehouse for the inspection of tobacco. 207 260 70

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