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April 16, 1881. Number 211
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The GILLIAM Family

The GILLIAM family is of Norman descent, and the original form of the name was Gillaume. About the year 1680 three brothers, John, William and Robert, emigrated to Virginia. John settled at “Puddledock,” in Prince George County, married Ann Bathurst and had issue:
[William and Robert appear to have arrived much earlier than 1680. The below issue credited to John and Ann Bathurst, rightly belong to John GILLIAM and Elizabeth Poythress. John who married Elizabeth appears to be the son of John who married Ann. It is doubtful that a John married a Bathurst, even though the named is passed down in this line.]
I. Robert married Lucy Skelton, (daughter of Reuben?) heiress of “Elk Island,” Hanover County.
[Lucy is daughter of James Skelton]
II. William, married Christine, daughter of Richard and Christian (Robertson) Eppes, of City Point, VA. [Christine should read Christian]
III. John, born 1712 married Jane, daughter of Rev. Patrick Henry, of St. George Parish, uncle of the orator. [Rev. Henry was of St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover]
IV. Jane, married Charles Duncan, merchant of “Roslin,” Chesterfield County.
V. Anne, married Nathaniel Harrison of “Berkeley.”

Issue of Robert and Lucy (Skelton) GILLIAM:
I. John born May 6, 1761 died February 1823; married October 12, 1788, Hannah Sampson, of Perth, Scotland, who was born November 9, 1765
II. Elizabeth, married David Buchanan, of Scotland
III. Reuben Meriwether, died unmarried.
[May have married Silvie Turnbull]
IV. James Skelton, M.D. born August, 1763, died March 28, 1814, married November 21 1787, Mary, daughter of Theolphilus Feild.
V. Susan Bathurst, died unmarried
VI. Anne, married Ellyson Currie, of Lancaster County
VII. Jane, Married Armistead Currie of Lancaster County
VIII. Meriwether Skelton married Elizabeth Manson, of Dinwiddie County; left no issue.
[Name also appears in records as Skelton Meriwether, see various land transactions]

Issue of John and Hannah (Sampson) GILLIAM
I. Elizabeth Buchanan married Robert Batte of Prince George County, born January 1795
II. Robert, born September 1796, married first. Alexina Pescud, second Charlotte Isabella Sanxay
III. Lucy Anne, born Jun 1799, married first, Nathaniel B. Sturdivant, second, Rev. N. A. Okeson, of Norfolk
[Rev. Nicholas Albertson Okeson]
IV. William born January 1801, died 1842 unmarried.
V. Jane Sophia, born April 1803, married Cadamus Archer of Chesterfield County
VI. James Skelton, Colonel Forty-first Virginia Volunteers, CSA, married first Catherine Birchett, second Elizabeth Massenberg

Issue of William and Christine (Eppes) GILLIAM
[should read Christian]
I. Son
[should read sons, see Register of Bristol Parish, John born 15 Apr 1795 and William baptized 9 Mar 1798]
II. Eliza married Nathaniel Friend of “White Hall,” Prince George County

Issue of John and Jane (Henry) GILLIAM:
I. Henry, died unmarried.
[There appears to have been two sons named Henry, one John Henry and one, Patrick Henry]
II. Elizabeth married John Arthur—issue, daughter, who married Andrew Thorborne, of Amelia.
[This is correct; see Maryland Revolutionary Bounties and Pensions. Her husband has been given as David Cocke, a David Cocke did marry an Elizabeth Gilliam, but this Elizabeth was the daughter of John GILLIAM and Constant Parrish, 16 Apr 1800, Goochland]
III. Walter Boyd, died unmarried. [Possibly married Easter Tinsley]

Issue of Charles and Jane (GILLIAM) Duncan
I. Jane
II. Smith, married ____ Gamble
III. Nancy, married James Dunlop of London, Eng.

Issue of Nathaniel and Anne (GILLIAM) Harrison
I. Benjamin, married Mrs. _____ Osborne
[Benjamin married Ann Turnbull, widow of Francis Osborne]
II. John
III. Daughter, married ________ Brown
[Elizabeth married Mr. Brown]
IV. Sarah, married ______ McKenzie, of Scotland
[Donald McKenzie]
V. Susan married Robert Maitland
VI. Daughter, married _________ Boyd, son of clergyman of “Merton Hall,” Scotland
[Susan daughter of John GILLIAM and Elizabeth, married Robert Boyd]

Issue of James S. and Mary (Feild) GILLIAM MD
I. John MD married Eliza Shore, of “Violet Bank”
II. James S.
III. Anne Feild, married John Peyton, son of Theodore Tabb Bolling of “Mayfield
IV. Robert, married Janet Colquhoun
V. Theophilus Feild, died unmarried
VI. Marius married Miss Durrant, of Philadelphia
[should read Rebecca S. Dunnant]
VII. Mary, married Charles Francis Osborne
VIII. Lucy, Married Rev. Mr. Doughen
[should read Rev. Mr. James Doughen]
IX. Arabella, married Rev. William H. Foote, DD of “Romney”

Issue of John and Eliza (Shore) GILLIAM
I. Jane Gray married Thomas Lee, son of Dr. William Shippen, of Philadelphia—Issue William
II. James Skelton, MD, passed assistant surgeon USN, married Georgia C., daughter of Judge John C. Nicoll, of Savannah GA, lost at sea on USS Levant.
III. Thomas S. married Agnes Ruffin, daughter of Rev. Horace Stringfellow
IV. Theophilus Feild, married Mary daughter of Dr. Peter Eppes, of City Point
V. Eliza, married Robert Maitland, son of James Dunlop
VI. Mary Louisa, married James Dunlop of Petersburg
[Mary Louisa never married. The Mary that did marry James Dunlop was the daughter of John GILLIAM and Mary Harrison]

Issue of Elizabeth B. (GILLIAM) and Robert Batte
I. John married Amelia E., daughter of John H. and Martha P. (Mason) Batte; no issue
II. Robert Henry, married Emily Gordon, daughter of Richard E. and Emily T. (Gordon) Sanxay. Issue I. Eliza E., married F. R. Friend, II. Richard D.
III. Mary A. E., never married
IV. James Skelton GILLIAM, died unmarried

Issue of Robert and C. J. (Sanxay) GILLIAM
[should read C. I. for Charlotte Isabella]
I. Mary Eppes, married William David Porter, son of Rear Admiral William David Porter, USN. Issue I. Elizabeth Beale; II. William David; III. Mowina Paulding
II. Emily Anna, married Frank E., son of James Hall, of Sussex, Issue: I. Robert GILLIAM; II. Francis E.; III. James J.
[1880 Census reads John James]
III. Lucy Skelton, married George W. Tennent, of Philadelphia
IV. Robert, married first, Sue T., daughter of Dr. T. Stanley Beckwith; second Mary L. daughter of Thomas Bragg, ex-Governor of North Carolina. Issue by second marriage, Isabella Cuthbert.
V. Eliza, married Robert Carter Braxton of Henrico. Issue I. Augustine G., II. Charlotte I., III. Mary Louise, IV. Robert Carter, V. Lucy Skelton, VI, Ellen GILLIAM
VI. Sophia, married David F. son of William F. Bowden of Prince George County, issue William Francis.
VII. Lila Macalester
VIII. John
IX. Richard Davenport
X. Charlotte Isabella
XI. Ellen
XII. Charles Macalester

Issue of Nathaniel B. and Lucy Anne (GILLIAM) Sturdivant
I. John J. married Mary Woodley and had issue I. John Woodley, II. William GILLIAM

Issue of Cadmus and Jane Sophia (GILLIAM) Archer
I. William
II. Jane Sophia married J. J. Rives MD, Issue I. Cadmus, II Mary, III. James, IV. William, V. Jane, VI. Bathurst.
III. Isabellla
IV. John GILLIAM, married Mary Davidson
V. Cadmus, married Margaret Feild

Issue of James Skelton and Catherine B. GILLIAM
I. James Skelton married Martha (McEnery) McIlwaine, issue, Nicholas Allerton
II. Ada married George S. Wing
III. Jane Sophia, married William B. T. Christian
IV. Hannah, married John McEnery

Issue of James S. and Elizabeth (Massenburg) GILLIAM
I. Thomas M.
II. Elizabeth M.

Issue of David and Elizabeth B. (GILLIAM) Duncan
[this should read Buchanan, not Duncan]
I. Robert
II. Marion
III. Andrew
IV. Daughter

Issue of Anne Field (GILLIAM) and John Peyton Bolling
I. Mary F.
II. Seigniora married Wyndham Kemp, Issue I. Mary Bolling married Joseph E. Washington and had Issue George.
III. Arabella married Willis W. Hobson
IV. Fanny H. married John Kemp, of Brooklyn, NY
V. Evelyn T. married first James Gilmer of Alabama; second, John Wimbish, of Alabama
VI. Anne Peyton

Issue of Robert and Janet (Colquhoun) GILLIAM:
I. Clara married Rev. Edmund Withers
II. Janet Cleemann, married Joseph Pannill
III. James Skelton married Eliza Hudnall

Issue of Edmund and Clara (GILLIAM) Withers:
I. Thomas married Eliza Maury
II. Clara Colquhoun
III. Janet Colquhoun, married William B. Harrison
V. Elizabeth Grammar
VI. Louisa

Issue of Janet Cleemann (GILLIAM) and Joseph Pannill
I. Janet Colquhoun, married George Starkey
II. Eliza Binns
III. Thomas Bruce

Issue of George and Janet C. (Pannill) Starkey
I. Joseph Pannill
II. ___ Bolling
[text illegible]
III. Ellen Cleemann

Issue of James S. and Eliza (Hudnall) GILLIAM
I. Clara Withers
II. Eliza Bates
III. Janet Colquhoun

Issue of Ellyson and Anne (GILLIAM) Currie
I. Eliza married Robert G. Strachan.

Issue of Robert G. Strachan and Eliza (Currie) Strachan
I. Daughter married George F. Tuck Issue I. Mary II.
[there is no #2 in original] III. Son [unable to verify any of the above]

Issue of James Skelton and Georgia C. (Nicoll) GILLIAM, MD
I. Leila, married Seaton Grantland of Georgia

We shall be thankful for corrections or additions to the above, and especially for a deduction of the descendants of the remaining brothers, the original emigrants—William and Robert GILLIAM.

R. A. Brock

We find the following earlier grants of record to the name, variously spelled in the Virginia Land Registry Office:
Hinsha GILLIAM and Nathaniel Harrison, 658 acres on the south side of Black Water Swamp in Surry County, April 25, 1701, Book No. 9, p. 341.
Hinsha Gillam, 348 acres do., p. 346.
Hinshea Guillam, 550 acres in Surry County, June 16, 1714, No. 10, p. 170.
John Guillaum, 324 acres, four island in Appomattox River, December 23, 1714, No. 10, p. 233.
Hinshea Guilllum, 620 acres in Isle of Wight County, December 23, 1714, No. 10, p. 234.
Charles GILLIAM of Prince George County, 100 acres in Surry County, March 23, 1715, No. 10, p. 266.
John Guilliam, 390 acres in Isle of Wight County July 12, 1718, No. 10, p. 381.
John Guillam of Charles City County 366 acres in Prince George County, September 5, 1723, No. 11, p. 210.
John Gillum, 190 acres in Surry County, March 24, 1725, No. 12, p. 449.
John Guilliam, 446 acres in Brunswick County, September 28, 1728, No. 14, p. 67.
John Gillum, Senior, of Prince George County, 183 acres in Prince George County, April 11, 1732, No. 14, p. 417.
Hinsha Gillum of Surry County, 40 acres in Isle of Wight County, April 11, 1732, No. 14, p. 418.
Do, 400 acres in Surry County, April 11, 1732, No. 14, p. 419.
John Gillum, Jr., 297 acres in Prince George County, September 28, 1732, No. 14, p. 494.
John Gillion 190 acres in Surry County, January 27, 1731, No. 15, p. 403.

The Richmond Standard
May 7, 1881
Number 222

The GILLIAM Family—to the above article (Standard, April 16, 1881,) I desire to add the following:

Thomas Tabb Bolling, of Mayfield, married Seigniora, daughter of Sir John Peyton, of Gloucester, and had issue:
I. John Peyton, married Annie Field, daughter of Dr. James S. GILLIAM, and had issue:

I. Mary F.
II. Seigniora Peyton, married Judge Wyndham Kemp, of Gloucester
III. Lucy Skelton,
IV. Arabella GILLIAM, twins. Lucy died unmarried, Arabella married Willis W. Hobson of Powhatan.
V. Fanny H. married John Kemp, of New York
VI. Evelyn T. married first, James Gilmer of Alabama (Issue I. Nannie, married ____ Gilmer) second, John Wimbish, of Alabama. Issue, II. Leila.
[unable to verify the above]

Issue of Wyndham and Seigniora Peyton (Bolling) Kemp
I. Mary Bolling married Joseph E. Washington, of Tennessee, and had Issue I. George Augustine.
II. Peyton Bolling

Issues of Willis W. and Arabella G. (Bolling) Hobson
I. John Peyton, lawyer in Kentucky
II. Munford, married Jennie G. Jones and had Issue
[Munford was Joseph Munford Hobson see 1860 and 1870 census]
III. Anna married De Robert Page and had issue Belle Bolling
[De should read Dr., Robert was a physician, see 1880 Census]
IV. Lucy Bolling
V. Mary Thomas
VI. Willis W.
VII. Bolling
VIII. David Spence
IX. Valentine

Issue of John and Fanny H. (Bolling) Kemp
I. John J.
II. Frank
III. Florence
IV. Annie, died
V. Charles

  • Brock, R. A. The Richmond Standard